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Deliver China. 16 August, 2011. Brief Information about China. Developing country with huge potential Economic keeps increas ing rapidly since 1979 20 10 I mportation: US$ 1394.8 billion 20 10 E xportation: US$ 1577.9 billion

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Deliver China

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Deliver china

Deliver China

16 August, 2011

Brief information about china

Brief Information about China

  • Developing country with huge potential

  • Economic keeps increasing rapidly since 1979

  • 2010Importation: US$ 1394.8 billion

  • 2010Exportation: US$ 1577.9 billion

  • China Total Importation and Exportation counts about 8% of world trade

  • With variousprogrammes from stimulus plan, 2010 GDP growth achieved 10.3%

Deliver china

Gateway of China

Major consumption city in china

Major Consumption City in China

International trade in china

International Trade in China

Trade Mode and Trade partner of China (2010)

Source: CMC

Deliver china

International Trade in China

Source: CMC

China importation figure

China Importation Figure

Source: CMC

International trade in china1

International Trade in China

2010 China Trading Statistics

Total Import and Export : US$ 2972.8 billion



Import: US$ 1394.8 billion

Export: US$ 1577.9 billion


Trade Surplus: US$ 183.1 billion

  • Main Import Commodities:

  • Mechanical and Transportation Products---39.5%

  • Inedible Raw Materials—14.9%

  • Mineral Fuel and Related—13.8%

Source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China

Trade surplus of china

Trade Surplus of China

  • Demand of Chinese Market has been increasing since 2008.

Source: CMC

Deliver china

Reasons that Chinese demand keeps increasing

  • Quality

  • Innovative

  • Reputation

  • Safety

  • RMB Appreciation

  • China Economy Growth

  • Chinese Economy Support Policy (e.g. 12 5-Year Plan)

Chinese market is getting more and more attractive and important to overseas.

Deliver china

Obviously, Chinese market shows huge potential to overseas enterprises, and becomes a very important strategic market. Many overseas enterprisers and investors are heading to enter Chinese market, but…


Key successful factor

Key Successful Factor

Find a local partner with solid track record

1. Importation Clearance Platform

2. Logistics Set-up

3. Value Added Services

4. Nation-wide Distribution Network

5. Food Testing to ensure food safety

6. Good Government Relationship

7. Strong Sales Network

Dch china experience on total supply chain solution

DCH China Experience on Total Supply Chain Solution

60 year experience in China Market

1 importation clearance platform

1. Importation Clearance Platform




Temperature controlled warehouse


Value AddedCentre

China Customs & CIQ



Multi-temperature control Trucking

Testing & QC


Chinese Label Filing

Certificate of Origin


Certificate of Hygiene

IT platform

Place Of Origin




2 logistics set up

2. Logistics Set-up

Total development 5 million sq. feet of land

Deliver china

  • Xinhui Port

  • National Class I Port

  • Two 5000 ton berth

  • One 500 ton berth

  • Annually cargo handling 0.86 million tons and 0.1 million TEU

  • Two 10,000 ton berth end of 2010, future expand to 30,000 ton

  • 5 min. to DCH Xinhui Logistics Park

Source: Guangdong Xinhui port International Container Dock Company Ltd.

Deliver china

Modernized Warehouse and Logistics Center

Deliver china

Seamless Cold Chain Management

Deliver china

3. Value Added Services



Inkjet Printing

Hot Sealing

Frozen Meat Processing

Deliver china

Our Repackaging Customers

New Zealand: Anlene

U.S: Campbell’s

Argentina: Arcor

U.K: Kinnerton

U.S:Almond Roca




Deliver china


Bonded Warehouse


Value added Service

Distribution in China


Export Supervised Warehouse


Value added Service

Re-Export to other countries


Sourcing materialsin China

Delay Tax Payment &

Speed up Tax Refund

Goods or Parts from Overseas

From Bulk packs to Retail or Gift packslower costs (labor, tax, material, transportation)

Deliver china

4. Nation-wide Distribution

Deliver china

5. Food Testing for Food Safety

6 government relationship

6. Government Relationship

  • Customs and CIQ located in DCH Sims office

  • Advantages of processing: - Importation declarations - CIQ applications - Exportation processing - Updated information

Deliver china

Visiting of Macau Chief Executive and Representatives

Visiting of Guangdong Governor Mr. Huang Huahua

Visiting of Mayor of Jiangmen Mr. Liu Hai

Deliver china

Visiting of Jiangmen Political Consultative Group

Visiting of Deputy Mayor of Xiamen

Visiting of Jiangmen Custom Commissioner

Visiting of Thailand Vice President

7 strong sales network

7. Strong Sales Network

Major Brand Representation

Represent over 200 brands in China

HK & China

Mainland China

Our brand portfolio

Our Brand Portfolio

Retails distribution channel

Retails Distribution Channel

Promotion activities

Promotion Activities

Extend your brand in china with dch

Extend Your Brand in China with DCH






Must find a responsible partner which can handle China Customs declaration, CIQ clearance and uses the official channels.

CIQ and Labeling regulation compliance with current practices.

Work with a sales & marketing professional company in China and create value through brand marketing repackaging

Enhanced products by add value functions in China and source less expensive local repackaging materials where possible.

Deliver china

5. Logistics Effectiveness by utilizing your China partner’s existing facilities for “Fully Integrated Supply Chain Management” for entry into the China market.

6. Be competitive by lowering the cost through supply chain efficiency such as “Bulk” importation.

7. Information flow accuracy through IT Innovation.

We are happy to be your partner

We are Happy to be your Partner !

DCH’s Total Supply Chain Solution

Quick Custom Clearance

Efficient, Accurate Delivery

Bonded Services

Retail Services





Thank you

~Thank you ~

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