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Slab Method

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Slab Method. 2 ways to use a slab. Write this entire slide down in your sketchbook. Slab Method. Slab – a piece of clay that has been flattened by a rolling pin, slab roller or by hand; flat clay, like a pancake Two ways to use a slab: Wet Slab – drape over a hump or armature

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slab method

Slab Method

2 ways to use a slab

slab method1

Write this entire slide down in your sketchbook.

Slab Method
  • Slab – a piece of clay that has been flattened by a rolling pin, slab roller or by hand; flat clay, like a pancake
  • Two ways to use a slab:
    • Wet Slab – drape over a hump or armature
    • Leather Hard Slab – construct slab pieces together to achieve a more geometric form
slab method2
Slab Method
  • Slab – a form of handbuilding; a flat piece of clay.
  • You can use the wet clay, over a hump/armature or you can construct with it when it becomes leather hard.
what is a reliquary
What is a Reliquary?
  • A reliquary (also referred to as a shrine, chasse or monstrance) is a container for holy relics. These may be the physical remains of saints, such as bones or shreds of clothing, or some object associated with the saints or other holy figures. (The authenticity of any given relic is often a matter of debate).
what is a relic
What is a Relic?
  • A relic is an object or a personal item of religious significance, carefully preserved with an air of veneration as a tangible memorial. Relics are an important aspect of some forms of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Shamanism, and many other religions.
  • The word relic comes from the Latinreliquiae, meaning "remains." A reliquary is a shrine that houses one or more relics.
what religion
What religion?
  • Sacred relics have long been important to both Hindus and Buddhists. They became an important part of Christian ritual from about the 4th century Reliquaries provided a means of protecting and displaying holy relics, and were to have miraculous powers of intercession.
review questions
Review Questions:
  • What is a reliquary?
  • What religion used reliquary boxes?
  • They ranged in size from simple pendants or rings to coffin-like containers to very elaborate ossuaries. Many were designed with portability in mind, often being exhibited in public or carried in procession on the saint\'s feast day or on other holy days.
  • From about the end of the 10th century, reliquaries in the shape of the relics they housed also became popular; hence, for instance, Pope Alexander I\'s skull was housed in a head-shaped reliquaries. Similarly, the bones of saints were often housed in reliquaries that recalled the shape of the original body part, such as an arm or a foot.
review questions 2
Review Questions #2:
  • How big are the reliquary boxes?
  • What shape are they?
  • What is usually found inside them?
look at this reliquary and answer these questions
Look at this Reliquary and answer these questions:
  • What is it made out of?
  • What do you think is inside?
your own reliquary box out of clay
Your Own Reliquary Box Out of Clay
  • Think about what you want to put inside your box
  • Remember they will be very small boxes
  • Sketch 20 different ideas for your own reliquary box

Grading Requirements

  • Reliquary Slab Boxes will be graded on:
  • Size
  • Neatness/Craftsmanship
  • Additive and subtractive designs that use most of the space
  • Theme