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WORLD CLASS – through people, technology and dedication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WORLD CLASS – through people, technology and dedication. WORLD CLASS – through people, technology and dedication.

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WORLD CLASS – through people, technology and dedication

WORLD CLASS – through people, technology and dedication

International EOS/NPP Direct Readout MeetingOperational use of the Svalbard and Tromsø sites for near real-time direct broadcast data servicesBørre Pedersen, Jan Petter Pedersen, Line Steinbakk, Arnulf KjeldsenKongsberg Satellite Services, Tromsø, NORWAY

  • Content of presentation:

  • Introducing KSAT

  • The KSAT ground segment

  • Operational data and services

    • Wind/Coriolis

    • MODIS

  • Conclusions

Svalbard Satellite Station Aurora, January 2005

Photo: B.Hillestad, KSAT

Ksat the company
KSAT - The Company

  • History

    • 1967-2002: Tromsø Satellite Station (TSS)

    • 2002 : Kongsberg Satellite Services

      • Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace(50%) Norwegian Space Centre (50 %)

  • Facilities

    • Tromsø - at 69° 39` N, 18° 56` E

    • Svalbard - at 78° 15` N, 15° 80` E

    • Grimstad (S-Norway) – Spring 2005

    • TrollSat (Antarctica) – 2006/2007

  • Staff: 63 (Tromsø 48, Svalbard 15)

  • Turnover:

    • 2001. 6,5 Meuro (51 MNOK)

    • 2004 Turnover: 13,5 Meuro (113 MNOK), net result > 15 %

    • 2005 Budget: +13,2 Meuro

  • Company business areas

    • Earth Observation

    • Ground Station Services

  • Ksat earth observation
    KSAT Earth Observation

    • Focus on SAR missions

      • Radarsat-1 (1996), Radarsat-2 (2006)

      • ERS 1 and 2 (1991), Envisat (1/2003)

    • Near real-time operations (~minutes)

    • Round the clock near real-time operations

    • Provision of information services, e.g. Detection of oil spills, Ship positions

    • Direct downlink within Tromsø, Svalbard, Grimstad coverage areas

    • Global data access SvalSat, TrollSat and via ESA ground segment

    • New missions for service continuity and new products and markets

    • Introducing optical data and services

    Ksat ground station services

    Svalbard advantages

    14 orbits per day

    Direct downlink, global data access

    Fiber cable since January 2004

    Round the clock operations/services


    LEOP Support

    Data reception (S -X band) and distribution

    Back-up and anomally support

    Remote operations from Tromsø Network Control Centre (TNOC)


    NASA: Terra, Aqua, ICESat, Coriolis, …

    ESA: Envisat, ERS-2, ADM/Aeolus

    EUMETSAT, IPO, CNES, RSI/Radarsat-2

    KSAT Ground Station Services

    Ksat grimstad antenna
    KSAT Grimstad antenna

    3 meter antenna system, April-05

    Data reception and ingest

    Operated & controlled from Tromsø

    Data distribution via land line

    Theoretical 3 deg. horizon

    Ksat troll satellite station trollsat
    KSAT Troll Satellite Station (TrollSat)

    • Complete 7,5 meter S/X-band data system

    • Completed by 2006/2007

    • Commanding & control from Tromsø/TNOC

    • Satellite link data distribution

    • Customers

      • OrbView 5 (signed)

      • Other users:

      • TT&C and LEOP support

      • Data reception

      • Galileo

      • EUMETSAT/NPP/POESS meteorology

      • NASA missions

    Ksat ground segment services
    KSAT ground segment & services

    • Svalbard = The polar meteorological satellite facility (IPO, Eumetsat)

    • Troll, Future meteorological site in Antarctica

    • SAR based services

      • Oil Spill detection

      • Ship detection for maritime security

      • Ice applications/data and services

      • Wind (speed, direction) information

      • Land applications

        • Snow & Flood mapping and monitoring

    • Other relevant/optical data and services

      • Terra, Aqua MODIS data

      • Coriolis WINDSAT data

      • TIROS-N NOAA/AVHRR data




    Ksat data and derived services
    KSAT data and derived services

    • MODIS data, increasing interest

      • snow cover mapping for hydropower production planning,

      • flood monitoring.

      •  KSAT provides MODIS data and derived products for snow mapping during the melting season as part of an EU FRP project Envisnow.

    • Development and provision of marine earth observation services, new oceanographic information services:

      • Oceanographic information, wind and waves, is needed to provide reliable services.

      • Growing need for wind and wave information to serve the met. communities in Europe.

    • Potential new services

      • ”Global” and fast access to (MODIS) optical data for European and Global users

      • MODIS polar winds

      • Coriolis/WindSat service

    Coriolis wind information service
    Coriolis wind information service

    • Spaceborne wind measurements

      • ERS scatterometer data less availability

      • Japanese Adeos-2 satellite failed

      • Envisat does not operate a scatterometer.

    •  Operational institutional users in Europe such as met. institutes in a more difficult position with respect to service and information availability.

    • Emerging opportunity recognition

      • The KSAT capabilities to provide near real-time services

      • Coriolis Windsat knowledge and the data access via Svalbard,

      •  1) Mission found an increasing interest among European met. institutes.

      •  2) KSAT evaluated how a WindSat processing chain at Svalbard/Tromsø could meet European needs for fast access to wind speed and direction information.

      • A Coriolis wind service can and will complement KSAT Envisat ASAR NRT wind information service

    Proposed coriolis mission and service scenario
    Proposed Coriolis mission and service scenario

    • Downlink regional mission data to Svalbard and a second KSAT ground station (Tromsø or Grimstad). 4-6 passes per day.

    • Downlink on-board recorded global data to Svalbard

    • Supplementary access based on downlink of data to US facilities

    • Additional stations further South in Europe if required by the users

    • Raw data distributed via fibre link to Tromsø.

    • Near real-time distribution of derived wind information via land lines to institutional European users

    Black line = raw data

    Red line = derived information

    Direct read out modis data
    Direct read out MODIS data

    • KSAT operational reception of MODIS data

      • Direct downlink Tromsø, Svalbard and Grimstad

      • Global dump Svalbard under NOAA/NASA contract

    • Future MODIS data type continuity, and KSAT operational ambitions for ”one-stop-shop”

      • Expand current capabilities and services (web-based technology)

      • Delivery of (Level 1B) data to users/VA companies

      • Utilisation of MODIS (-type) data for operational services. 1. Information reliability improvement optical+SAR data e.g algae vs oil spills2. New services based on MODIS-type (Polar winds, snow cover mapping)

    Modis services and data products
    MODIS services and data products

    Snow cover map (right)

    Derived from

    Terra MODIS (left)

    Other commercial optical satellites
    Other/commercial optical satellites

    • Digital Globe, OrbImage, SPOT (0,65m – 2,5m)

    • Formosat, Kompsat, THEOS, …

    • KSAT vision to serve these missions

    Digital Globe Tsunami, Sri Lanka 26.12. SPOT 5 France b/w 2,5m Multisp 10m

    Conclusions the next step
    Conclusions – The next step

    • Coriolis mission and the capability is known

    • Coriolis wind information will be a supplement to European institutional users/VA

    • Coriolis wind information may be included in KSAT wind service

    • Develop services based on the use of Svalbard and Troll and ESTABLISH A POLAR WORKING GROUP FOR DB APPLICATIONS

    WORLD CLASS – through people, technology and dedication

    WORLD CLASS – through people, technology and dedication