November 21 2013
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November 21, 2013 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ingham ISD Leadership Academy PLCs. November 21, 2013. Presented by: Mike Moreno  Waverly MS Nate Stevenson  Ingham ISD. Agenda. Bell-work Today’s Clear Learning Targets Review CLTs Unpacking Group Work Making Time for Everything Rocket Science Review

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November 21, 2013

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Ingham ISD Leadership Academy PLCs

November 21, 2013

Presented by:

Mike Moreno  Waverly MS

Nate Stevenson  Ingham ISD


  • Bell-work

  • Today’s Clear Learning Targets

  • Review CLTs

  • Unpacking Group Work

  • Making Time for Everything

  • Rocket Science

  • Review

  • Next time @ Leadership Academy

Today’s Clear Learning Targets

Participants will…

  • know how Clear Learning Targets connect to formative, summative and statewide assessments

  • know specific strategies for remediating CLT’s as part of core instruction



  • We have invested a significant amount of time building classroom routines and procedures.

  • We have explicitly taught behavior expectations.

  • We have established a strong classroom community where students feel free to take intellectual risks.


  • You have 11 minutes to complete the Bell-work

  • Use the page provided

  • Write a total of three (3) Clear Learning Targets based on 5th grade Math CCSS

    • 1 – Independently (3 minutes)

    • With your table (8 minute)

Clear Learning Targets

  • Observable and measureable statements of what students will know or demonstrate at the conclusion of a lesson

  • Capitalizes on three (3) of John Hattie’s “top 10”

  • Focus instruction towards specific actionable goals

  • Makes learning transparent for all stakeholders


Self-Report / Self-Reflection

Evaluate your own work

  • Is the CLT specific? Can I teach this in 1-2 class periods?

  • Is it observable and measurable?

  • Does the CLT state what student’s will know or demonstrateat the conclusion of the lesson?


Core Concerns

  • Why would I spend time developing and refining Clear Learning Targets? Aren’t lesson plans enough?

  • You have developed Clear Learning Targets. You taught Clear Learning Targets. There are some students that don’t understand, were absent, or otherwise require re-teaching

  • We have interventions to handle deficits in basic skills, but we don’t have a mechanism for intervening in grade level content


Outcomes from September Leadership Academy PLC

  • Three Question Assessment

  • Delivered Hardcopy

  • Scored in Illuminate Ed

  • Instant Results and Item Analysis



  • Most students demonstrated proficiency in knowledge of clear learning targets

  • A few students were not proficient (<20%)


Next Step

Now it’s the next day. There is a small group of students that did not reach proficiency in the CLT’s of the previous lesson. Now, I need a mechanism for catching them up.


Unpacking Small Group Work

  • Who was involved?

  • What happened? (tasks and sequence)

  • How did we assess?

  • What was everyone else doing?


This is what was supposed to happen…

  • Pulled students that have not demonstrated proficiency

    • Absent

    • Require re-teaching

  • Explicitly stated CLT

  • Provided guided notes

  • Required all students to verbalize the CLT

  • Cloze Reading

  • Choral Response

  • Concept Shrinking (Paragraph Shrinking)

  • Assessment

  • 13

    Research-based Intervention / Evidence-Practice

    • Need a mechanism for intervening in recent grade level content

    • 5-10 Minute of Skills Remediation per day

    • Institute for Educational Sciences (IES) Practice Guides

    • Adaptation research based instruction from whole class activities

    • What Works Clearinghouse


    Rocket Science

    CLTs –

    Unit Plans –

    Unit Assessment –

    Content Area Test



    • Review start of the day



    • Basic building blocks toward aligning units and assessments


    This is the game we play

    • What are we measured by? What is that which our superintendents judge us and our school by? Either large or small?

    State Assessments.


    Traditional Lesson and Unit planning

    • Dissect State Assessment

    • Align Units and Unit Assessments

    • Write Lesson Plans to meet daily objectives.


    New elements towards reaching academic goals

    • Align Content Area Tests to reflect State Assessments.

    • Post Clear Learning Targets and show students what they need to do in order to demonstrate proficiency.

    • Allow students multiple opportunities to show proficiency and retest if necessary.

    • Adjust instruction to reflect student progress toward proficiency on Content Area Test.


    Wrap Up

    • Clear Learning Targets provide clarity and precision that pays dividends in assessment and data analysis

    • Remediation of recent grade level content is necessary and possible with clear learning targets


    Next time at the Leadership Academy

    • Next session – January 22nd

    • Assessing and Accounting for CLTs

      • Standards-based Grading

      • Assessment Design

      • Building Consensus




    Thank you!

    Mike Moreno


    Waverly Middle School

    [email protected]

    Nate Stevenson

    Data Coach

    Waverly Middle School & Ingham ISD

    [email protected]


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