birth order theory
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Birth Order Theory

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Birth Order Theory - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Birth Order Theory. Mr. Koch Psychology Forest Lake High School. Birth Order. Being born first, last, or in the middle gives a person a certain role in the family. Only Child & Oldest. Have parents to themselves Want and are the center of attention A lot of pressure, perfectionism

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birth order theory

Birth OrderTheory

Mr. Koch


Forest Lake High School

birth order
Birth Order
  • Being born first, last, or in the middle gives a person a certain role in the family
only child oldest
Only Child & Oldest
  • Have parents to themselves
  • Want and are the center of attention
  • A lot of pressure, perfectionism
  • Strong need for approval
only child
Only Child
  • Doesn’t have to compete with brothers and sisters
  • Tends to be more relaxed and self confident
  • Experience special pressures to be perfect
  • Sensitive to being left out
  • Needs periods of solitude
  • Treated as “little adult”
oldest child
Oldest Child
  • Adopts parental values
  • Tends to be more assertive/aggressive
  • Highly motivated to achieve
  • More strong willed and stubborn
  • Among most successful, but do have anxiety and fear they will not achieve standards
oldest child1
Oldest Child
  • “The Axioms of the Firstborn”
    • Everyone depends on me
    • I can’t get away with anything
    • It’s tough being the oldest
    • I was never allowed to be a child
    • If I don’t do it, it won’t get done
    • If I don’t do it, it won’t get done right
    • I never said I wanted to be a role model
    • Boy, if I had acted the way you do…!
    • Mom never let me do that when I was your age
    • Why do I have to do it? They never do anything around here.
middle child
Middle Child
  • Feeling of being left out
  • Need extra love
  • Not jealous of newborn
  • Sibling rivalry less intense
  • Mediator, negotiator, avoids conflict
  • Independent, likes a lot of people/activity
  • Competitive and ambitious
  • Uses charm to arbitrate or manipulate to get one’s way
    • As a result, may experience much success
youngest child
Youngest Child
  • Less expected of them
  • Being baby of family may inhibit emotional growth
  • More spontaneous, original, and creative
  • In performing jobs where they are “on stage”
  • A pleasant companion
  • As adults may want to be independent
oldest child teacher
Oldest Child Teacher
  • Create complicated projects for students to complete
  • They like structure and order in the classroom
  • They are happiest when students are sitting in nicely arranged desks, straight in a line
  • Students are quiet and do as they are told
  • The oldest child teacher will be frustrated unless they learn how to achieve organization in a different way
middle child teacher
Middle Child Teacher
  • Is interested in the psychological well-being as well as the academic achievement of the student
  • They seek out the rebellious students in hope of influencing them in a more positive direction
  • They try to achieve order through mutual respect and understanding
youngest child teacher
Youngest Child Teacher
  • Are more creative, fun loving, adjust well to noise and disorder
  • Teachers allow students to take more responsibility so they won’t have to do everything themselves