Realism and regionalism 1850 1900
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Realism and Regionalism 1850 - 1900 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Realism and Regionalism 1850 - 1900. What is Realism?. style of writing (and also of other arts) developed in 19 th century attempts to depict life accurately without idealizing or romanticizing it. Characteristics of Realism. emphasizes accuracy and objectivity

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Realism and regionalism 1850 1900

Realismand Regionalism1850 - 1900

What is realism
What is Realism?

  • style of writing (and also of other arts)

  • developed in 19th century

  • attempts to depict life accurately without idealizing or romanticizing it

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Characteristics of realism
Characteristics of Realism

  • emphasizes accuracy and objectivity

  • depicts common, everyday heroes

  • views the world scientifically (EMPIRICAL)

  • focuses on real-life situations

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Different from romanticism
Different from Romanticism

  • emphasized imagination and emotion

  • depicted larger-than-life heroes

  • viewed the world poetically

  • focused on exotic, supernatural, and imaginary worlds

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Causes of rise of realism
Causes of Rise of Realism

  • American Civil War

  • advances in technology

  • advances in science and education

  • social changes

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The civil war and realism
The Civil War and Realism

  • major cause of rise or Realism

  • destroyed cities, industries, and lives

  • left bitter memories and economic desolation in the South

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Technology and realism
Technology and Realism

  • also contributed to rise of Realism

  • photography: people now saw real, unattractive pictures of war and poverty

  • telegraphs and railroads: more people now heard about events that affected the nation

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Science education and realism
Science, Education, and Realism

  • advances in psychology, biology, geology contradicted long-held beliefs about humans, world, universe

  • more women, minorities, poor had access to education and learned to read

  • newspapers and new mass-circulation magazines were widely read

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Social changes and realism
Social Changes and Realism

  • 1865 --- Thirteenth Amendment

  • outlawed slavery!!!

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Social changes and realism1
Social Changes and Realism

  • industrialization led to overpopulation and poverty in cities

  • agrarian economy of South devastated by war and loss of slave labor

  • newly-freed slaves and other Southerners moved to Northern cities looking for work

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Social changes and realism2
Social Changes and Realism

  • immigrants from strife-torn Europe arrived in droves

  • Northern cities grew quickly and without planning

  • slums houses many new arrivals

  • lack of hygiene = rise of disease and death

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Realistic literature
Realistic Literature

  • contains themes that center on contemporary society and on the lives of the middle and lower classes

  • describes even unpleasant details of everyday life

  • features characters drawn from poor and outcast of society

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Realistic literature1
Realistic Literature

  • avoids extravagant language; uses simple, everyday diction

  • tries to show real life without personal feelings or idealistic thoughts color the writing

  • brings science to the story to explore human behavior

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Regionalism american realism
Regionalism: American Realism

  • literature that emphasizes a specific geographic setting and reproduces speech, behavior, and attitudes of the people who live in that region

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  • Regionalist writers differ from strict Realists by portraying their characters in a somewhat sentimental fashion

  • Sarah Orne Jewett, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Bret Harte, Mark Twain

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A harsh reality
A Harsh Reality

  • A man said to the universe: “Sir, I exist!” “However,” replied the universe, “the fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.”

    - Stephen Crane

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What have you learned
What Have You Learned?

  • Regionalism describes the speech, behavior, and attitudes of the people in a particular geographic area.

  • True B. False

  • Realistic novelists reject

  • scientific explanations

  • dialogue

  • accurate detail

  • glorious heroes

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The end

The End

Now, let’s read some Realistic literature!!! 