Introduction to migration ch 3 sec 5 mrs alwawi human geography
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Introduction to Migration Ch:3, Sec: 5 Mrs. Alwawi: Human Geography - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Migration Ch:3, Sec: 5 Mrs. Alwawi: Human Geography.

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Introduction to Migration Ch:3, Sec: 5 Mrs. Alwawi: Human Geography

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Introduction to MigrationCh:3, Sec: 5Mrs. Alwawi: Human Geography

Bell-Ringer (Think-Pair-Share, complete in your notebook) Feel free to move up if you can not see: Picture Analysis:1) Infer what the main idea of the picture below is. 2)Provide two pieces of evidence to justify your interpretation.

In order to prepare for our upcoming debate and MEL-CON essay Be sure to ….

So Why do people migrate?

This can be answered by understanding the Push and Pull factors (drum roll please….)

Push Factor

Definition: Induces (causes) people to move out of their location

Pull Factor

Induces (causes) people to move into a new location

How does this Look? What are the three push/pull factors?

Peer-Peer Main Idea activity(Pages 66 and 67)

Mrs. Alwawi will model “Environmental Push and Pull Factors” Section (page 67)

In your notebooks create this model:


Main Idea Sentence:

Supporting Detail 1:

Supporting Detail 2:

3) With a partner read the section “Economic Push and Pull factors”

4) Identify the main idea for the section

5) Justify your main idea with two supporting details from the section (use pictures/maps as well)

6)Review with class

Chalk Talk

It’s that time again! You know what to do!

Question: After learning about the push pull factors in class, explain the different reasons that bring people to migrate to the United States? (you can also make personal connections!)

Group 1: Answer the question

Group 2: Respond to g:1, create your own questions, or thoughts

Group 3: same as group 2

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