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Digital by Default
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Digital by Default Bassetlaw’s Journey SOCITM East Midlands Andy Brammall Strategic ICT Manager Bassetlaw District Council. The Vision.

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Digital by Default Bassetlaw’s Journey SOCITM East Midlands

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Digital by default bassetlaw s journey socitm east midlands

Digital by Default

Bassetlaw’s JourneySOCITM East Midlands

Andy BrammallStrategic ICT ManagerBassetlaw District Council

The vision

The Vision

“Services that are so good people will prefer to use them, while ensuring that those who are not able to go online are given the support they need to do so.”

What does that mean

What does that mean?

  • Q. Deploy Web forms?

  • Q. Self Service enable the CRM?

  • Q. Applications Vendors web portals?

  • Q. IOS / Android App?

  • Q. Contact Forms and Return Calls?

  • Q. Deploy Live Chat?

A. No!

Problems with old processes

Problems with Old Processes

  • High volumes of phone calls and face to face activity

  • Labour intensive

  • Website informational, not transactional

  • Services only accessible 9 till 5

  • Manual Records and Scheduling

  • Manual submission of documents and postage

  • “Stop Starts” in the process

  • No customer progression updates

  • No frontline and joined up intelligence

  • Low citizen perception of the council’s front door

  • An IOS app that is not used

Exemplar processes

Exemplar Processes

Focussing organisational thinking on design and how citizens expect to transact

  • DVLA Car Tax – End to end process, including verification and evidence checking, and elimination of original documents / signatures

  • Asda Home Delivery – Inventory of goodsand services, shopping basket, payment and delivery slot booking

  • Amazon Online Shopping - catalogue, basket, payment and customer feedback / community

Digital by default standards

Digital by Default Standards

  • Automation, Self Service and End to End processes NOT simply providing web-forms actioned by back office

  • Designed for Mobile Processes accessible and usable on any mobile device

  • Elimination of “Dual Key-in” Information gathered from self service processes must be automatically populated into the back-office systems, and known details about customers self populated to current and future transactions

  • Processes should be intelligent &… provide conditional interrogation and adaptive process flows (only ask what we need to)

  • Automated Verification Checking Where supplementary evidence is required, these should be made electronically, either by image attachment / upload, verification with back office systems, or by Risk Based software systems.

  • Underpinned by clear corporate governance

Avoiding digital by deception

Avoiding “Digital by Deception”

  • “Submit form and someone will contact you”

  • “Print this form out, sign it, then mail it to us”

  • “Post original copies of your documents to us”

  • Dual entry (manual input of forms)

  • “Digital Facades” to old webpages

  • Web enabling as-is processes

  • Like for Like digitising of a physical form

  • Dominance of Informational over Transactional

  • “Nearly Digital” standards for processes not DbyD at launch

Processes with the greatest impact

Processes with the Greatest Impact

  • Missed bin and re-arranging collection

  • Medical waste collection and replacement sharps bins

  • Bulky Waste Goods (including payment, and booking/scheduling)

  • Booking and progress of new or replacement wheelie bins

  • Council Tax Setting up a direct debit

  • Benefits – Claim and Claim Progress

  • Planning Queries – various , automated through IDOX

  • Comments and Complaints

  • Council Tax Payments (including account balance and transaction queries)

  • Council Tax Transaction Query

  • Payments

These Transactions account for 80% of the Person to Person transactions

Corporate support is key

Corporate Support is Key

  • Clear business case with ROI

  • Clear focus on improving the lives of citizens, while delivering automation, efficiency and large realisable savings

  • Big bang maximum impact

  • Unified corporate approach

  • Stand apart from the crowd

  • Early win on open data site

  • Lots and Lots of Technology Evangelism!

Critical success factors

Critical Success Factors

  • A single corporate led project (not service led projects)

  • Clear Goal: Full Fat Digital, not Digital by Deception

  • Strong unified political and corporate commitment with focus on quality not time and recognition of the project potential

  • Commitment of resources to single corporate project and solution

  • Clear DbyD Design Standard and Design Authority

  • Business involved in process mapping & redesign around Digital Standards

  • The right people, right supplier, right product

Solution and supplier choice

Solution and Supplier Choice

  • Supplier with shared vision and understanding of DbyD

  • No re-packaged CRMs, patched together web interfaces

  • No “it can’t be done” or “that’s not what other Councilsare doing”

  • No re-branding it “Digital by Design” or “Digital First”

  • No being sold what the suppliers wanted to sell us, or compromising Design Principals

  • A number of big players admitted their product wasn’t up to it.

  • Solution needed to be powerful, affordable, adaptable, easy to deploy…..

    Meritec’s Enterprise System Builder (ESB)

Solution deliverables

Solution Deliverables

  • Single Customer Account and History for all processes

  • Single Customer Information Hub

  • Migration of Existing Internet and Intranet to new CMS

  • Online Payment Module Integration (+ Mobile Device)

  • Designed for Mobile Website & “The Bassetlaw Button”

  • All transactions and information wikis button driven

  • Customer Survey, satisfaction and transaction monitoring

  • Digital Design Skills Knowledge

  • Live Chat

  • Customer Services / Assisted Digital Culture

  • “Omni Channel” consistent solution for onlineand assisted digital services alike

Phase 1 processes

Phase 1 Processes

  • Benefit Application

  • Direct Debit Setup

  • Waste Services Commissioning

  • MOT Testing Online

  • Comments and Complaints

  • Online Payments + Balances, Transaction History and Mobile Enablement

  • Market Traders Mobile Payment and Accounts

  • IDOX Planning Self Service Integration

  • Replacement of all remaining email, telephone links, pdf downloads, and webformswith “Nearly Digital Processes”

Benefits outputs

Benefits / Outputs

  • Fully Digital by Default for the largest transactionsand “Nearly Digital” for all other transactions

  • Customer Information Hub provides “Assisted Digital”

  • Mobile access to services any device, any location

  • Reduction in face to face transactions

  • Increased back-office automation

  • Open Source

  • Allows rapid deployment of new services to be “digital by default”

  • Governance mechanisms for on-going service development

  • Customer Information Hub and Single Customer Account interface provides high quality, rich, customer intelligence for both customer and council

Phase 2 processes

Phase 2 Processes

  • Benefit Change of Circumstances

  • Business, Landlord and Partner Accounts

  • Planning advanced automation with IDOX

  • Apply DbyD to Nearly Digital Processes

  • Case Management (Members, Economic Development, Legal etc.)

  • Tree Safety Management

  • Homelessness

  • Environmental Health Processes

  • Town Hall Events

  • Members Grants

  • Internal process automation

    …Requests for Phase 2 Prioritisation Coming in Thick and Fast!

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