Brisbane kaa presentation greek club 21st sept 2006
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Brisbane KAA Presentation Greek Club. 21st Sept., 2006 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brisbane KAA Presentation Greek Club. 21st Sept., 2006. Overview - main topic Web-site is part of a powerful Kytherian “renaissance” which has been underway for about 8 years. Lets explore this renaissance first, and return to a discussion of the web-site subsequently.

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Brisbane KAA Presentation Greek Club. 21st Sept., 2006

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Brisbane KAA PresentationGreek Club. 21st Sept., 2006

  • Overview

  • - main topic

  • Web-site is part of a powerful Kytherian “renaissance” which has been underway for about 8 years.

  • Lets explore this renaissance first, and return to a discussion of the web-site subsequently.

Key Generators for the renaissance

  • Nicholas Anthony Aroney Trust, Sydney

  • Triffileio Foundation, Athens

  • Notaras Family, (Grafton, Sydney). In particular, Angelo & John.

  • Kytherian Association of Australia, Sydney

Developments 1990 - to date

  • Kytherian Medal of Honour

  • Need other central symbols of power - Kytherian Flag & Kytherian Coat of Arms

  • Publication of Gilchrist’s Australians & Greeks, Vol 1, 1993. Financed Notaras’s.

  • Encouraged other research, including Denis Conomos’s Greeks in Queensland.

2006 Books

  • Kytherians of Nowra - Robyn Florance

  • Ruby Brown (Feros) - completed biography of her father

  • Peter Prineas excellent - Katsehamos and the Great Idea.

  • All generated by, or aided by, the web-site, and/or financed by the Aroney Trust.

Supplementary Projects

  • Kytherian Surnames. English translation. Financed by Notaras brothers. $60,000.

  • Zoi en Afstralia. Translation completed. Cost - $14,000. Now to be published as a book in both an English and Greek version. (

  • Restoration of Fatseas Collection of glass negatives. Cost $12,500. Notaras Brothers.

  • Leading to Benaki Museum exhibition - 2007.

Kytherian Vision. Suggestions for Improvement.

  • We need to establish and maintain deep engagement with potential Kytherian benefactors in Australia, and around the world. Relationships must be fostered. Just 5 more Kytherian benefactors like the Notaras’s would create deep impact.

  • We need to establish and maintain deep relationships between the Sydney, Brisbane, & Canberra Kytherian Associations.

Deepening Kytherian Association connections - Suggestions

  • Annual meetings of the Committees of Sydney, Brisbane & Canberra.

  • Billeted exchange system for our youth within Australia.

  • International billeting exchange system, initially with California.

  • Annual billeting exchanges with the island of Kythera, Athens & Pireaus. Start-up. Support for the website must be inclusive.

  • Raised $38,000 in 2 months, through Aroney Trust & Notaras family & generous sponsors, each contributing $2000.

  • An oversight? No sponsorship by Qld Association. No sponsorship, or funds, collected in Brisbane to date.

  • No sponsorship by Canberra Brotherhood. One sponsorship collected in Canberra. (Another Notaras?!)

Deep Impact

  • Within 4 months the number one KYTHERA site on Google in the world. A position maintained for past 3 years.

  • World-wide media coverage incl. New York Times, Canada Globe, the Bulletin.

  • Prizes - International Electronics and Internet Conventions

  • First point of reference for all major Encyclopedias, including Brittanica.

Deep, deep

  • Sept 2006 - 10,000 entries on the site

  • Includes full Ph.D theses, such as Kevin Cork’s, Greek Cinema Ownership in NSW.

  • New entries tend to generate more entries. Entries which take Kytherians deeper into their family, island and diaspora history.

  • Encouraged new research and new books.

Deep, deep, deep

  • “Every time an old person dies, an entire Library burns down”. Kevin Cork.

  • Caused a deep inter-generational connectivity between older Kytherians with the knowledge, and younger Kytherians with the “techo-savvy”. A conduit for communication.

  • Re-connection of Kytherians in California, USA. First time in 30 years.

Deep, deep, deep, deep

  • Vikki Fraioli (nee, Alfieris), and Terry Chlentzos, California.

  • Stars of the web-site, and stars of Kytheraismos Conference 2, 2006.

  • Double-handedly re-connecting the Kytherians of California.

  • Lets visit their web-site familyconnections.

A tour through

  • Get registered.

  • Power to communicate with all other registered Kytherians around the world.

  • Approaching the task. Don’t wait to complete the grand opus. Submit items little by little….byt by byt.

  • Submitting text.

  • Submitting Photographs & Audio.

Brisbane - Sydney. What can we do now!! Cultural background.

  • Establish Friends of the Society of Kytherian Letters, Brisbane, with President.

  • Launch Peter Prineas’s Katsehamos and the Great Idea in Brisbane.

  • Participate in Annual heads of Kytherian-Australian Associations Summit.

  • Establish the Syd-Bris billeting system.

  • Establish an international billeting system. Brisbane - Sydney. What can we do now!!

  • Queensland KAA to -

  • become a $2000 sponsor of the site.

  • encourage and foster Queensland submissions to the site.

  • Promote technological expertise amongst its membership - young & old.

  • Establish a day long work-shop in Brisbane.

  • Participate in world-wide kythera-family interconnectivity

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