november 21 2013
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November 21, 2013

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November 21, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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November 21, 2013. Drill JUST START NUMBERING YOUR PACKET AND I WILL CHECK HW… THEN… What is imperialism? Extending a nation’s power or influence on a weaker nation. Agenda Check HW Pray Drill Number Pages Reasons behind imperialism The White Man’s Burden.

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november 21 2013
November 21, 2013
  • Drill
      • THEN…
    • What is imperialism?
    • Extending a nation’s power or influence on a weaker nation


Check HW



Number Pages

Reasons behind imperialism

The White Man’s Burden

reasons why europeans imperialized other areas nationalistic
Reasons why Europeans Imperialized other areas: Nationalistic
  • To make their nation more powerful by taking over lands of less advanced people
  • To show their technological superiority over the native peoples(especially militarily)
  • “Social Darwinism”: it was natural for stronger nations to dominate weaker ones
  • The new colonies were important locations for military bases
  • Colonies helped provide a nation with power and security

**mo’ colonies, mo’ problems

  • To get raw materials for their highly technical industries (Factories, Mills, ect.)
  • To establish new markets for industrial products
white man s burden
White Man’s Burden
  • poem by Rudyard Kipling
  • It “justified” European imperialism – to the Europeans
  • It implied that Europeans (white people) had a “moral duty” to bring civilization to less developed and colonial people
head to page 5

Head to Page 5

Take up the White Man’s Burden

november 22 2013
November 22, 2013
    • What are the negativesof Imperializing Africa (on Natives or otherwise)?
    • What are the positivesof imperializing Africa (on Natives or otherwise)?




Positives and Negatives

Scramble Game

Scramble Notes

desk configuration for the game
Desk Configuration for the Game

Group of 5 - Belgium

Group of 6 France

Dr. Livingston will set the game in motion by allowing Belgium to conquer Africa.

Each African territory is conquered when you take one of the sheets.

Some territories are great for resources, some of useless. Win the most points for each category, get a prize…win the whole game and you win the SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA

Group of 4 – Great Britain

Group of 4 – Germany

Group of 2 – Italy

Group of 2 – Spain

Group of 3 – Portugal

1 person – Dr. Livingston (me)

1 person – Ethiopia

scramble for africa
Scramble for Africa


A powerful nation conquering a less powerful people’s land

Africa BEFORE Imperialism

  • Social- African people were divided into hundreds of ethnic & linguistic groups…followed traditional beliefs & others converted to Islam & Christianity.
  • Politically- African’s had large empires & also independent villages.
  • Economically- Africa was rich with copper, tin, diamonds & gold!!!
december 12 2013
December 12, 2013
  • Drill
    • Why did the European powers imperialize Africa?
    • Stanley and Livingstone’s travels discovered abundant natural resources
    • White Man’s Burden
    • Social Darwinism
    • New Trade Markets
    • Nationalism




Finish Up Scramble Notes

I guess we’ll work in going over some stuff

Boer War Video

I will collect maps tomorrow

european contact
European Contact
  • Europeans 1st came to Africa in 1450 but the African armies kept them out.
  • Europeans sent explorers, missionaries, & humanitarians to find out about the “dark continent” (land unknown).
european contact con t
European Contact (con’t)
  • David Livingstone- Missionary looking to promote Christianity
  • Henry Stanley- Explored Africa & traced the course of the Congo River...sparked the interest of King Leopold II of Belgium
european superiority
European Superiority
  • The Industrial Revolution forced people to search for new markets & raw materials.
  • Nationalism- Each country was determined to plant its flag on as much of the world as possible.
  • Social Darwinism- Those who were fittest for survival enjoyed wealth and success and were considered superior to others.
european superiority con t
European Superiority (con’t)
  • Europeans had technological superiority…Maxim gun (1st automatic machine gun)
  • The invention of the steam engine allowed Europeans to travel on rivers to control the interior.
  • Protected from diseases…malaria (drug quinine).
  • Africa’s variety of languages & cultures discouraged unity among them (wars b/w ethnic groups over land, water, & trade rights)

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the scramble begins
The “SCRAMBLE” Begins
  • Berlin Conference (1884-1885) -14 European nations (NO AFRICANS) met to lay down rules for division of Africa!
  • They agreed that any European nation could claim land in Africa by notifying other nations of its claims

I contend that we [Britons] are the 1st race in the world, & the more of the world we inhabit, the better it is for the human race…It is our duty to seize every opportunity of acquiring more territory & we should keep this one idea steadily before our eyes that more territory simply means more of the Anglo-Saxon race, more of the best, the most human, most honorable race the world possesses. –

Cecil Rhodes, Confessions of Faith, 1877


Don’t forget: You can copy-paste this slide into other presentations, and move or resize the poll.

boer war south africa
Boer War (South Africa)

BOER WAR (South Africa)

  • Three primary ethnic groups of South Africa were: Dutch (also known as the Boers or Afrikaners), British, & Black South Africans
boer war con t
Boer War (con’t)
  • The British VS The Dutch…fight over control of diamonds found in South Africa
  • The British were victorious by burning Dutch farms & imprisoning women & children in concentration camps.
  • Boers are forced to join the Union of South Africa under British control.
december 3 2013


How did European nations implement White Man’s Burden?

