Geo research fall week themes for eradicating poverty and hunger
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GEO Research- Fall Week themes for eradicating poverty and hunger - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GEO Research- Fall Week themes for eradicating poverty and hunger. By the officers. Fall Week. Goal #1 of UN Millennium Development Goals: Eradicating poverty and hunger 5 methods Hunger relief- David Agricultural training- Creb Agricultural technology- Niti Vocational training- Anu

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Fall week
Fall Week hunger

  • Goal #1 of UN Millennium Development Goals: Eradicating poverty and hunger

  • 5 methods

    • Hunger relief- David

    • Agricultural training- Creb

    • Agricultural technology- Niti

    • Vocational training- Anu

    • Microfinancing- Josephine

Hunger relief
Hunger Relief hunger

  • Activities

    • Simulation of trying to eat with 1 dollar a day

    • Hunger sites

    • Write Letters about reforming Farm Bill (or meet with congress person)

Free the children
Free The Children hunger

  • Largest organization of children helping children through education

Free the children cont
Free the Children (cont.) hunger

  • International Volunteer Work in July

  • Partnership with Oprah, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

  • Palo Alto Base

    • Workshops, speaker

Free the children cont1
Free the Children (cont.) hunger

  • Choose country, facet to fundraise for

  • One facet is Alternative Income

    • micro-credit, skills training to empower women (support family and allow education for children)

    • Tailored to individuals, includes animals, sewing equipment, vocational training.

Vocational training
Vocational Training hunger

  • Training that emphasizes skills and knowledgerequired for a particular jobfunction (such as typing or data entry) or a trade (such as carpentry or welding).

What needs to be done
What Needs to Be Done? hunger

  • Well-organized, well-planned vocational training throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia (in particular), designed to address the complex needs of the labor market

    • Focuses

      • Women and girls’ training

      • Job placement after training

      • Hands-on experience in the workplace integrated into the curriculum

      • Address the constraints that prevent children from accessing vocational training

        • Gender-related barriers

        • Child Labor

Organization two project baobab
Organization Two – hungerProject Baobab


  • Provides a “crash” course in business management in Kenya

    • Located in primary schools, high schools, and prisons

  • Includes life skills on important issues: AIDS, gender empowerment

    • Tailored to the specific needs of the student

  • Microfinance
    Microfinance hunger

    An organization gives a loan to poor entrepreneurs to allow them start a business. Once they start earning money from their businesses, they can pay back the loan and the interest, and that money can be re-invested to help other people.

    Hailed as the “silver bullet” to end poverty

    Possible activities
    Possible Activities hunger

    • Ask Ms. Jackson to talk about the micro-finance activities she did and her experiences two years ago

    • Cambodia

    • Could provide with important resources

    • Some simulation activity that would show how a little investment can lead to a large return

    Programs hunger

    Covers all the main methods of relief from hunger and poverty

    Range of core programs to alleviate poverty in economic and social development, health, education, and human rights and legal services.

    KIVA hunger

    Kiva's mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.

    Based in San Francisco

    Featured on NPR

    Kiva s method
    KIVA’s Method hunger

    • Lenders can choose specific entrepreneurs to lend money to

      • Can read about the entrepreneur’s profile, their occupation, their loan request, and how they plan to use the money

    • KIVA partners with large microfinance organizations all over the world to reach these people in need

    Example hunger

    About the Entrepreneur

    Name: Todjidin Mirzoev Business Name: Sales Location: Dushanbe, Tajikistan Primary Activity: Clothing Sales Loan Requested: $600.00 Repayment Term: 6 months - repaid monthly Loan Use: To increase inventory Date Posted: Sep 21, 2008

    About the Field Partner

    Field Partner: MLF MicroInvest, a partner of ACDI/VOCA Field Partner Risk Rating: (Learn more)

    Fundraising Status: Active Time On Kiva: 18 months

    Kiva Entrepreneurs: 1622

    Total Loans: $1,207,600

    Delinquency Rate: 0.00%

    Default Rate: 0.00%

    Lending process
    Lending Process hunger

    • We choose which entrepreneur to lend money to, and KIVA distributes the loans to that entrepreneur. Over time, the entrepreneur pays back the loan, and then we get the money we lent back, so we can re-invest it to help other entrepreneurs.

    Possible activity with kiva
    Possible Activity with KIVA hunger

    • GEO could set up a lending team

      • Harker students (outside of GEO) could invest in KIVA on their own (and then have the option to get their money back),

      • We could see the total amount which has been lent by Harker students and its impact