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Product Selling Kit For Dealer- MICHELIN Pleasure Without Compromise. Use your Bike On Road and On Track. An Excellent Longevity.

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Pleasure Without Compromise

Use your Bike On Road and On Track

An Excellent Longevity

Rubber compounds developed in World Endurance Championship permit to last 50% more than a Diablo RossoCorsa and MetzelerRacetec K3















MICHELIN Advanced Technology for the best Safety

POWER Super Sport Grip

Handling Performance

Up to 52% larger contact patch by reducing the pressure for track use

2CT+ – Rear Tire

2CT – Front Tire

2 Carcass in Polyester HMLS*

  • More feedback for the rider

  • Better stability under braking

  • More rigidity to the rear tire under acceleration

  • Top: The silica compound covers 50% of the tire’s surface, on the top. It brings longevity and rigidity under braking stress (and wet grip)

  • Shoulders: The silica compound represents 25% on each side. It gives a maximum of grip and feedback at lean angles beyond 24°

  • With the 2CT+ , the hard compound is underneath the soft compound. It increases the level of rigidity when you are on lean angle and brings more stability on angle, especially under strong acceleration.

*High Modulus Low Shrinkage: rigidity of rayonne + endurance of nylon

A new profil for both sportivesand roadsters

New compound and tread pattern adapted to different stages of riding:

• On top, it is optimised for braking at front and traction atrear

• Shoulders are slick for an excellent grip duringstrongcornering

Design Tread Pattern: Inspired by Racing tires’ Pattern

  • Optimized for the best braking on front tire and traction on rear tire

  • Optimized for the best braking on front tire and traction on rear tire

At 30° lean angle: up to 12% of grooving ratio for the best wet grip



Choose the Power Super Sport that matches your bike

  • At Michelin, we focus on safety, riding pleasure and longevity,

  • All at the same time and with no trade-offs.

  • That’s what we mean by MICHELIN Total Performance.