The san jose solution mara the master of archives and records administration
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The San Jose Solution - MARA: The Master of Archives and Records Administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The San Jose Solution - MARA: The Master of Archives and Records Administration. Lori Lindberg, Lecturer San Jose State University School of Library and information Science Some SJSU SLIS stats:.

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The san jose solution mara the master of archives and records administration

The San Jose Solution - MARA: The Master of Archives and Records Administration

Lori Lindberg, Lecturer

San Jose State University

School of Library and information Science

Some sjsu slis stats
Some SJSU SLIS stats: Records Administration

  • SJSU SLIS is the largest ALA-accredited (through 2014) graduate program in the world with over 2000 students

  • We presently offer one degree, the MLIS, but soon MARA

  • The Archives and Records Management specialization within the MLIS has approximately 150 students

  • Our school began offering DE courses in 1996

  • We are named the #1 e-learning provider in our discipline by U.S. News & World Report

  • SJSU SLIS is a member of WISE

Why the mara degree
Why the MARA degree? Records Administration

  • We live in a much more complex and interrelated world

  • Our jobs as recordkeepers are changing and becoming much more critical than ever before, yet, we have a problem letting the right people know that

Why mara 2
Why MARA? #2 Records Administration

  • New laws

  • We know we must know more, keep more, and in different ways

  • Technology is driving much of it

Why mara 3
Why MARA #3? Records Administration

  • Read the news!

  • Buzzwords: compliance, evidence

A new twist
A new twist: Records Administration

  • Graduate education doesn’t get you there

  • Graduate education needs to expand

  • It is a need in both the public and private sectors

  • Legal warrant, standardization efforts, research, professional competency initiatives - all are pushing this development

MARA Records Administration

  • Just accredited by WASC - an independent Master’s degree, MARA

  • MARA will be delivered entirely via DE

  • MARA:

    - first cohort Fall 2008

    - 42 units (14 courses)

    - Master of Archives and Records Administration

Our solution
Our solution: Records Administration

  • To offer a totally online Master's degree run in the cohort model. Cohorts will take 2 courses a semester and graduate in just under three years. As part of the program, students will be prepared to take the certifying examinations of the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) and the Academy of Certified Archivists.

The program
The Program Records Administration

  • Before commencing the program all incoming students are required to take an online new student technology workshop.

  • * MARA 200 – The Record and the Recordkeeping Professions

  • * MARA 202 – Information Technology, Records, and the Information Age

  • * MARA 204 – Management of Records and Archival Institutions

  • * MARA 210 – Records Creation, Appraisal and Retention

  • * MARA 211 – Records Access, Storage and Retrieval

  • * MARA 243 – Recordkeeping Program Analysis, Design and Evaluation

  • * MARA 248 – Standards and Structures for Records and Recordkeeping

  • * MARA 249 – Electronic Recordkeeping Systems and Issues in Electronic Recordkeeping

  • * MARA 256 – 21st Century Archival Methods

  • * MARA 259 – Records and Information Preservation and Security

  • * MARA 285 – Research Methods in Records Management and Archival Science

  • * MARA 289 – Advanced Topics in Archives and Records Administration (ePortfolio)

  • * MARA 292 – Professional Certification

  • * MARA 294 – Professional Experience: Internships

The benchmarks
The Benchmarks Records Administration

  • Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM)

  • Academy of Certified Archivists

  • SAA Guidelines for a Graduate Program in Archival Education

  • Emerging ARMA Core Competencies

Philosophical underpinnings
Philosophical Underpinnings Records Administration

  • The Australian Recordkeeping Continuum

  • The Continuum incorporates the traditional lifecycle approach to recordkeeping, but with some dramatic additions

Course rotation
Course Rotation Records Administration

F08 S09 Su09 F09 S10 Su10 F10 S11

200 204 211 248 243 256 285 294

202 210 259 249 211 292 289

200 204 248 243

202 210 259 249

200 204

202 210

cohort 1 – enters Fall 2008

cohort 2 – enters Fall 2009

cohort 3 – enters Fall 2010

Tuition and admissions
Tuition and Admissions Records Administration

MARA students will be classified as Special Session. Fees for MARA courses through Special Session are $439 per unit, or $18,877 for the degree.

  • At least a B.A. or B.S. degree from a regionally accredited institution in any discipline with 3.0 minimum GPA on the most recent 60 semester units (or 90 quarter units) of coursework.

  • The School requires that all students have computer access from home or work.

  • The School also requires that all students have a general understanding of computers and technology.

Who are the faculty
Who are the Faculty? Records Administration

  • Primarily me, but!

  • 11 archives faculty, 2 full-time equivalent

  • Instructors are CRMs, CAs, PhDs, CDIMs and other certs

  • We will recruit others

Can we deliver this online
Can we deliver this online? Records Administration

  • We are old-timers at this DE stuff

  • Some technology we have abandoned for more effective delivery methods

  • Started with our University IRC, using synchronous audio and short-circuit television to broadcast to Fullerton campus and vice-versa

Now we do de by
Now we do DE by: Records Administration

  • SLISweb

  • Blackboard Learning Management System

  • Elluminate Live! Web-Conferencing software for synchronous and asynchronous content delivery

  • In-house audiovisual production: webcasting, streaming audio/video, podcasting

  • Plone Content Management System - e-portfolio web tool

  • Second Life

Our culture of innovation
Our Culture of Innovation Records Administration

  • SLIS’ funding model allows us to invest in cutting-edge technology independent of the University computing infrastructure

  • All technological infrastructure and administration is borne and managed by SLIS

Sjsu slis conveniently located everywhere
SJSU SLIS - Conveniently located everywhere Records Administration

Our online home:


    More on our tech infrastructure:


    Check out Standard VI: Physical and Virtual Resources and Facilities

More on mara
More on MARA: Records Administration


  • My page: