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UPnP™ Forum State of the Union. Toby Nixon Steering Committee Chair UPnP Forum. UPnP ™ Forum Goals. In an open environment, develop or profile standards for device schemas and protocols based on TCP/IP and XML

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UPnP™ Forum State of the Union

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Upnp forum state of the union

UPnP™ Forum

State of the Union

Toby Nixon

Steering Committee Chair

UPnP Forum

Upnp forum goals

UPnP™ Forum Goals

  • In an open environment, develop or profile standards for device schemas and protocols based on TCP/IP and XML

  • Balance protection of member investment in technology with confidence in ability to implement under royalty-free terms

  • Encourage rapid and broad industry deployment of compliant devices

Five years of progress

10/99 Forum officially formed

6/00 UPnP™ DA v1 finalized

6/00 WinMe ships with UPnP™

5/01 GW devices announced

5/01 UPnP™ toolkits announced

10/01WinXP ships with UPnP™

11/01UIC launched

11/01Gateway DCP published

Q1/02UPnP™ toolkits & WinCE ship

Q1/02Logoed GW devices ship

06/02AV standards published

07/02Printer & scanner standards published

10/02Member Agreement amended

11/02Basic Device published

1/03Architecture Committee formed

Q1/03First logoed AV devices

10/03Wireless Access Point standard published

11/03Security and Lighting DCPs published

5/04DSL Forum TR-064 published

6/04DLNA HNv1 published

9/04Remote I/O DCP published

Five Years of Progress

Members by country

Members by Country

Asia (168)

China (13) Korea (26)

Hong Kong (4) Singapore (4)

India (12) Taiwan (65)

Japan (44)

Australia (6)

Australia (4)

New Zealand (2)

Middle East (12)

Israel (12)

North America (424)

Canada (25)

USA (399)

Europe (105)

Austria (2) Netherlands (4)

Belgium (4) Poland (1)

Denmark (3) Russia (1)

France (19) Spain (4)

Finland (3) Slovenia (1)

Germany (20) Sweden (8)

Greece (1) Switzerland (4)

Hungary (1) UK (19)

Ireland (4)

Italy (6)

Latin America (4)

Brazil (2)

Chile (1)

Columbia (1)

Total 719 Member Companies (was 631 one year ago)

As of September 30, 2004

Members from china

Members from China

  • China Great-Wall Computer Shenzhen Co., Ltd.

  • EnjoySmart Technologies Co., Ltd.

  • Founder Technology Group

  • Hisense

  • Honeywld Technology Corp.

  • Huawei Technologies

  • Huawei-3Com

  • Legend Group Limited

  • Linpus Technologies Inc.

  • TCL Computer Technology Co., Ltd.

  • TCL Corporation

  • Tsinghua Tongfang Co.,Ltd

  • UTT Technologies

Working committees

Working Committees

Working Committee Activity by Reflector Subscription

Number of Reflector Subscribers

As of August 4, 2004

Upnp forum state of the union

Traffic to Web Site

Unique User Sessions

User sessions are tracked per IP Address and must register at least one hit to be counted

Steering committee members

Steering Committee Members

Philips Electronics






Siemens AG


Texas Instruments








LG Electronics




New Steering Committee MembersAppointed and Elected in 2004

Thanks to former sc members

Thanks to former SC Members

Axis Communications



Metro Link


Forum officers

Forum Officers

  • Steering Committee

    • Chair: Toby Nixon (Microsoft)

    • Vice Chair: John Gildred (Pioneer)

  • Technical Committee

    • Chair: John Ritchie (Intel)

    • Vice Chair: Tom McGee (Philips)

  • Architecture Committee

    • Chair: Shivaun Albright (HP)

  • Legal Committee

    • Chair: Warren Whaley (Canon)

  • Member Relations Committee

    • Chair: Stephen Whalley (Intel)

Working committees1

Working Committees

  • Active

    • AV – John Ritchie (Intel), Geert Knapen (Philips)

    • Gateway – Trevor Freeman (Microsoft), William Lupton (Conexant)

    • Home Automation – Hans Langels (Siemens)

    • Printing and Imaging – Shivaun Albright (Hewlett Packard)

    • QOS – Narm Gadiraju (Intel), Daryl Hlasny (Sharp)

    • Remote I/O – Mark Walker (Intel), Markus Wischy (Siemens)

  • Work Completed

    • Basic Device

    • Security (on stand-by)

  • Less Active / On Hold

    • Appliances

    • Camera

    • Electronic Picture Frame

    • Enhanced Discovery and Eventing

    • Mobile Devices

Thank you

Thank You!

