Wind energy in switzerland research and development activities 2004 2005
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Wind Energy in Switzerland Research and Development Activities 2004/2005 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wind Energy in Switzerland Research and Development Activities 2004/2005. Robert Horbaty, ENCO Energie-Consulting AG, Program Manager R+D Wind. 55th IEA R&D WIND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING May 3, 4, and 5, 2005 Porto Portugal. Targets.

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Wind Energy in Switzerland Research and Development Activities 2004/2005

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Wind Energy in SwitzerlandResearch and Development Activities 2004/2005

Robert Horbaty, ENCO Energie-Consulting AG, Program Manager R+D Wind


May 3, 4, and 5, 2005

Porto Portugal


  • To double the installed capacity from the year 2000 until end of 2005 (from 2.817 MW to 5.634 MW)

  • Due to the installation of two more turbines on Mt.Crosin, the installed capacity with wind turbines was 8.87 MW (157% of the 2005 target) by the end of 2004

  • By November 2001, the Swiss government announced further targets for the development of wind energy until 2010: 50 – 100 GWh.

  • The electricity production from wind energy results of about 6.27 GWh or 12% of the 2010 targets.

Energy supply by wind power in Switzerland

Changes in responsible organizationand funds

  • Suisse Eole, the Swiss wind energy association, which is supported by the department of energy, acts as a promoter of wind energy with:

    • Communication, Campaigns, Publications,

    • VIP-committees, Lobbying

    • Project specific campaigns and supports

    • Seminars and meeting

  • Budget 2005

    • 300 k€ for marketing activities

    • Reduction from 225 k€ to 0 for pilot- and demonstration plants

    • R&D 210 k€

Adaptations of issues Suisse Eole

Results from specific research efforts or test programs

Program financed by Federal Office of Energy

  • Wind energy concept

  • Security standards

  • Intelligent rotor blade

  • IEA Wind Annex XIX WECO: Recommendations

  • IEA Wind Annex XXIV Wind / Hydro

  • Interreg project: Alpine Wind Harvest

  • 7 kW Aventa

  • 800-kW-WKA Gütsch

    • Demolition of the plant! Replace with ENERCON 40

    • Satisfying performance

Emphasis of research efforts 2004 to 2007

Accepted by the national energy research committee

  • Increased acceptance of wind power (evaluation of the influence of wind turbines, development of guidelines, national concept

  • Development of innovative components (maintenance-free generators with variable speed, intelligent rotor blades etc..)

  • Development of specific concepts and components for wind power installation in difficult terrain and under harsh climatic conditions

National Wind Energy Concept

  • The mayor project of the Swiss wind energy program in the past year is the elaboration of a national wind energy concept, involved parties

    • Environmentalist,

    • Energy supplier,

    • Developers,

    • Public institutions,

    • State- and national governments, etc.

  • Based on agreed criteria, the hole country has been modelled with a Geographical Information System GIS. Thus more then 100 good sites have been defined, described and plotted on a map.

  • The possible energy yield on these sites adds up to about 4’000 GWh.

National Wind Energy Concept

priority sites

other sites

sites defined by the cantons

Development and Incentive Programs

According to the budget, the activities of Suisse Eole concentrates on:

  • Realization of defined sites in the wind energy concept

  • Site marketing

  • Technical consulting

  • Financing of site assessment

Effects of incentive programs (+)

  • Entlebuch: The changes for the a wind energy zone was approved unanimously , which makes it possible to construct now a wind energy plant after 7 (!) years of planning.

  • Even the Swiss Foundation for Landscape protection withdrew its original objection, after their doubts had been included in the planning.

  • The authorities of the canton of Neuchâtel and Waadt have agreed to a rearrangement of zones around the area of wind energy projects.

Effects of incentive programs (-)

  • The Foundation of Landscape protection launched a manifest, that will stop any significant expansion of wind energy in our country.

  • Due to their objection, several projects with an investment volume of 46 Mio Swiss Francs and a yearly energy yield of 28.3 GWh are still being blocked.

Industry activities

  • The big technical problems at the Gütsch-Installation are a setback for all the companies involved in this project. (ABB, Technocon, Bartholdi).

  • Nevertheless many important partners are active in the area

    • Rotor blades,

    • Inverters,

    • Gearboxes

    • Ice-detectors

    • Small scale wind turbines

  • Seminar 9.12.04: R&D, Technology transfer

“Alpine Wind Test Site”

  • 600 kW wind turbine Enercon E-40

  • test bench as a test station for ice detector

  • COST727 action:“Measuring and forecasting atmospheric icing structures”

Outlook 2005

  • Installation of 2 wind turbine (Entlebuch, Colonges)

  • Site assessments

  • Project effects/acceptance The effects of wind turbines on Flora and Fauna, on the perception of the population and tourism

  • Optimisation of small wind turbines

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