2011 c4isr symposium assuring information dominance in a denied environment 05 apr 2011
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Statement A: approved for public release, distribution is unlimited 28 MARCH 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2011 C4ISR Symposium: Assuring Information Dominance in a Denied Environment 05 APR 2011. Captain Joe Beel Commanding Officer SPAWAR System Center Pacific. Presented to: AFCEA C4ISR Symposium. Statement A: approved for public release, distribution is unlimited (28 MARCH 2011).

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2011 c4isr symposium assuring information dominance in a denied environment 05 apr 2011

2011 C4ISR Symposium:Assuring Information Dominancein a Denied Environment05 APR 2011

Captain Joe Beel

Commanding Officer

SPAWAR System Center Pacific

Presented to:

AFCEA C4ISR Symposium

Statement A: approved for public release, distribution is unlimited (28 MARCH 2011)

Tradition and Future

"The Navy has both a tradition and a future – and we look with pride and confidence in both directions."

ADM George Anderson, Chief of Naval Operations

Our Tradition

“I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way.

John Paul Jones

Our Future

Information dominance is the ability to seize and control the information domain "high ground"when, where and however required for decisive competitive advantage across the range of Navy missions. Information dominance means freedom of action to maneuver and act -- conduct offensive and defensive actions, kinetically and non-kinetically -- at the intersection of maritime, information and cyberspace domains...to deliver warfighting options and effects.

VADM Dorsett, N2/N6

Information Dominance Vision

  • Develop penetrating understanding and unmatched knowledge to expand options for operational commanders

  • Deliver game changing decision superiority

  • Aligning intelligence, operations and optimizing the network in many ways takes priority over the platform

Information Dominance Vision

  • Prominent and dominant in ISR, Cyber Warfare, C2, Information & Knowledge Management

  • Capability for dominant control of the battlespace

  • Command and control overmatch… create an unfair advantage

  • Applyleap ahead technologies and rigorous comprehensive approach

Commander’s Guidance


  • Realize Our Role as the Navy’s Information Dominance Systems Command

  • “No Seams” in Team SPAWAR

  • Efficiency from a Larger NavyPoint of View


  • Today

  • Tomorrow

  • People

Guiding Principles

  • Leadership

  • Results

Operational Excellence - 100 years building the

Naval Aviation community to deliver air dominance…

“Our service puts us in harm’s way. What we do is hard, and often times bigger than all of us, so we do it as a team. All of us are part a competent, professional Naval Air Force which has no equal in aviation combat skills.”


Operational Excellence - 100 years building the

Naval Aviation community to deliver air dominance…


“There are no extraordinary men...just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary men are forced to deal with.” ADM William Frederick “Bull” Halsey


Angled deck

Developing a Strong

Information Dominance Force

  • Navy's Information Transformation

    • OPNAV N2/6

    • Fleet Cyber Command 10th Fleet

    • Personnel - Information Dominance Corps

We’ve Been Here Before

"I acknowledge I very early thought it would be best to effect a peace through the medium of war. Paying tribute will merely invite more demands, and even if a coalition proves workable,the only solution is a strong Navy that can reach the pirates,” Thomas Jefferson in his letter to James Monroe, August 18, 1786

America’s Navy, A Global Force For Good

Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief Missions

Information Dominance… Drive To Innovate!

“This is our generation’s Sputnik moment… we need to reach a level of research and development we haven’t seen since the height of the Space Race. We’ll invest in… information technology… an investment that will strengthen our security… President Obama, State of the Union speech

“We will win - or lose - the next series of wars in our nation’s laboratories.”

ADM Jim Stavridis, USN, SOUTHCOM Commander

Deconstructing War,” Naval Institute Proceedings 2005

Spawar systems center pacific mission
SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific - Mission

Enable information dominance for our Naval, Joint and Coalition warfighters through research, development, delivery and support of integrated capabilities.


For More Than Seven Decades –

A Strong Community Partnership With San Diego

  • 500-600 employees hired each year

  • Billions awarded to local industry and small businesses

  • Top generator of patents, license agreements

  • Tripled number of technology transitions to industry

  • 300% increase in Cooperative Research and Development Agreements

  • STEM - Education Outreach touching thousands of students, hundreds of schools, numerous communities

“Innovation in San Diego receives around $5B each year, SPAWAR and SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific account for nearly half of that total.”

Duane Roth, CEO, CONNECT



“We must overcome a historical resource investment bias that has favored cold steel over electrons, information, human cognitive and command capacity.”

VADM Dorsett, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations

for Information Dominance, OPNAV N2/N6

“It is more important than ever to provide the most effective and cost-efficient service to the Fleet and our acquisition customers. The challenges we face require strong leadership, discipline to process and accountability”


Continuous process improvement
Continuous Process Improvement


Type I/II



Fair Treatment



Making the navy s information dominance vision a reality
Making the Navy’s Information Dominance Vision… a Reality

  • Examine, expand, exploit existing Fleet capabilities

  • Automate tools… prognostics and diagnostics

  • Apply greater rigor to configuration management

  • Improve communication and collaboration

Making A Difference Today - Navy Family

Accountability And Assessment System (NFAAS)

Developing a Strong Technical Community

Through Partnerships, Collaborations

  • Military training and working alongside federal civil servants, contractors at SSC Pacific

  • Collaborate with SYSCOMS (NAVSEA, NAVAIR), DoD, ONR,

  • NRL, Navy and academic labs

  • Partner with industry

  • Embed staff with key stakeholders

  • Engage professional associations

Our People Are Our Greatest Strength!

Industry “Take Aways”

  • Stay connected

  • Engage at all levels

  • Take advantage of CRADAs

  • Create best values

  • Operational excellence

  • Remember the Fleet







Meeting Every Challenge

In Every Possible Operational Environment


Cooperation and Engagement

Irregular Warfare

Regional Conflict

Sophisticated Adversary



Forward Presence

Maritime Security

Power Projection










A Call To Excellence

"When doing a job, any job, one must feel that he owns it and act as though he will remain in the job forever. He must look after his work just as conscientiously, as though it were his own business and his own money. If he feels he is only a temporary custodian, or that the job is just a stepping stone to a higher position, his actions will not take into account the long term interest of the organization."

ADM Hyman G. Rickover