showing similarities and differences
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Comparison and Contrast

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Comparison and Contrast - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Showing Similarities and Differences. Comparison and Contrast.

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These two photographs were taken at wedding ceremonies. Study the photographs and make two lists– a list of the ways that the two wedding scenarios are similar and a list of the ways they are different. Include details about the people and the setting, such as clothing, facial expressions, and background details.

Write a paragraph about the photos that answers these questions: How Are these two wedding scenes the same, and how are they different

  • Comparison and Contrast involves looking at both similarities and differences.
    • In a government class, your instructor asks you to compare two different parties position on the economy.
    • For a local newspaper, you are asked to contrast two local politicians views on building a Tim Hortons at Balcoms Corners.
point by point organization
Point-By-Point Organization
  • Writer moves back and forth between the two subjects
  • Compares key points or characteristics
    • Military Involvement in the world
      • Democratic View
      • Republican View
    • Health Care
      • Democratic View
      • Republican View
subject by subject organization
Subject-By-Subject Organization
  • Author describes the key points or characteristics of one subject then moves on to the next subject
    • Democratic views
      • Military involvement in the world
      • Health Care
    • Republican Views
      • Military involvement in the world
      • Health Care
  • Just be careful to discuss the same ideas when using this organizational style
  • Has a Clear Purpose
    • Express ideas
      • Express ideas about unconventional weddings. How they are similar and different
    • Inform
      • Variations of wedding ceremonies
    • Persuade
      • One type of wedding is better than another
basis of comparison
Basis of Comparison
  • A common characteristic on which to base the essay
    • Baseball vs. Football could be compared by the entertainment value
  • Determines the details that should be used
    • Number of viewers for the Superbowl vs. the World Series is relevant
    • Kinds of equipment used in each sport- irrelevant.
fairly examines differences and similarities
Fairly Examines Differences and Similarities
  • Consider your essay’s focus
  • Relevant information should not be left out just to make your point
  • Cover the same points completely of both sides
make a point
Make a Point
  • Be interesting
    • Use other modes to spark interest
      • Describe each side thoroughly
      • Illustrate important or confusing ideas
      • Define difficult terms etc.
      • Tell how something works
thesis statement
Thesis Statement
  • Has Three functions
    • Identifies the subjects being compared and contrasted
    • Suggests whether to focus on similarities, differences, or both
    • States the main point
  • Similar complaints from both parties reveal an underlying problem with the current healthcare system.
  • Although different in purpose, the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party both support radical change to the current governmental purpose and structure.
  • Democrats and Republicans demonstrate two different approaches to the economic crisis in our country.
  • Clear Introduction
  • Spark the reader’s interest
  • Presents your subject
  • States your thesis
  • Includes any needed background information
  • Always supports the thesis of the paper
    • Even if it is a cool fact, if it does not support the thesis… leave it out
  • Characteristics should be significant
  • A minimum of 3-4 characteristics should be examined
  • Each characteristic should be fully described
  • Make it easy to understand for an intelligent audience
  • Offer final comment on your comparison/ contrast
  • Summarize the main points
  • Remind readers of your thesis