karla homolka canadian serial killer
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Karla Homolka Canadian Serial Killer.

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Karla Homolka Canadian Serial Killer. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Karla Homolka Canadian Serial Killer. By: Carolyn Farr. Karla Leanne Homolka was born on May 4th , 1970 in Ontario, Canada. She was the oldest daughter of three, well adjusted, pretty, smart, popular and received plenty of love and attention by friends and family.

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Karla Leanne Homolka was born on May 4th , 1970 in Ontario, Canada.

  • She was the oldest daughter of three, well adjusted, pretty, smart, popular and received plenty of love and attention by friends and family.
  • Karla developed a love for animals and began working at a local pet shop part-time while attending Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School.
  • In 1988, she was hired to work as a veterinary assistant. She later took a similar job at the Mardinale Animal Clinic from which she stole drugs to assist in the murders.

On October 17th, 1987 Karla met Paul Bernardo at a Scarborough restaurant, while both had been attending a convention in Toronto. She was 17 years old & he was 23.

  • The two seemed like a perfect match, Both blonde & attractive.
  • The developed a nickname “Ken & Barbie”

Paul Kenneth Bernardo was born on August 27th, 1964 in Ontario, Canada.

  • His early childhood family life was surrounded by an abusive father who would beat his wife & children
  • His father also had sexually assaulted his own daughter.
  • Paul\'s mother became so depressed by her husbands actions that she withdrew herself from the family and lived in the basement of their home.

Although the older children were greatly effected by the going on in the house, Paul seemed unaffected.

  • Author of the book ‘Lethal Marriage’ Describes Bernardo as “always happy. A young boy who smiled a lot. He was so cute, with his dimpled good looks and sweet smile that many of the mothers said he was the perfect child they all wanted: polite, well mannered, doing well in school, so sweet in his Boy Scout uniform.“
  • At the age of 16, after an argument with his mother, She told him that her husband was not his real father.
  • Bernardo was angry and called his mom a “whore”. This seems to be where the downfall of Paul Bernardo begins.

Over the next few years, Karla & Paul’s relationship intensified & they shared the same psychotic behavior.

  • It was then that during this time, Paul began raping women, with the help & approval of Karla. She would sometimes video tape it for him.
  • Bernardo was uncaught and was dubbed the “Scarborough Rapist” by police & media.
  • He would attack the women from behind forcing brutal anal rape, all on different levels of humiliation.

One of Bernardos biggest complaints towards Homolka was that she was not a virgin. This annoyed him very much.

  • Homolka was devoted to pleasing Bernardo in every way possible, she knew of his attraction to her 15-year-old younger sister Tammy.
  • Tammys virginity was unharmed so they both decided to force her into being a substitute virgin for her older sister.
  • Since Homolka worked with animals she stole an anesthetic, Halothane, to assist with the rape

December 23, 1990, The Homolka family held a Christmas party at their home. Bernardo and Homolka gave Tammy an alcoholic drink spiked with halcyon. After everyone else had left, They took Tammy to the basement.

  • Homolka held a cloth soaked in Halothane to her younger sisters mouth. When Tammy became unconscious the couple raped her.
  • During the rape Tammy began choking on her own vomit and died.
  • Before calling 911, the couple redressed her, & brought her back in her basement bedroom.
  • The drugs in Tammy\'s system went undetected although there was a chemical burn on her face.
  • Her death was officially ruled an accident.

Bernardo blamed the death on Tammy and was unpleased because he no longer had her around to fulfill his sexual pleasures.

  • Homolka, still willing to do anything for him, sought out to find a replacement. She decided that a teenager by the name of Jane would do the job.
  • She was a virgin and young & seemed to look up to Homolka, so she invited her out to dinner, spiked her drink the same as Tammy and invited her into her home.

Once at the home, Homolka presented Jane to Bernardo. They both began to make brutal sexual attacks on her as she was unconscious, while videotaping the whole thing.

  • Jane woke up the next day sore and sick but did not know about the violation her body has received the night before.
  • Unlike the other 3 girls, Jane survived the run into with the couple.

On June 15th, 1991, Their next victim goes by the name of Leslie Mahaffey. She was your normal rebellious teen. She was supposed to be home at 11 p.m. but arrived late at 2 a.m.

  • Unluckily for her, Bernardo was wondering the streets and saw her standing outside her door, locked out.
  • He invited her over to his car for a cigarette and then forced her with a knife into his car and brought her home.

Bernardo began to love sharing his rapist activities with Homolka.

  • Both Homolka & Bernardo raped her repeatedly over the course of several days, videotaping much of it.
  • They eventually killed her & cut her body into pieces, stuck it in cement & through the cement block into the lake.
  • Several days later, the cement with her body pieces on it was found by a couple canoeing.

June 29th, 1991, the same day that Mahaffeys remains were found, was the day that Homolka and Bernardo married.

  • The wedding was beautiful and the guests were served extravagant meal.
  • After the couple exchanged their vows which involved, at Bernardo\'s persistence Homolka vowing to “Love, Honor, and Obey\' her new husband.”

The last victim on their list was another teenager girl, Kristen French.

  • April 16th, 1992, the married couple kidnapped her in a church parking lot. Homolka pretended to need directions and eventually lured her into her car.
  • They brought French back to their home and videotaped their acts of embarrassment of torture and sexual abuse for several days. French had tried very hard to survive their attacks but right before the Homolka and Bernardo left for their Easter Sunday dinner with Homolka\'s family, they murdered her. Her body was later found on April 30th in a ditch in Burlington.

It appears that Homolka & Bernardos targets are young teens, who are pretty and Caucasian girls that are still virgins. All victims appear to be liked socially and all are near to the couples home.


A little later after the murders, Bernardo began to become impatient with Homolka & beat her with a flashlight, giving her many brutal bruises.

  • Homolkas co-workers saw and reported it and Homolka was sent away from Bernardo.

Homolka testified against her husband Bernardo for abuse.

  • Eventually the police caught up with the couples actions & Bernardo was given a life sentence in prison.
  • Homolka begged and pleaded and put almost all of the blame on Bernardo.
  • She served only 12 years at a women\'s prison.