the french in america
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The French in America

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The French in America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The French in America. The French settled in what was called “ New France ” -Established a large trading empire -Traded many beaver pelts and hides for fashion industry of Europe -Trade depended on the natives—good relationship Furs for guns. Settlements:.

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the french in america

The French in America

The French settled in what was called “New France”

-Established a large trading empire

-Traded many beaver pelts and hides for fashion industry of Europe

-Trade depended on the natives—good relationship

Furs for guns

  • New Orleans would thrive as a French settlement because of its location at the mouth of Mississippi River as it emptied into the Gulf of Mexico
  • French settlements grew very slowly because of the emphasis on trade, not agriculture
european indian alliances
European/Indian Alliances
  • France—Allied with the Huron and Algonquin Indians
  • England—Allied with the Iroquois Indians
the iroquois
The Iroquois
  • -The Iroquois Tribe or Iroquois Confederation banded together for military protection, creating a very powerful alliance
  • --Mohawk, Cayuga, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, Tuscarora

-When beaver pelts and hides began to run out, Huron and Iroquois tribes began to wander into each other’s land

  • -The Iroquois attacked the Huron threatening the French fur trading empire
  • -France waged war on the Iroquois, drawing in the English
  • -This war would eventually be called the French and Indian War
the frontier
The Frontier
  • -This was a very hostile and unstable area in and around the Appalachian Mountains
  • -France is alarmed that many English settlers are coming here and therefore sponsor Indian attacks on them
reading notes questions
Reading/Notes Questions
  • For what reason(s) were the French in America?
  • Why was the city of New Orleans so important?
  • Give several reasons why the Europeans and Natives were fighting each other.
  • What tribes are friends of the French? What tribes are friends with the English?
  • Who should win in a war between the English and the French? Why do you think so?
albany plan of union
Albany Plan of Union
  • Meeting called in 1754 to discuss the boundaries between France and England
  • Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania urged the colonists to join together and to appoint a council to represent the colonies
  • This council would decide over war and peace with the natives
  • Called the council the Albany Plan of Union
  • This was rejected because of the colonists’ fear of a strong central government
after braddock s defeat
After Braddock’s Defeat
  • William Pitt becomes new finance minister of England
    • New Goals
      • Win war at all costs
      • Seize Fort Duquesne
      • Capture Quebec—capitol of New France
      • Push French out of major forts
william pitt
William Pitt
  • Was he successful?
    • Yes
      • Duquesne is captured
      • Quebec is captured
      • French are kicked out of forts
      • War is won by the English
      • Treaty is signed
the treaty of paris 1763
The Treaty of Paris, 1763
  • France and England end fighting
  • France gives up on its colony, leaves North America!!
  • Britain controls all land East of Mississippi
  • Spain gives Florida to England, takes all land west of the Mississippi
war is won but
War is won, but….

1. England is now in tremendous debt

  • Natives on the frontier not happy that England is now there

--Pontiac’s Rebellions

  • Proclamation of 1763—England passes a law that English settlers cannot settle west of the Appalachian mountains!!

-angers the colonists