Edgar allan poe
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Edgar Allan Poe. James Dibble Period 7 !0-25-11. www.online-literature.com. Edgar Allan Poe. Born on :19 January 1809 Died on: 7 October 1849 . 5 Short Stories and 5 Poems. 5 STORIES “The Black Cat” “The Gold Bug” “The Man of The Crowd” “ Ligeia ” “The Island of The Fay”. 5 POEMs

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Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar allan poe

Edgar Allan Poe

James Dibble

Period 7


Edgar allan poe1


Edgar Allan Poe

Born on :19 January 1809

Died on: 7 October 1849

5 short stories and 5 poems

5 Short Stories and 5 Poems


  • “The Black Cat”

  • “The Gold Bug”

  • “The Man of The Crowd”

  • “Ligeia”

  • “The Island of The Fay”



“For Annie”

“The Raven”

“The Sleeper”

“The Bells”

A 15 sentence biography on e a poe slide 1 of 2

A 15+ sentence biography on E.A. Poe(slide 1 of 2)

Edgar Poe is considered the father of horror. Edgar Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. He died October 7 1849. His mother died of tuberculosis and he was adopted. He joined the army in which he did well and was sent to West Point. However John Allen his adoptive father did not send him any money. It is thought that Poe deliberately kicked himself out of West Point. He sent multiple stories to have them published to get out of debt but none did.

Cont 15 sentence bio slide 2of 2

Cont.….15+ sentence bio(slide 2of 2)

Poe got a job of a editor thanks to a contest he won with the story The Manuscript Found in a Bottle. Poe did successfully increase the circulation of the paper. He left the paper in 1836 due to low salary. He later developed the detective story with the Murders in the Rue Morgue. Edgar later died under mysterious circumstances. He was found lying in a street wearing different clothes then he was seen in. He was also unable to tell doctors what happened to him.

Your theory on poe s death

Your theory on Poe’s Death

I believe alcoholism killed him. He had no distinguishing marks on his body that could identify any sort of weapon. A disease could have helped kill him since he did not drink enough to cause liver failure.

Edgar allan poe

(With 10+ sentences in paragraph(s) form)-Choose your favorite “Poe” story that we have read and summarize the storyline. Explain how he used suspense OR symbolism. How does it add to the meaning?

My favorite was The Masque of the Red Death. It told of a prince and 1,000 people trying to escape a plague by hiding in a castle and welding the doors shut. Several months passed before they decided to have a ball. They were seven rooms each decorated different and one had a clock that rang every hour which stopped the ball. At the tone of midnight a new guest appeared dressed as the red death.

Finish paragraphs on your favorite story

Finish paragraphs on your favorite story

The prince was outraged and demanded the guest be captured but it was no guest it was the red death and it killed everyone. The rooms represented life from birth to death as symbolism. The prince named Prospero showed the plague did not care who it killed. The castle doors welded shut was represented as a cage with the door locked. The guests stopping at every hour the clock chimed showed there fear of the plague

Conclusion 5 sentences

Conclusion (5+ sentences)


Poe used several settings or events that were generally not used in the period example unreliable narrator. I connected with the masque of the red death since I know how the wealth always try to escape something that threatens there power. I also connected with it because I seen how plagues spread throughout history. I liked his story's since I always a good horror story. I also enjoyed the story's since they are some of the few story's that don’t end with a happy ending just like in real life.

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