Character movement
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Character Movement. Character movement.

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Character movement1
Character movement

  • The manner in which your character moves is one of the most important aspects of characterization. Entire characters have been built around a characteristic gesture, or master gesture. Most characters lead with the parts of their bodies that reflect their nature. This is known as a leading center.

Character movement2
Character movement

  • A sensual character might lead with her hips or shoulders; a nosy character might lead with his nose. Before determining a master gesture or leading center, however, consult the script (in your case narration or story). What do you know about your character’s body?

Character movement3
Character movement

  • Ask yourself these questions in order to identify how your character might move:

  • What is my posture like?

  • How do I walk?

  • How do I use my hands?

  • What are my distinctive facial expressions?

  • Are my gestures large and wide, or small and contained?

  • Do I have a master gesture?

  • Do I have a clear leading center?

  • What are the rhythm and tempo of my movements?

  • Do I enjoy moving?

  • How does emotion effect my movements?

  • How do my movements reveal what I am thinking or feeling?