MPW 1153 Moral Studies

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Assessment. Pass the Final ExamYou must obtain 50 marks to pass2 parts:Written examGroup presentation (10 mins)But, in order to be qualified to sit for the exam, you must:Have >80% attendanceFulfill all group work requirements. Class time. There will be 10 weeks of classroom sessionsThere wi

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MPW 1153 Moral Studies

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1. MPW 1153 Moral Studies Tertiary Level

2. Assessment Pass the Final Exam You must obtain 50 marks to pass 2 parts: Written exam Group presentation (10 mins) But, in order to be qualified to sit for the exam, you must: Have >80% attendance Fulfill all group work requirements

3. Class time There will be 10 weeks of classroom sessions There will be 4 weeks of group work (practical) with specific reporting back procedures

4. A few benefits EASY EXAM Multiple choice Thoughts and impressions on group work Not much studying required Notes will be provided each week One month of non-classroom involvement

5. Group Assignments You will be in Groups for a month There will be a few areas to choose from. You will be free to choose areas of your own interest from the following categories:

6. Areas of Interest

7. Volunteer and Help in… Community centers Old Folks homes Orphanages Language centers Disabled centers Half-way homes Animal shelters

8. Organize and Communicate An ‘awareness’ week in MCKL of a particular area: Drugs Pre-marital sex School Bullying Etc Go to schools to give talks on issues like the above Hold a public meeting

9. Think, Research and Write Write a 3000 word research paper (to be published) on a topic that will be given Areas will be on stuff that is not already done HIV/AIDS Economics Issues in Medical Ethics

10. Watch and share Watch one film (that I will specify) a week and answer specific questions and issues Go for a public talk/ceramah/parliament session and write down your thoughts

11. Final Exam If you have attended all classroom lectures and fulfilled group work requirements, you will be eligible to sit for the Final Exam on April 20th, 2011. The exam will be 2 hours long, which will be split between: a written exam (1 hr) and a group presentation (10 mins per group)

12. Reporting back Depending on which group you choose, you will be required to do different ‘report back’ procedures check-in check-out, or; do weekly reports, or; do a monthly report

13. For further updates Connect to your Facebook group @: “MCKL MPW1153 1101G3 GREEN HORNETS”

14. The Yoshua Code of Conduct for Moral Studies Class You shall not miss more than 80% of your classes You shall not talk loudly in class to disrupt the teaching You shall not snore loudly in class, although sleeping may be inevitable You shall participate in all discussions and activities You shall not be more than 15 minutes late for class

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