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Disaster PreventiON AND recovery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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James Byron. Disaster PreventiON AND recovery. Disaster Prevention. Many fewer people worry about disaster prevention then disaster recovery, because the problems have not yet arisen. Disasters:. Natural – Fire, Tornado, Ice, Earthquakes, Floods

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James byron



Disaster PreventiON AND recovery

Disaster prevention
Disaster Prevention

  • Many fewer people worry about disaster prevention then disaster recovery, because the problems have not yet arisen.


  • Natural – Fire, Tornado, Ice, Earthquakes, Floods

  • Technical – Hardware, Application or Operating System Failure, Power Outage

  • Human – Computer Crime, Terrorism, Error

Class discussion
Class Discussion

  • Brainstorm some possible ways to prevent potential data loss

Have a disaster prevention plan
Have a Disaster Prevention Plan

  • Be proactive and avoid a disaster before it happens!

    • Choose a decent location for your business or residence

    • Monitor and maintain your computers and technology

What should you monitor and maintain
What Should You Monitor and Maintain?

  • Daily Back-Ups

  • E-Mail

  • Remote Access

  • Viruses and Spyware

  • Security Patches and Updates

  • Hard Drive Health

Disaster recovery
Disaster Recovery

  • Wikipedia Definition:

    • The process, policies and procedures of restoring critical business operations after a natural or human-induced disaster:

      • Data (records, hardware, software, etc.)

      • Communications (incoming, outgoing, toll-free, fax, etc.)

      • Workspace

      • Other business processes

Have a disaster recovery plan
Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

  • What might be in this plan?

    • Different disaster classifications

    • The responsibilities of each party addressed

    • Instructions on how to recover endangered assets

    • Any necessary contact information

Objectives of a drp
Objectives of a DRP

  • Sense of security

  • Minimize

    • Confusion

    • System downtime and recovery time

    • Decision-making (emotions)

    • Loss of assets

Microsoft office sharepoint server
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Portals - A personal MySite portal allows you to share information with others and personalize the experience and content of an enterprise Web site based on the user’s profile.

  • Disaster Recovery Tools

    • SharePoint Portal Server Data Backup and Restore tool

      • This graphical tool is responsible for recovery operations at the portal level.

    • SharePoint Configuration Analyzer

      • Not a recovery tool itself.

      • It can provide valuable information to help you map out a recovery strategy.

Microsoft office sharepoint continued
Microsoft Office SharePoint (continued)

  • General Backup Tools

    • SQL Enterprise Manager

    • IISBack.vbs

      • Backs up the IIS metabase.

      • Without a functional IIS metabase, all portal content is inaccessible.


  • Who are they?

    • One of the “foremost providers of software and services for IP, wireline, wireless, and cable networks.”

  • What do they provide?

    • Preemptive procedures and strategies

    • Rapid disaster response

    • Technical Documentation

    • Secure Internet Access to Electronic Documentation from Telcordia

Benefits to using a company like telecordia
Benefits to Using a Company Like Telecordia

  • Expertise (established in 1920)

  • History of recovering in the wake of major disasters (i.e. 9/11, San Francisco Earthquake)

  • Reduction of recovery costs

  • Technical support and counsel on legal cases and property claims (over $60 million)

Be prepared
Be Prepared

  • The best way to implement a DRP is through practice and simulation

  • If people are unaware of what the DRP consists of, it will NOT be successful, and will have been a waste of time

  • Disasters can happen at ANY TIME!

In conclusion
In Conclusion

  • Disaster Prevention

    • Disaster can occur at any time, be prepared

    • Practice and Simulation

  • Disaster Recovery

    • Telecordia

    • Microsoft SharePoint Server

  • Any Questions?