phase technology pfa 70xi pour freeze point analyzer
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Phase Technology PFA-70Xi Pour & Freeze Point Analyzer

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Phase Technology PFA-70Xi Pour & Freeze Point Analyzer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Phase Technology PFA-70Xi Pour & Freeze Point Analyzer. About Phase Technology. Expertise: Design & manufacture of analyzers to test cloud, pour and freeze point Cold Flow is All We Do! Scientific Background: 29 year history of research; 30 patents Market Leader:

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about phase technology
About Phase Technology
  • Expertise:
    • Design & manufacture of analyzers to test cloud, pour and freeze point
    • Cold Flow is All We Do!
  • Scientific Background:
    • 29 year history of research; 30 patents
  • Market Leader:
    • 20 years of inter-laboratory “round robin” research
    • Phase ranks highest for repeatability, reproducibility, sensitivity and equivalency to reference manual test methods
companies choose phase technology because
Companies choose Phase Technology because:
  • World’s best precision
  • World’s fastest test speed
  • World’s most complete set of features and easy-to-use analyzer
70xi analyzer benefits
70Xi analyzer benefits
  • Fastest speed of any automatic or manual method:
    • Average test duration 5 – 10 min
    • Average operator time 0.5 – 2 min
  • Easy and fast to use – saves time in the lab
  • Best overall precision of any automatic or manual ASTM method
  • Powerful cooling system; minimum sample temperature to below -88°C [-126°F]
70xi productivity features
70Xi productivity features
  • Fast, one-touch testing
    • press one button to run a test instead of entering multiple screens of information
  • Full-color, touch-sensitive, 15” high resolution screen 
    • Easier to read and view more information
    • Displays several views of information at the same time.
    • Touch sensitive design is faster than keyboard & mouse.
  • Easy-to-use interface
    • New colorful graphic icon buttons for faster navigation.
    • Intuitive and easy to understand on-screen prompts.
70xi productivity features1
70Xi productivity features
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity
    • Quickly export analyzer data to a portable USB flash drive.
    • Ethernet port available for connecting to LIMS or internal computer network
    • Import and store any user documents (.doc, .pdf, .ppt and .pps) for customized operating procedures (SOP) or training
  • Reliability improvements
    • Modular component design – boards can be easily replaced in the field; no need to return to Canada for service
    • More stable cooler
    • Faster multiprocessor
70xi intellinostics
70Xi intellinostics

Built-in answers and operator information

  • Quick, responsive solutions — built-in alert messages give troubleshooting options to quickly solve problems
  • Self-guided tutorials— easy, on-screen instructions show how to use analyzer
  • In-depth system diagnostics— system checks verify performance and detect problems with critical components
automatic sampling cleaning
Automatic sampling & cleaning
  • Set-and-forget convenience
    • set 1 to 48 test runs, then walk away and let the analyzer do the rest!
  • Automatic sample injection
    • no need to individually pipette samples or change pipette tips.
    • Always uses the exact amount of sample required by the ASTM method.
  • Self-cleaning
    • Saves time and ensures perfect cleaning every time.
    • No more need for cotton swabs or risk of damage to sample cup.
70xi favorites feature
70Xi “Favorites” feature
  • One-touch preset Favorites
    • Frequently-used test settings can be stored in the analyzer for quick access.
    • Favorites can be created, organized, sorted or deleted as you desire.
    • With the single push of a button, lab operators can efficiently perform tests in significantly less time
built in tools to validate test results
Built-in tools to validate test results
  • Overlay and compare multiple phase plots
  • Control and trend charts
  • Automatic QC run
  • Option to retest sample
  • Optional alert or lockdown if out of acceptable limits
pour point astm method comparison1
POUR POINT ASTM Method Comparison
    • The CPP5GSisextremelyslowand has poor precision – uses a mechanical tilt method which takes 80 – 140 minutes to complete a pour point test
    • Compare to Phase Technology pour point test takes 8 – 20 minutes
    • The ISL MPP5Gs uses ASTM D7346 to determine the “no flow” point of petroleum products. ASTM stated that there is no correlation between no flow and pour point.
    • ASTM D7346 no flow point cannot be used to certify lube oil products for release because it is not a pour point method. The only accepted standards for product release are pour point methods, such as ASTM D5949 (as used by Phase Technology 70Xi analyzers).
pour point astm method comparison2
POUR POINT ASTM Method Comparison
  • Tanaka MPC-102
    • Tanaka is the slowest automatic method
      • reports of 90 – 120 minutes for low temperature lubes
      • Phase Technology 70Xi can perform at least eight test runs in the time that it takes Tanaka to perform one single test!
    • The MPC-102 requires 4 mL of sample (contrast to Phase Technology use of 0.15 mL). Larger sample volume introduces non-uniform temperature.
    • Even with external liquid cooler, MPC-102 is not able to reach the low temperature level that Phase Technology does.
      • Tanaka is only capable of going down to -30°C with internal cooler
      • Phase Technology reaches -88°C with internal cooler
freeze point astm method comparison1
FREEZE POINT ASTM Method Comparison
  • ISL/PAC takes 2 to 3 times longer to run a freeze point test compared to Phase Technology
  • ISL/PAC FZP52Gs freeze point analyzer has seriousfalsewarmingissues
    • Numerous studies have shown high incidence of false warming – as high as 60% in a BP study
    • Shell Bulletin GLN 33a (September 14, 2006) warned that ISL “can occasionally falsely show a failure if samples contain small amounts of high boiling point material”
the phase technology advantage
The Phase Technology ADVANTAGE:
  • Phase Technology’s 70Xi analyzer is 4 to 10 times faster than the competition!
  • Phase Technology’s 70Xi analyzer has the world’s best precision
  • The 70Xi requires much less sample: 4 to 14 ml less needed per test!
the phase technology advantage1
The Phase Technology ADVANTAGE:
  • Phase Technology has the oldest, most established, continuous-in-production automatic cold flow ASTM Methods – 17 years of proven, in-the-field use!
  • The PSA-70Xi tests pour, cloud and freeze point in one single unit.You’d have to buy two or three separate analyzers from our competitor!