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Chapter 9 Review. Solving Triangles. Find the Angles and area. In isosceles triangle with sides 10, 10, and 15ft, find all the angles to the nearest degree and the area to the nearest unit. Angles: 41 o , 41 o , 98 o Area: 49ft 2. How many solutions?. In a triangle b = 5, c = 10, B = 20 o.

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Chapter 9 Review

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Chapter 9 Review

Solving Triangles

Find the Angles and area

In isosceles triangle with sides 10, 10, and 15ft, find all the angles to the nearest degree and the area to the nearest unit.

Angles: 41o, 41o, 98o

Area: 49ft2

How many solutions?

In a triangle b = 5, c = 10, B = 20o

2 Solutions

Angle of elevation

An airplane flies at an altitude of 10,000ft. The angle of depression from the plane to a tree is 13o. How far must the plane fly to be directly over the tree? Round to the nearest foot.


Angle of depression

Bill determines the angle of elevation to the top of a building measures 40o. If he walks 102 feet closer to the building the angle of elevation is 55o. Find the height of the building to the nearest foot.


A parallelogram has side lengths 16 and 20in. One angle of the parallelogram measures 120o. Find each diagonal to the nearest tenth.

31.2in and 18.3in


The vertex angle of an isosceles triangle is 150o. If the area is 9cm2, find each leg.

Each leg = 6cm

Find the area to the nearest unit.



An airplane flies on a course of 130o at a speed of 1100km/h. How far east of its starting point is it after 3 hours? Round to the nearest km.



A ship leaves port and proceeds west 30 miles. It then changes course to 20o until it is due north of its origin. How far north of its origin is it? Round to the nearest mile.



From the mall proceed 500m northeast to the Target, then 300m east along the highway to the gas station, then 200m S15oE to the edge of Woodbourne Road and finally along Woodbourne Road back to the mall.



From the southeast corner of the cemetery on Burnham Road, proceed S78oW for 250m along the southern boundary of the cemetery until a granite post is reached, then S15oE for 180m to Allard Road, then N78oE 300m along Allard Road until it intersects Burnham Road, and finally N30oW along Burnham Road back to the starting point. Sketch the plot and find the area.

49,500 ft2

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