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EFNT Practitioner Roundtable Planning Your Community Involvement for 2012 www.efnt.org www.facebook.com/EntrepreneursForNorthTexas. Agenda and Goals. Introductions Spectrum of Engagement Discussion Worksheet Team Building and CI – exercise on why would it be important? Hand-outs

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EFNTPractitioner Roundtable Planning Your Community Involvement for 2012www.efnt.orgwww.facebook.com/EntrepreneursForNorthTexas

Agenda and goals
Agenda and Goals

  • Introductions

  • Spectrum of Engagement

  • Discussion Worksheet

  • Team Building and CI – exercise on why would it be important?

  • Hand-outs

  • EFNT Community Involvement Challenge – Sneak Preview

    II. Goals for this meeting

    Gain understanding on how to effectively use EFNT’s readily available platformInteractive dialogue and best practice sharing

    Tools and Techniques to plan 2012 better

    III. Wrap up

Efnt s mission
EFNT’s Mission

EFNT promotes and facilitates community involvement and philanthropy for small and mid-size companies in a way that’s good for their business.

Make it easy for Member Companies to do good

Bring in new donor-advised funds to Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT)

Company with limited resources and lots of good intentions

Nonprofit Organizations

Efnt factoids
EFNT Factoids

  • Currently 92 Member Companies

  • Average number of employees 25-30

  • 715 volunteers have provided 5043 volunteer hours in Q1/Q2 of FY. 2011-12

2012 membership benefits
2012 Membership Benefits

Plug ‘N Plays

Practitioner Roundtables

Freedom Day

Holiday volunteer options list Philanthropic due-diligence

Networking events for C-Level executives

Company-wide Community Involvement (CI) Survey

Strategic CI Consulting

CI assessment (Spectrum of Engagement)

1 Custom Service Project

Executive consulting

Additional Fee for Service Options

Good Corporate Citizen Conference

Customized Service Project (s)

The Spectrum Of Engagement



Corporate Giving




Corporate Infrastructure

Business Practices





Engaging Companies In Corporate Giving

  • Corporate Giving:

    • Donate stock/stock options

    • Matching Gifts

    • Donor Advised Funds (CFT)

    • Dollars for Doers Program

    • Donate/Discount Product and/or Services

Corporate Giving




  • Examples:

  • EFNT Member Companies have donated XXX in the community in 2011.

  • 3 EFNT Member Companies/CEOs have created donor advised funds with the Communities Foundation of Texas.

Engaging Companies in Corporate Infrastructure

  • Corporate Infrastructure:

    • Incorporate community program into company mission, vision, and values

    • Survey employee interests

    • Form employee Community Involvement Planning Team

    • Develop corporate policies that support community involvement, such as volunteer time off (VTO) policies

    • Incorporate community involvement program into employee handbook and recruiting materials

Corporate Infrastructure




  • Examples:

  • Leadership incorporates community involvement initiatives into the company’s business strategy and human resources objectives.

Engaging Companies In Employee Volunteerism

  • Employee Volunteerism:

    • Sponsor company days in the community

    • Support individual involvement in community activities

    • Encourage employees to take Board and other leadership roles with community benefit organizations

    • Leverage human capital engagement as learning and development opportunities

Employee Volunteerism




  • Examples:

  • In 2010, EFNT Member Company employees donated 5043 hours in the community through EFNT Programs which accounts for $105,903 on average.

  • Companies align CI activities with cross functional team building, spirit programs, and leadership development initiatives.

Engaging Companies In Employee Giving

  • Employee Giving:

    • Host drives for employees to contribute (e.g. food, backpacks, toys)

    • Conduct fundraisers (e.g. silent auctions and bake sales)

    • Enable employees to donate PTO

    • Enable employees to make financial contributions through payroll deductions

    • Support 10K and 5K walk/runs

Employee Giving




  • Examples:

  • In 2010-11, EFNT Member Companies donated xxx lbs of food, xxxx toys and xxxxx backpacks through EFNT hosted supply drives.

  • Companies participate in walks to raise funds for partnering community organizations.

  • Companies sponsor xxxx to raise funds for local schools. Auction items have included xxxxx.

Engaging Companies In Business Practices

  • Business Practices:

    • Donate Office Space/Supplies to Community Organizations

    • Benefit the environment through recycling and alternative transportation programs

    • Be aware of vendor environmental & contributions to the community programs

    • Hire new or temporary employees from organizations that transition people back into the workforce

    • Enable civic engagement & participation

Business Practices




  • Examples:

  • Business Access donates office space to Executives in Action.

  • Companies purchase their corporate gifts from SoapHope, a social business in Dallas

  • Temporary employees for projects are hired from local non-profits supporting women in need

Engaging Companies In Marketing Communications

  • Marketing/Communication:

    • Internal and external promotion of CI programs and results

    • Educate employees on community needs

    • Develop strategic cause-related marketing campaigns tied to business goals

    • Summarize community involvement & impact in annual reports

    • Celebrate results!






  • Examples:

  • Companies partner with clients on their CI initiatives.

  • Community organizations present at all-hands meetings.

  • Companies include their CI program in their internal and external websites, bulletin boards, and newsletters including links to the organizations they support, employee activities, photos and recognition awards.

Discussion Worksheet

  • A small exercise to get us going!

  • What worked well (or did not) in 2011?

  • What aspect of the Spectrum might you use the most?

  • What corporate goals are being met through your CI efforts?

  • What is your communication plan around CI?

  • Take a few minutes to respond to the questionnaire

  • then we will have a short discussion

Team Building and CI

  • What makes CI a team building activity?

  • What are the possible benefits of doing this?

  • Some Tips to consider

  • Create a menu of activities, year long and also a variety of ways to engage

  • Remember that team building can take place even in the planning stages of an activity

  • Have a transparent purpose - communicate clear expectations

  • Set up team building experience to raise awareness of how behaviors impact results

  • Relate it to the business—tie it into the workplace

  • Identify win for both the company and the community

  • Executive support is important—employees see them as role models

  • Set stage with understanding diversity of groups: personal styles, motivations, points of view, etc.

  • Fun is important

  • Debrief after event

  • Celebrate – online and offline


  • EFNT One-Pager and Practitioner Calendar

  • EFNT Survey

  • EFNT Activity Schedule Worksheet for CI Team

  • Volunteer Time-Off Policy

  • EFNT Resources for CI

  • CFT One-Pager

EFNT Community Involvement Challenge

A simple challenge in 2012…Volunteer for at least 8 hours (one work day) in 2012

-Employee teams sign up for the challenge with EFNT

-Member Companies track and submit information – name, hours, non-profit etc

-EFNT tabulates information and announces results and recognition


Set Goals and track them

Join us for our PNPs and for Freedom Day

Participate in our Supply Drives

Communicate with us often about what you have done so we can share it and count it!

Call us to set up a Custom Service Project

Save the Date for Good Corporate Citizenship Conference on April 12th.

And if you have not already done so