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What is meant by universalisation. To ensure that Each and every child

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2. Objectives Develop the Children in an integrated manner To break the cycle of “ poverty- malnutrition- disease- loss of wage, low productivity- lower income- poverty” Target group Children ( 6 to 72 months) Mothers Expecting & Nursing Belonging to Below poverty line (BPL) families

3. What is meant by universalisation To ensure that Each and every child & mothers is covered All the six ICDS services are provided Service centre - Anganwadi Centre (AWC) One AWC for each 500 population in urban / rural area and for 300 population in hilly tribal area Existing Satellite, ECCE, Social Education (BAP/State/ ADC) centers to be converted as AWC New centers to be opened Specific attention to be given to Jhumia regrouping centers, SC bastis, Minority area, tea gardens Specific plan eind made for each Gaon Panchayat / ADC village / ward of Nagar Panchayat / Agartala Municipal Council

4. ICDS- ultimate aim To ensure that each child gets good health & education has proper physical and mental growth has no disability State achieves the best Human Development Index (HDI) at par with the developed states of the country

5. For making ICDS a success

8. ICDS- Facilities Angan Wadi Centre- “The HUB” unit cost increased from Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 1.75 lakh Construction of pucca building Fund for construction coming as 100 % central assistance Pucca building Store & Cooking shed Toilet Drinking water, play ground,fencing, kitchen garden By dovetailing fund under other Rural Development Schemes Planning & execution for all the Centre

9. ICDS-Personnel Angan Wadi Worker- basic requirement She has to be from the same village Married/ widow/destitute- so that she stays in the locality Educational qualification-matriculate, can be relaxed for ST Capacity building, training Training aids Angan Wadi Helper Need for suitable redeployment of staff for ensuring provision of services on regular basis

10. ICDS-Supplementary nutrition Unit cost revised from Rs 1.87 to Rs 2 per day per child Rice being issued at BPL price Saving about 40 paise per day can be used for providing better food Local women self help group to be involved Stakeholder Mothers to be encouraged for extending support for serving their children better Indiamix – may be introduced on pilot basis for solving micronutrient malnutrition

11. ICDS- Health linkage Maintenance of Growth card for each child Health check up on regular basis Health and nutrition education Immunization of all children Disability welfare Linkage with local doctors( PHC / Sub centre) Converge of ICDS with National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)

12. ICDS- Pre-school education Inculcating habit of going to the Centre among the child ( also the mother) Can solve problems of enrollment & drop out (faced in SSA in tribal areas ) Habit of health, hygiene- like washing hands, cutting nails etc. Protection of environment, planting trees, conservation of nature Suitable pre-school education kits Toys, Rhymes,posters, banners

13. ICDS- Monitoring Role of Gaon Panchaayt Pradhan To Act Friend, philosopher, guide to the Angan wadi worker Local mothers group, Self help group to take over Make it a people’s programme To be supervised by Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) Block Development Officer Block Development Committee & Zilla Parishad to oversee District Magistrate to coordinate

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