Using the drafting workbench
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Using the Drafting Workbench - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using the Drafting Workbench. R. Lindeke IE 1225. Before Entering the Drafting WB. Create the Part in Handout: I used a Master Sketch For the Base 2’ary Sketch for Boss 3 rd Sketch for Hole Center Points Then 3 Counter Bored Holes. To Enter the Drafting WorkBench:.

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Using the Drafting Workbench

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Using the Drafting Workbench

R. Lindeke

IE 1225

Before Entering the Drafting WB

Create the Part in Handout:

I used a Master Sketch For the Base

2’ary Sketch for Boss

3rd Sketch for Hole Center Points Then 3 Counter Bored Holes

To Enter the Drafting WorkBench:

Once In the Drafting WB we select “Empty Sheet” and Set “Modify” to ANSI size C standard

On the New Workbench: Click View Creation Wizard

We typically choose the 1st ICON for Top/Front/Rt. Side Views

And ADD an Isometric View

Click the Iso-metric ICON at the lower left – move it around your window and place it in the Upper Right Corner of the original views

Next we define the “Reference View Plane” in our Part Model

After Positioning Iso-View in Part Model and Select Drafting Front View Plane:

“Playing” around with the arrows in the Blue Compass allows one to alter the image to be drafted – sliding the mouse between the “boxes” show one what will appear after the “fateful Click”!

Mouse can Drag Plots around the Sheet --

Position the Iso-View “Independently of the Reference View”

Select and Right-Click on Each View Object in the TREE – Click on Properties:

  • Check:

  • Hidden Lines

  • Center Line

  • Axis

Next Create a “Offset Section View” in the Reference View

Double Click at the 2nd point:

Slide and position the section view to right of the ‘Right View’

Once Placed – we can change the Hatch Properties by Double-Clicking the Hatch itself:

Un-needed Views can be easily deleted:

Right Click on a View’s Border and click Delete!

(Here for Top View)

Cleaning up the Section View: no Hidden lines or Fillets (scale to 4:1)

Individual Features (here Linetype for Section Line) Can also be set – right click

Now might be a good time to safe the Drafted Part: as a “Drawing” – use Save Management


A drawing is associated with the Part Model but we need both to proceed!

Add some “Phantom Lines”

  • For :

  • Indicating boss size on Section View

  • Indicating bolt hole circle on Front View

Add Dimensions using the tools available under the Dimension ICON (expanded below)

Length Dimension as well …

Double Click back in the Front View and Add 3 Diameter Dimensions

Change the Properties of these dimensions to “Two Parts” (Dimension Line Tab on Properties)

Fixing the Counterbore Dimensions

Start with Value tab click ‘Fake Dimension’ Enter 4.0 units as Main Value

Adding Text use the T then on Text Properties -Insert Symbols

Select .. Sheet Background .. Insert .. Drawing: Frame & Titleblock

We inserted Title Box Type 1

The title block is “Editable” when one is in the “Blued Mode” on the background sheet

Preparing for Printing

  • Scale is “Strange”! I set front and section views to 4:1, Isometric view to 2:1 when I printed the “Faked” C-size drawing to Letter paper my measured scale was about 1.93:1!

  • So, edit the title box to reflect the “actual scale” which is about half of that automatically set during sizing exercize

  • Fonts in Dimensions needed to be increased to about 7.000 mm – space permitting

  • Turn off View borders before printing – in Right Click View … Properties – checkbox!

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