- Teaching natives European languages

- Bringing/showing new technology

- Religion

- Bringing/showing culture

(silverware, plumbing, etc.)

December 3, 2013




Collect Maps

Finish Video

Article on Page 19

Positives and Negatives of Imperialism on 16

Maybe we start India



(lots of time left)


Move on to Pos/Negs


Positive Effects

Negative Effects

december 4 2013


    • Compare British imperialism in India to British Imperialism in Africa
    • Africans welcomed white man’s burden, and were respected;
    • Indians rejected white man’s burden and were treated as 2nd class citizens – India was only about profit
December 4, 2013




Indian Imperialism

Sepoy Rebellion

HW: Page 26 AKA “The British Take Over India”

east india company
East India Company
  • Divides Land
    • When mutual powers combined, India fragments
    • Indians struggled to unite (different languages, religion, etc)
    • British weaponry prevailed
  • British Policies
    • Making money is top priority
    • Improve roads and land
    • Ended slavery, built unity
effects of british rule
Effects of British Rule
  • Pros
    • Revised caste system
    • Military upperclass
    • Land owners grew rich (cash crops)
    • Introduce democracy
  • Cons
    • Millions of Indians enter poverty
    • Established mercantilism which favored British business
    • Taught democracy, did not allow it for Indians
indians rebel
Indians Rebel
  • Sepoy Rebellion
  • Aftermath
indians rebel1
Indians Rebel
  • Sepoy Rebellion
    • Sepoys massacred British over use of beef and pork grease in bullet cartridges
    • British torched villages and crops to win
  • Aftermath
    • Left fear, hatred and mistrust
    • Parliament ended the rule of East India and took full control
    • Sent more troops
growing nationalism
Growing Nationalism
  • Indian National Congress
    • Nationalist leaders formed congress to establish self-rule
  • Muslim League
    • Pursued their own goals to separate Muslims from the

Hindi population

what you should have
What you should have

Positive Effects of Imperialism on India

Negative Effects of Imperialism on India

  • Looking for 9 answers here
  • Looking for 9 answers here
  • For the Summary: Your thesis is exclaiming that British imperialism benefited OR harmed India…then three pieces of supporting evidence
what you should have1
What you should have

Positive Effects of Imperialism on India

Negative Effects of Imperialism on India

  • Built telegraph
  • Built Railroad
  • Built Irrigation Systems
  • Missionaries converted Muslims and Hindus
  • Creation of Court System
  • Education increased
  • Civil Service Exam
  • Hospitals built/western medicine
  • Outlawed Caste System
  • Low wages for Indians
  • Farmers get little for produce
  • Indians could not hold gov. positions
  • Indian values ignored
  • English made official language
  • Indian Culture Banned
  • Few Indians held gov positions
  • Education stressed westernization
  • Decrease of food crops
december 5 2013


    • What supporting evidence is there to show that the British mistreated Indians
      • British eliminated aspects of Hindu culture
      • Good supplies were for the British
      • Sidewalk situation
      • Low wages
      • Indians could not be in the democracy
December 5, 2013




Text in Positive Effects

Text in Negative Effects

Share Summaries or do summaries

Check and go over 26

Get stuff back


december 6 2013


    • What happens to nations who stay isolated for long periods of time?
    • Without cultural diffusion/new ideas they remain as advanced as they were when they isolated themselves
December 6, 2013




So Nelson Mandela died

Little Quiz

Introduction Video for China

Let’s check and go over 27

Maybe another video if I feel like it

Great Powers Divide China

half sheet of paper

Half sheet of paper

Sharing is Caring

little quiz
Little Quiz
  • What British military policy caused the Sepoy Rebellion?
  • Name two benefits Africa provided for European nations.
  • Name two ways the British improved India.
  • Which two nations fought in the Boer War.
  • …over what territory?
little quiz1
Little Quiz
  • What British military policy caused the Sepoy Rebellion?
      • Biting bullet cartridges greased with sacred animal grease
  • Name two benefits Africa provided for European nations.
      • Natural Resources; white man’s burden; trade partners; cheap labor
  • Name two ways the British improved India.
      • Railroads; telegraph lines; hospitals; education; farmable land; united the people; civil service exam; democracy
  • Which two nations fought in the Boer War.
      • Britain vs. Holland/The Dutch/The Neatherlands
  • …over what territory?
      • South Africa