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Community Library cum resource Centre An Initiative by Vivekananda Sevakendra -O- Sishu Uddyan Supported By READ Glo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Oceanic Library. Community Library cum resource Centre An Initiative by Vivekananda Sevakendra -O- Sishu Uddyan Supported By READ Global & READ India. The Oceanic Library  was the first project developed in India by Rural Education and Development (READ) Global and READ India.

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Presentation Transcript

The Oceanic Library

Community Library cum resource Centre

An Initiative by

Vivekananda Sevakendra -O- Sishu Uddyan

Supported By

READ Global & READ India

The Oceanic Library was the first project developed in India by Rural Education and Development (READ) Global and READ India

The Oceanic Library

Community Library cum Resource Centre

Vssu s arena of activities
VSSU’s Arena of Activities


Community Dev. through Community Resources

VSSU at inception, 1983


Poverty Alleviation and human development through microfinance.




Ashok Nilay

For Community Development

Health, Education, Environment

VSSU Microfinance

For Economic Development

Savings, Credit, Insurance

The Oceanic Library

for Livelihood promotion

Training & Skill Development

Destitute children Home

Residential Training Campus


  • Situated in a poorest part of the country near to Sundarban Island

  • Where 40% of villager’s are living Below Poverty Level

  • Where 30% people are still illiterate

  • Where no public Library was situated with in 30 km radius.

  • 80% of the School going students didn’t have access to reference book even to their text books.

  • No shelter , no scopes inter community discussion for dev. among rural women.

  • 36% of children are wasting their childhood in brickfield or being a child labuor


  • To set up a Self sustainable Community Library

  • To set up a resource Centre for underprivileged.

  • Spread & initiate an Idea “Education for All”

  • A community Library with a diversified Scopes

  • A skill development cum Vocational training centre for youth & women's.

  • An nonprofit business initiative for community development

Inception milestones
Inception & Milestones

  • READ’s first visit to India and meeting with Villagers (2007)

  • Proposed Library Building model approved Dec ‘’07

  • Lying of Foundation Stone to set up The oceanic Library (December, 2007) by Senator Omer L rains

  • The library operations training programme will be conducted in March

  • 2008. VSSU recruited its 1st Feb 2008.

  • Purchase of books started by end Jan 2008.

  • Cataloguing of the books started by Feb 2008.

Mile stones
Mile stones…

  • Part of the library building construction (up to ground floor)work by end June 2008

  • Library’s Children & Women section started at mid of 2009.

  • 2010 , Jan : Vivekananda Shakti Kendra started to use renewable energy sources in collaboration with Onergy.

  • 2010, Dec: Wild honey processing centre inaugurated in collaboration with World bank.

  • 2011, Jan Library’s member reached up to 500

  • 2011 Jan : The Oceanic library construction Completed.

  • 2012 Proposed site for Nivedita College of education (B.Ed College)

A library with multiple possibilities
A library with multiple possibilities

  • A community library for all

  • A renewable energy centre for demonstration , selling & distribution of Solar energy product in joint collaboration with Onergy

  • Wild Honey Processing Unit with help of World bank through ICAR.

  • Fish cultivation & demonstration centre at library occupied water bodies.

  • Training , Seminar , Conference Hall at Library campus.

  • Handicraft training to women group of Library

  • Children reading & amusement section.

  • Free Community Health checkup Centre

  • Tailoring Training among rural women.


  • To make a habit of reading among community

  • Creation of a Women /mother's committee and take

  • them out of Social barriers in vast scale.

  • Assure 100% recovery of dispatched book for in

  • house reader.

  • Updating stock of text books along with frequently changing syllabus

  • Lack of electricity & Computer , in rural scenario, is creating a barrier to connect between The oceanic library & world.

Sustainability strategy
Sustainability Strategy

  • Involvement of Local youths , women , children & aged people

  • A spirit of team work among readers supporters & organizers

  • Well & updated stock of reader demanded books , journals ..

  • Sustainability approach through business development initiatives by using different resources

  • Ideas beyond book…with multiple skill dev training , vocational course & orientation programmes

Sustainability strategy1
Sustainability Strategy

  • Cordial supports from stakeholders.

  • Experience sharing and advice of neighbor librarian , and practice of the same.

  • Hospitality and Service of Library staffs , group members

  • Enough resources & proper planning to utilize the same

  • Strong & devoted leadership of CEO

  • Continuous Support by READ Global & India team

Case study a walking library
Case Study: A walking Library

  • Mr. Kalishankar Roy, aged 47 serving people by delivering different types of books since 1972 ignoring all kinds of natural obstacles among different villages of ofSunderban Island by walking .

  • With the help of 40-45 pass books that belongs to the different members, he withdraws many books from local “Baneswar Library” , “Paritosh Public Library”, “The Oceanic Library” and The “Library of NipithRamkrishnaMission. He begins his journey taking two bags full of books on both shoulders, to make a habit of reading among community people of distant villages .

  • The objective is not to gain money, but it has become a hobby to him today. Kalisankarbabu informs that every morning after having bath, he starts his journey at 09:00am and continue up to 5:00p.m. and walks almost 15 K.m. per day in the village path. According to him few years back he used to walk from Jaynagar to DiamondHarbour(32 km) for this purpose. At present the members of his Library are 150. According to him, “I am grateful to the all the Library particularly The Oceanic Library.”& to all my readers…

Our future plan
Our future Plan

  • To reach up to 2000 subscribers by 2012

  • To make stock of 15000 books

  • Start up a Computer Literacy Centre for students

  • Initiate a English Speaking Course for community People

  • Establish a vocational training Center for unemployed youth , women

  • Start up a B.ED college at Library campus by 2012

  • A community Hospital & nursing Training School

Join hands with us…..

By providing knowledge & expertise

By providing books , materials & equipment

By investing in our initiatives

For more info visit:

We are always feeling …

“All the wealth of the world can not help

one little Indian village if the people are not

taught to help themselves”

- Swami Vivekananda