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2. Speaker Introduction. DHS Metadata Program ManagerDHS Data Management StrategyExpose and ExchangeStandardize and GovernIntegrate and FederateTechnical Lead of the DRM Working GroupIn conjunction with the FEA PMO and CIO CouncilSee Karen Evans memo to CIO Council dated 12/22/2004DHS Data S

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FEA DRM Success Strategy

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1. FEA DRM Success Strategy

2. 2 Speaker Introduction DHS Metadata Program Manager DHS Data Management Strategy Expose and Exchange Standardize and Govern Integrate and Federate Technical Lead of the DRM Working Group In conjunction with the FEA PMO and CIO Council See Karen Evans memo to CIO Council dated 12/22/2004 DHS Data Standards Representative for: EO 13356 and HSPD 5, 6, 11 Author See latest article on Formal Taxonomies at XML.com

3. 3 Agenda The Big Picture Scope Measures of Success Implementation Plan Schedule/Milestones How you can Help!

4. 4

5. 5 Scope (1): Where we are today Volume 1 is released. http://www.feapmo.gov Agency comments have been collected Send your comments to [email protected] We plan on posting comments (without attribution) to a public site DRM Working Group planning is underway Broad participation including State and Local Address Business and Technical Issues Foster broad adoption and implementation Satisfy the Presidential Orders/Directives

6. 6

7. 7 Scope (3) What are we trying to accomplish? Revise DRM Volume 1 Respond to all comments Add a glossary Make Volume 1: Complete, Consistent and Cohesive. See DRM for Information Sharing Brief Complete the DRM Volumes 2, 3 and 4 Correct Volume Strategy? Enable Implementation of the DRM Implementation Profiles Foster Broad Government and Vendor Adoption

8. 8 Measures of Success Two years after completion of the DRM, how will we decide if it is successful? Enables Tangible Business Outcomes EO 13356 and HSPD-11 are successfully implemented. Shared spaces are more than portals Number of interagency exchanges has increased dramatically Taxonomies will be tailored to specific, narrow user communities. Core registry is operational and effective in promoting reuse Leaders can ask Enterprise Questions and get accurate cross-domain, cross-agency answers How else will it improve Discovery, Integration, Relevance and Reuse? See XML 2004 keynote slides Real-time Relevance? Please share with us your Measures of Success and Performance Metrics

9. 9 Implementation Plan (1) Working Group Structure Working Group Collaboration Transparency Broaden the Scope Volume Strategy Implementation Strategy Metrics and Feedback Loop

10. 10 Plan: Working Group Structure Three tiers Public participation Virtual Wiki Quarterly F2F Forums Team participation Stakeholders, Team Leads/Editors Bi-Weekly Meetings Business Sponsor Group Executive Committee Dispute Resolution Weekly Meetings

11. 11 Plan: Working Group Collaboration Wiki Team Site and Public Site The writable web File Upload/Download List-servs drm-public drm-team drm-business drm-mgt Registry (or Registries) Core.gov Send us your registry requirements!

12. 12 Plan: Transparency Principle: the group will operate in an open manner modeled after successful practices of other groups. Example, open resolution of all comments on DRM Volume 1. Comments will be given an identifier and posted on public wiki (without attribution). Tiered structured is for logistics management and stakeholder responsibility; not for closed discussion on technical issues. This group will learn as it goes and be willing to adjust course upon the introduction and agreement on better ideas. Initial Focus: DRM Volume 1.1

13. 13

14. 14 Plan: Broad Scope Objective: Broaden participation by State and Local governments and create Performance Measures for the DRM around the Homeland Security mission. Horizontal Information Sharing Vertical Information Sharing Address Business Issues and Technical Issues DHS Information Sharing and Collaboration Program (ISCP) will lead a DRM Business Sponsors Group in conjunction with the OMB and other Stakeholders. drm-business listserv State and Local Participation through multiple avenues Susan Turnbull coordinating.

15. 15 Plan: Volume Strategy Change the volume strategy from the current plan by creating cohesive volumes around functional lines. Context Exchange (possibly broadened to Information Sharing) Description Data Governance Sections in each of the above on Security & Privacy Given broad virtual participation and active Stakeholder involvement, execute the volumes in parallel Too ambitious? Lets try and see what happens

16. 16 Plan: Implementation Strategy Objective: Enable Consistent Implementation of the DRM Implementation Profiles As-Is (RDBMS, Messaging, Portal Taxonomy, etc.) XML Profile (Led by XML COP) Semantic Technologies Profile (led by SiCOP) Implementation Workshops and Pilots Leverage Emerging Technology Workshops Capture Implementation artifacts in a Core Metadata Registry Several registry options Possibly Core.gov (if it satisfies the groups requirements) Build capacity of agencies to manage data Work with universities Vendor participation and support of DRM (i.e. DRM-Ready products)

17. 17

18. 18 Plan: Metrics and Feedback Loop Principle: What is Measured, Improves. Separate part of site and group dedicated to quantifiable metrics. Some suggestions: # of organizations implementing the DRM Measure: Formal Data Management programs # of products that are DRM-Ready # of artifacts in a Core Registry # of cross-domain exchanges Caution: Outcomes versus Actions Business group will also develop metrics for concrete outcomes

19. 19 Plan: Applying the DRM (non-normative)

20. 20 Strawman: Schedule/Milestones NOTES: NOTE1: Schedule is for Initial Suggestion ONLY this WILL change after vetting/discussion in initial team meetings. NOTE2: Progress will be transparent. NOTE3: YOU can influence (read speed up) the schedule 4/2005 Selection of Volume Leads and Multiple Editors. Start the nominations NOW! (Volume Leads Government only, Volume Editors Government or Contractor). Its all about Expertise 8/2005 -- DRM Volume 1.1 (Volume Lead: Michael Daconta, Editors: Michael Daconta & ??? & ???) 2/2006 -- Initial Drafts Volume 2,3,4 8/2006 Initial Drafts Implementation Profiles 2/2007 Volumes 2,3,4 Complete 8/2007 Implementation Profiles Complete

21. 21 How you can help! All: Get in your DRM Comments! Stakeholders participate on a team! Note: only 1 working representative per organization. Stakeholders MUST have skin in the game. i.e. willing to work and willing to implement. Vendors participate virtually (or as part of the team if sponsored by a stakeholder). Whitepapers DRM-Ready products (goal: certification) Comment on this Success Strategy Email: [email protected]

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