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Europe Encounters America. Vikings Arrive in America. Leif Ericsson & The Vikings What – Group of Scandinavian explorers that are believed to have explored North America before Columbus When – 1000 A.D. Where – Vinland (Newfoundland) Significance – 1 st Europeans to “discover” America.

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Vikings arrive in america
Vikings Arrive in America

  • Leif Ericsson & The Vikings

    • What – Group of Scandinavian explorers that are believed to have explored North America before Columbus

    • When – 1000 A.D.

    • Where – Vinland (Newfoundland)

    • Significance – 1st Europeans to “discover” America

Vikings arrive in america1
Vikings Arrive in America

  • Vikings traveled south in longboats looking to raid villages

    • Unable to establish successful colonies b/c there was little interest

      • Natives also imposed

  • 1st Euro-American born

    • Snorro Karlsefni

Spain sends columbus west
Spain Sends Columbus West

  • Educated men knew the world was round

    • Couldn’t agree on size

    • Most believed in Ptolemy’s theory

      • 180 degree land/180 degree water

  • Columbus disagreed

    • Thinks it will take only a couple of weeks

    • Greatly miscalculates distance

Spain sends columbus west1
Spain Sends Columbus West

  • He tries to get backing from Portugal, France, and England

  • Finally gets acceptance from Isabelle and Ferdinand of Spain

    • Wanted wealth, empire, and Catholic converts

King ferdinand and queen isabella of spain
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain

  • Competition with Portugal for route to ASIA!

  • Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria

  • Landed in the Caribbean in the Bahamas on San Salvador Island

  • Called people Indians

  • (Not the brightest crayon in the box haha!)

The first voyage
The First Voyage

  • Columbus Voyage

    • What – Columbus sails in the Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria to find western route to Indies

    • When – 1492-93

    • Significance – Leads way to further exploration and future colonization of Americas

The first voyage1
The First Voyage

  • After two months (8/2 – 10/12) lands in Bahamas at San Salvador

    • Encounters Arawak

    • Notices gold, easy to conquer and enslave

Iii the first voyage
III. The First Voyage

  • Sails to Cuba, Hispaniola

    • December – Santa Maria runs aground

      • Makes into fort – La Navidad

        • 39 men left behind

        • Rape and pillage natives

        • Natives kill in middle of night

          • *Beginning of what is to come?

  • 3/1493 – Columbus sails back

Iv other voyages
IV. Other Voyages

  • Four journeys total

    • Finds enough loose gold to mine

    • Makes Indians slaves

  • 1496 – Brother creates Santo Domingo

  • 1st Spanish capital in New World


  • Many colonists were Spanish nobles and they refused to plant crops or do manual labor

  • Had been misled and returned to Spain

  • Columbus explored and found enough gold to make the trip worthwhile

  • Enslaved local people to make them mine gold and plant crops

  • Line of Demarcation- imaginary north to south line running down the middle of the Atlantic.

  • The “Treaty of Tordesillas” created the line to prevent war between Spain and Portugal-who had claim to the Atlantic trade route

  • Spain- control west of line

  • Portugal- control east of line

  • Amerigo Vespucci- realized this was not Asia (so did Columbus)

  • named America for “Amerigo the discoverer”

Continuing spanish explorations
Continuing Spanish Explorations

  • Juan Ponce de Leon- looked for fountain of youth and named Florida

  • Vasco de Balboa- stowed away in a ship to escape his creditors. He was the first European to reach the Pacific Coast.

  • Ferdinand Magellan- died but his crew was the first to circumnavigate the globe

  • Columbian Exchange- European arrival in the Americas that set in motion a series of complex interactions btw people and the environment