carnival of venice kong ji yoon
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Carnival of Venice kong ji yoon

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Carnival of Venice kong ji yoon. Carnival of Venice

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Carnival of Venice

There is a fantastic carnival in Venice. It is the world\'s most famous, and thousands of people visit each year for the carnival. The Carnival lasts 10 days before the start of Lent in February. When the Venice Carnival starts, thousands of people crowd into the Piazza San Marco. One of the most important events is the contest for the best mask, decided on the last weekend of the Carnival.


Do you know Venice?

Venice in Italy is well known for the water of the city. which is connected to more than 400 canals, 170 bridges, and 115 islands. Venice is the city on the water, which has many boats and ships. It is a beautiful city full of culture and history. So Venice is the world\'s most popular travel destination.


The origins of Carnival

The Carnival started in the customs of the Christians. They do not eat meat during Lent, because of Jesus Christ fasting and praying for 40 days in the wilderness. So they began to enjoy the Carnival before Lent.


History of Venice Carnival

In the last part of the 16th century, Venetians enjoyed wearing colorful dresses and unique masks, regardless of their status or wealth. However, during the 18th century there was a decline in the carnival. but through the efforts of venetians the carnival has been revived.


Feast of the Marie(Saturday February 11 2012, Piazzetta San Marco)

The exact starting date for the first Venice Carnival is not known. The earliest record of a carnival is in 1039. The festival was called the "Feast of Marie", which commemorates in AD 948, seven young brides at the wedding were kidnapped by riahin pirates and then released. Today, Venice carnival begins with the opening of the Marie festival.


Parade for the Best Masked Costume Contest of the Carnival 2012(11-21 February)

The Parade for the Best Masked Costume Contest of the Carnival is among the best of the various programs of the Venice Carnival. Most of those who attended the carnival wear gorgeous costumes and unique masks. These costumes are a great variety from elegant medieval costumes of nobility to ridiculous ultra-modern designs.


Parade for the Best Masked Costume Contest of the Carnival 2012(11-21 February)

The festival is not only done on the Piazzetta San Marco square. The costume parade continues past alleys and Shops that sell various types of masks in the streets will attract tourists. Many people celebrate with lots of music, delicious food and dancing in the streets.


Parade for the Best Masked Costume Contest of the Carnival 2012(11-21 February)

The participants are proud of their creative and fantastical costumes, so they pose for visitors. Whenever the participants emerge with a distinctive costume, visitors flock to be photographed. In addition, makeup artists paint on the faces of visitors who want to join in the carnival.


The silent water parade(Tuesday February 21 2012, Fom Rialto to San Marco)

Gondolas form a spectacular water parade on the river. This is Venice\'s traditional rowing boat and has been the main transportation in Venice. People finish the last night of the Venice Carnival by riding on a gondola