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Cheonggyechoen. Wookean Shim Sangwoo Shin Hana Lee. Contents. Location About Cheonggyechoen History Before & After Course Attractions Reference. Location. About Cheonggyechoen.

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Wookean Shim

Sangwoo Shin

Hana Lee

Hallym university


  • Location

  • About Cheonggyechoen

  • History

    Before & After

  • Course

  • Attractions

  • Reference

Hallym university


Hallym university

About Cheonggyechoen

  • The Chunggyechoen used to be a naturally formed stream before the Joseon Dynasty designated Seoul as is capital. Originally, its name was “Gaecheon” meaning ‘an open ditch’.

  • Seoul began to restore Cheonggyechoen in 2003.

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  • By the end of the 1950s - became a symbol of poverty and slovenliness, as it was filled up with trash and wastes.

  • 1960s and 1970s – regarded as an example of successful industrialization and modernization.

  • 1980s and 1990s – regarded as a source of intense traffic, health and environmental issues

Hallym university

Before & After








Hallym university


Hallym university


  • Mojeongyo is an arch br

    idge illustrating the trad

    itional Daecheong (main

    floored room) style. In

    old times, it was referred

    to as the 'Mojeon' that ‘

    Gwajeon,' a fruit street,

    was paddling along.

Hallym university


It was called the ‘Daegwangt

onggyo’ due to its immense

size. This bridge had been

known as the largest bridge

in Seoul, and became regard

ed as the place for Dapgyon-

ori (play) on the night of the

year’s first full moon among

women and men living in

castle town.

Hallym university


Its name, 'Samilgyo,' was

given by Samillo (Street), a

well-known hub for

demonstrations against the

oppression of Japanese

imperialism after the

declaration of independence

on March 1, 1919.

Hallym university


Hallym university

Cheonggye Plaza

Cheonggye Plaza developed along Sejongno, and acts as the starting point of the Cheonggyecheon.

It is known for the grand sight of a candle fountain harmonizing with three-colored lighting and a two-staged cascading falls at a height of four meters.

Hallym university

Banchado of King Jeongjo

Banchado of King Jeongjo is a painting of the Joseon Dynasty's King Jeongjo's 8-day royal procession to Hwaseong to visit his father's tomb to celebrate his mother's 60th birthday.

Hallym university

Ongnyu Wall Fountain

This is a sculpture expressing the pond 'Ongnyucheon,' and is positioned at the rear garden of Changdeokgung (Palace). The name of the pond is taken from its clear waters that resemble a jade-like color which falls as if going around a rock

Hallym university


Hallym university


Hallym university

Thank you for listening!

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