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By: Alan Missildine. Video Tech Timeline. The First Recording.

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Video Tech Timeline

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By alan missildine

By: Alan Missildine

Video Tech Timeline

The first recording

The First Recording

  • In 1860 the earliest known recording was made by Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville, creator of the Phonautograph. Audio playback had not yet be conceived, Scott sought to create a paper record of human speech that could be deciphered.

The first moving coil transducer 1874

The first moving-coil transducer, 1874

  • Ernst W. Siemens was the first to describe the moving-coil transducer or “microphone” with a circular coil of wire in a magnetic field and supported so it could move axially

Video tech timeline


  • Thomas Edison introduces the electric motor driven phonograph

Video tech timeline


  • New “78” rpm technology is developed.

  • Guglielmo Marconi used a 122 meter kite- supported antenna for reception. Successfully transmitting a radio message from his company’s new high power station at poldhu, Cornwall to Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The distance between the two stations was about 3,500 Kilometers (2,100 Miles).

Video tech timeline


  • Thomas Edison created the first “Talking movie” by using his kinetophone process. A cylinder player synchronized to a film projector.

Video tech timeline


  • RCA Starts mass producing commercial radios and the quality of radios improve also.

Video tech timeline


  • Zenith develops the first portable radio.

Video tech timeline


  • Handful’s of TV stations begin to broadcast led by RCA’s station in New York.

Video tech timeline


  • RCA introduces the Microgroove 45 rpm and quickly became the standard jukebox.

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