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Create digital campus , Promote informatization construction —— Mobile campus platform introduction. Wuhan Tianyu Information Industry Co., Ltd Jul. 2010. 1. Business introduction. 2. Network structure. 3. Business process. 4.Platform value. 1. 1. Business introduction.

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Create digital campus, Promote informatization construction

——Mobile campus platform introduction

Wuhan Tianyu Information Industry Co., Ltd

Jul. 2010

1.Business introduction

2.Network structure

3. Business process

4.Platform value


1.Business introduction

  • What isMobile campus

  • What function does Mobile campus has?

  • Target customerpositioning

  • Product cost

TianYu Information

Business introduction what is mobile campus
Business introduction—What is Mobile campus?

  • Mobile campus utilize advanced mobile communication and Internet Technologies , use MMS as main carrier, integrate the internet function of PC and mobile to provide parents and school a new-type, comprehensive, real-time, efficient communication method.

  • Mobile campus has several mainly businesses such as “peace school” and ” Only Chu You cai”,mainly development mode is school organizing and customer develop。

  • Mobile campus provide the school a full-function daily general information processing platform, It can easily realize the information transmission and the school organizations management and student information management to improve work efficiency and management level.

Business introduction what function does mobile campus has
Business introduction--What function does mobile campus has?

  • The school can send any information to each parent's mobile, include announcement, news, activities, honor, related information, education policy of the school. For the parents could know the latest situation of the school conveniently.

  • The teacher can send each child's study & activity situation and their class information, activity notification, homework, test score to their parent's mobile for parents can help teachers to supervise the children and to cultivate their good habits. let them thrive under the concern which come from the school and their family.

Business introduction what function does mobile campus has1
Business introduction--What function does mobile campus has?

  • The teacher or parent can get the latest educational ideas and educational technology information through mobile campus website:, include expert's literature No. 1 scholar's experience, nutrition hygiene, mental disabuse, they can also communicate with the education experts online.

  • The mobile campus website has several functions such as blog, BBS, online interview, schools, teachers, parents, and students can login to these parts to have a real-time interactive communication.

  • The mobile campus website also has campus environment column, it propagandize overview of campus, school running experiences, teachers style of the school.

Business introduction target customer positioning

Primary and Middle School leader

Head teacher


Business introduction--Target customerpositioning

Business introduction product cost
Business introduction--Product cost


TianYu information

2. Network structure

  • network structure

  • network structuredescription

Network structure network structure
Network structure--Network structure

10/100M connection

1000M connection

IP Failover Heart Beating Line

Network structure network structure description
Network structure--Network structure Description

  • Users operate the system in internet, equipped with two Cisco firewall in order to ensure the security of the system. center storage exchange is processed by two HuaWei S5648 switches, the connection between each switches and servers is 1000M interconnecting link.

  • The server area is composed of several HP servers, include database application and WEB application.

  • After process the user request, the system will finally send the processed data to SMS gateway to create and send a SMS to the corresponding customer cellular phone.


TianYu Information

3. Business process

  • Business process

  • Business process description

Business process
Business process


Mobile Interaction


Mobile Interaction







Login to

“Parent platform”

Login to “School platform”

Login to “School platform”

Information publish ,

Individuation comment

Information management , publish etc.



head teacher


Moblie campus



Card Reader


Card Reader


Card Reader

Student swiping card

Student swiping card

Student swiping card

Business process description
Business process description

Three business processes of mobile campus platform: school & class constructive process, service order process, information publish process.

school & class constructive process

Service order process

information publish process.

Business process description school class constructive process
Business process description—school & class constructive process

Definition :

Create school and class for student on mobile campus platform

School creation:

At partner platform, create by partner’s administrator, after creation, the local operator will verify the school, the school will be effectively after it has passed examination

Class creation:

By partner’s contacts, login to campus platform to set class,in order to input student’s profile.

Business process description school class create process
Business process description—school & class create process

Partner Administrator

Create School

Operator administrator verify the school

Twice confirmation



Set class

School become effective

Business process description service open process
Business process description—Service open process

Definition :

Order and cancel each services on mobile campus platform


User can upload SMS and operate on Mobile campus platform to activate the business.

Business process description user upload sms for activate
Business processdescription—User upload SMS for activate

Users send order or cancel commands to 10657061000000 by their mobile, after twice confirmation, the mobile campus platform synchronize the data with ADC platform, waiting for synchronizing data return by ADC platform in order to synchronize order relation with mobile campus platform.

Users send order or cancel commands

Cancel command, send cancel message

order command, send order message



Generate temporary relation for order

Adc feed back Processing Result

Generate ordering relationship

Business process description subscribe by mobile campus platform
Business processdescription—Subscribe by mobile campus platform

Operator personnelorder or cancel [single or batch] on BOSS platform,BOSS platform synchronize the data with ADC platform, after synchronizing data returned by ADC platform, user order relation become effective on mobile campus platform.

Operator personnel order or cancel on BOSS platform

Send temporary relation to adc

Generate temporary relation for order

Generate ordering relationship

Adc feed back Processing Result

Business process description information publish process
Business process description—information publish process.

Definition:send each kinds SMS to users on mobile campus platform.

Classification: Campus information publish process, Attendance record publish process.

Information publish process campus information publish process
Information publish process —Campus information publish process

School Staff collect information at campus platform and submit to audit staff for approval [school can appoint audit staff for approval, also could be done by partner’s audit staff], information of examine and verify will send to parent’s mobile after successfully approval.

School staffs

Collect Information

Audit staff


Publish information

Information publish process attendance information publish process
Information publish process—Attendance information publish process

After student swiping card at schoolthe data will arrive to mobile campus platform, mobile campus platform will send attendance information to parent’s mobile during attendance period .

student swiping card

swiping card data

Mobile campus platform

attendance period

Publish information


TianYu Information

4. Platform value

  • Value for teachers

  • Value for parents

  • Value for Kids

Platform value for teachers
Platform Value—For teachers

  • By parents cooperation, alleviate the pressure of school and teachers;

  • To Aim at personalized information of each students, improve the quality and timeliness of communication with the parents;

  • Continue to keep in touch with parents, improve the synchronization between family education and school, consolidate the teaching effect;

  • Communication between school and family, lower cost, a large increase of efficiency.

Platform value for parents
Platform Value—For parents

  • Better understanding of children in learning at school;

  • Increasing communication, enrich the experience of educating kids;

  • Keep good communication with school (teacher), remove worry, safety and reassurance;

  • Be more close with child, get more trust from child.

Platform value for kids
Platform Value—For kids

  • Put the school and family get together, create a environment to give their love to the children, they will be more harmonious with the parents and the teachers;

  • The parents don't know how to guide their child's study previously, right now, they absolutely know the situation and can always remind and help their child pertinently

  • The students must clock in when they go to and from school, so they should go to school on time, strengthen the child on concept of time.