How Did Hitler Achieve Anschluss

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Homework. Find out who or what the following are:MussoliniSchuschniggSeyss InquartFascistsGeneral FrancoNazi Soviet PactStalinDanzigBenesSudetenlandAppeasementNeville Chamberlain. Why Anschluss ?. Hitler was born in Austria, he felt that he was part of the German race.One of Hitler's

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How Did Hitler Achieve Anschluss

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1. How Did Hitler Achieve Anschluss ? Anschluss means the joining together of Germany and Austria By the end of this lesson you should know Why Hitler wanted Anschluss How Hitler achieved Anschluss You will produce a cartoon strip to show these events.

2. Homework Find out who or what the following are: Mussolini Schuschnigg Seyss Inquart Fascists General Franco Nazi Soviet Pact Stalin Danzig Benes Sudetenland Appeasement Neville Chamberlain

3. Why Anschluss ? Hitler was born in Austria, he felt that he was part of the German race. One of Hitler’s key aims was to unite all German speaking people under his rule. Hitler wanted to challenge the Treaty of Versailles

4. Hitler’s First Attempt - 1934 Hitler’s first attempt at Anschluss came in 1934. **before the re-occupation of the Rhineland** Austrian Nazis murdered the Austrian Chancellor (leader) The Nazis tried to take over the government. Italian leader Mussolini was worried by this and threatened to take action. Hitler and the Austrian Nazis were forced to back down

5. The Spanish Civil War Hitler and Mussolini were both Fascists (a political group.) In 1936 a civil war broke out in Spain between Fascists lead by General Franco and the Republican government. Hitler and Mussolini joined forces to help General Franco. Italy and Germany confirmed their new friendship with the Rome/Berlin Axis. (Alliance) that was signed in 1936.

6. Hitler’s Second Attempt - 1938 Confident that Italy would not stop him and that Britain and France would try to avoid war Hitler tried again. He ordered Austrian Nazis to begin riots and protests demanding Anschluss. Austria’s Chancellor Schuschnigg tried to arrange a vote to decide on Anschluss. Hitler moved his troops to the border. Schuschnigg resigned and was replaced by a Nazi, Seyss Inquart.

7. What Happened Next ? Seyss Inquart invited the Germans into Austria to restore order. Nazi troops moved in and imprisoned 80,000 opponents of Hitler. Anschluss was established 14th March 1938 A vote was held to confirm this…… 99.75% agreed ?!?!

8. Consequences What consequences do you see?

9. Task In pairs decide what you think are the 8 most important events to explain how Hitler achieved Anschluss. Join with another pair. As a group agree on 8 events.

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