challenging curriculum and organizational structures
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Challenging Curriculum and Organizational Structures

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Challenging Curriculum and Organizational Structures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Challenging Curriculum and Organizational Structures. Oct. 23, 2013 Jesse White. PA Core Standards. Districts are realigning curriculum Many new teachers will be teaching a course while they are writing the curriculum Teachers won’t teach the same curriculum for 20 years, constantly changing

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pa core standards
PA Core Standards
  • Districts are realigning curriculum
    • Many new teachers will be teaching a course while they are writing the curriculum
    • Teachers won’t teach the same curriculum for 20 years, constantly changing
  • Core Standards – Changes to the curriculum
literacy in the core standards
Literacy in the Core Standards
  • New requirements for types of reading
    • 50% of materials read at the middle school level should be non-fiction or informational text
    • 70% at the high school level
science and social studies in the core standards
Science and Social Studies in the Core Standards
  • Both subject areas have reading and writing core standards that must be taught
    • Many teachers feel they lack the content knowledge to be able to instruct reading and writing
math in the core standards
Math in the Core Standards
  • Increased Rigor
    • Real life problems
    • Application of skills
  • Many materials shifted down to a grade lower than they were previously taught
real world application of standards
Real World Application of Standards
  • A goal in the all subject areas is to focus instruction on college and career readiness
    • Apply the material being learned
    • HW
      • Not 40 skill review problems
      • 5 higher level application problems
response to instruction and intervention rtii
Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTII)
  • RTII is a multi-step school improvement approach to provide early academic and behavioral supports to struggling students rather than waiting for a child to fail before offering help. (
  • Data analysis
    • All students will be expected to make curricular decisions based on data from assessment results
      • Standardized tests, benchmark assessments, common assessments
  • Benchmark assessments for all students
    • Gathers data to compare all students
  • Flexible Groupings
    • Students are placed in different intervention groups depending on scores on benchmark assessments
  • Special intervention time in the schedule
    • Each teacher will have a group of students during the intervention period to teach a skill at their level of instruction
    • Teachers may have students that are not in any of their classes
  • RTII instruction
    • Data driven instruction
curriculum cycle
Curriculum Cycle
  • Constant Refinement
    • Curriculum is no longer developed and used for many years
      • Aspects of the curriculum are constantly refined
      • Common Assessment, Pacing, Unit Plans
    • Curriculum adjusted for strengths of students in the class
    • Curriculum adjusted for results of common assessments
textbooks are tools
Textbooks are tools
  • The curriculum is written based on standards
    • Textbook is used to instruct on standards included
    • Supplemental materials need to be used for standards not included in the textbook
  • Teaming
    • Grade level teams
      • Cross curricular projects
      • Problem solving student concerns
    • Subject area teams
      • Curriculum revisions
      • Comparing assessment data
    • Meetings
      • Active participant
whole child
Whole Child
  • Character Education
  • Clubs
building a positive environment
Building a Positive Environment
  • Getting to know each student
    • Interests
    • Attending events (music, band, etc.)
  • Contact with parents
    • Make positive phone calls
    • Send parents information about assignments
    • Positive relationships with parents are essential
new teacher evaluation system
New Teacher Evaluation System
  • 4 categories
    • Observation
    • School Data
    • Teacher Data
    • Elective Data
new teacher evaluation system1
New Teacher Evaluation System
  • Teacher and school data
    • Based on PSSA and PVAAS results
      • PSSA
        • The level the student scores is factored into the rating
      • PVAAS
        • Projected level of achievement for a student
        • Students scoring at the projected level count as a positive
        • Students scoring below the projected level count as a negative
          • Teachers must differentiate
  • Meeting the learning needs of every student
    • Teachers need to use assessment data to decide what students need
    • To improve the teacher and school rating all students must score at least what the state projects