  • Ulhas Warrier (Intel) – former co-chair of Gateway WC

  • Vic Lortz (Intel) – former chair of Security WC

  • Andrew Donoho (IBM) – former co-chair of EEDS WC

  • Rich Geasey (Lantronix) – former chair of Member Relations Committee

Device control protocols

Device Control Protocols

  • Published DCPs

    • Internet Gateway

    • Media Server / Media Renderer

    • Printer

    • Scanner

    • Basic Device

    • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

    • Wireless Access Point

    • Device Security / Security Console – November 2003

    • Lighting – November 2003

    • Remote I/O – September 2004

  • Works in progress

    • Digital Security Camera – Just awaiting sample implementer

    • Quality of Service – Nearing Completion

    • Many other home automation specs

    • More that we’ll hear about today

Upnp implementers corporation

UPnP™ Implementers Corporation

  • Almost 40 member companies

  • Number of certified products more than doubled again since 2003

    • Many new AV products

  • UIC has assumed greater responsibility for marketing, including Forum recruitment and member programs

  • More from UIC later in the Summit

Industry momentum

Industry Momentum

  • Over one hundred UPnP devices certified to date

  • Millions of UPnP compliant internet gateways shipped

  • Hundreds of millions of UPnP enabled personal computers already deployed

  • More than two dozen UPnP compliant networked audio-video devices demonstrated this month

  • Bridges demonstrated between UPnP technology and other home automation networks (including Echelon)

  • Availability of commercial tools for more than a dozen vendors for many OS and embedded platforms

Industry momentum1

Industry Momentum

  • Consumer Electronics Association

    • R7.6 – DENi – published July 2003

  • DSL Forum – TR-064 published May 2004

    • LAN-side DSL Configuration

    • References UPnP™ Gateway DCP

  • Digital Living Network Alliance – Home Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines v1.0 published June 2004

    • References and builds on UPnP™ AV DCP

  • INCITS V2 –American National Standard for Universal Remote Console based on UPnP nearing completion

  • CableLabs – Now an SC Member – CableHome to reference UPnP™ Gateway and QOS DCPs

  • And more to come!

Device architecture v1 0 1

Device Architecture v1.0.1

  • A single consolidated reference for UPnP™ Device Architecture v1.0

    • Incorporate Internet Drafts such as HTTPU, HTTPMU, SSDP, GENA, FXPP, Auto-IP

    • Incorporate Implementation Guide

    • Incorporate Technical Committee issue decisions

    • Usability: Table of contents, Index, etc.

  • Draft available on UPnP™ Forum web site

  • Work complete - Adoption pending resolution of IPR Policy issue

Device architecture v1 1

Device Architecture v1.1

  • Several enhancements to v1.0

    • Discovery enhancements to reduce traffic and improve wireless performance

    • Complex data types via XML Schema support

    • Clarifies HTTP compliance issues

    • Requires SOAP 1.1 support, mustUnderstand, actor

    • Optional IPv6 support (IPv4 mandatory)

  • Implementations required to be fully interoperable with v1.0 devices at the v1.0 level of functionality

  • Technical work complete - Adoption pending resolution of IPR Policy issue

Ipr policy issue

IPR Policy Issue

  • Original Member Agreement didn’t address architectural evolution

  • 2002 Member Agreement Amendment

    • Created Architecture Committee

    • Requires royalty-free licensing of all necessary IP by all AC members regardless of contributor

  • Concerns regarding control of patent portfolios

  • Steering Committee and Legal Committee actively negotiating resolution

    • Potential additional member agreement amendment

  • Not blocking work on DCPs

Future architecture evolution

Future Architecture Evolution

  • Architecture was founded on basic Web services technology – HTTP, XML, SOAP

  • Forum continues to track progress of relevant Web services specifications for possible consideration in the future

  • No architecture work in progress within the Forum beyond v1.1

Looking ahead

Looking Ahead

  • Enhanced architecture

  • More DCPs

  • Development platforms

  • Many more products in 2004-2005

    • Exciting opportunities with Remote I/O and DLNA

  • Don’t wait – deploy v1 products now!

    • Long term industry commitment to v1 support

Upnp forum state of the union

It is through your contributions that UPnP™ technology will deliver on its promises and potential.

Upnp forum state of the union

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