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Conference. Technology on Your Side May 16, 2005. Conference. Desktop Technology Patrick Kremer Chief Technology Officer NIC Systems Group, Chicago. Agenda. Remote Desktop And Voice Over IP. Terminal Services. Gives user remote access to Windows. Single location to install software.

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Technology on Your SideMay 16, 2005


Desktop TechnologyPatrick KremerChief Technology OfficerNIC Systems Group, Chicago


Remote Desktop


Voice Over IP

Terminal Services

Gives user remote access to Windows

Single location to install software

Low Bandwidth

Any version of Windows from Win95

Hardware Requirements

Re-use older hardware

PIII 900mHz with 1GB RAM can easily support 50 users

Software Licensing

Windows Server 2003 Standard retails for $699

Per device licensing = one license for each computer - appropriate for university

Per user licensing = one license for each user - appropriate for business

Software Licensing

Terminal Server licenses $79-$129 each

Microsoft Office uses per-device licensing

Telecommuter must have one license for work, and one for home

Business traveler needs only single license for their laptop

Cost Savings

Gas and Maintenance – 1-day-per week telecommuter = 20% savings

Time – 4.3% of New Yorkers commute more than 90 minutes each way

Illness – Avoid costly spread of cold/flu

Cost Savings

Invest your support time into high-availability server-based solutions

Leverage existing PC hardware

Keep software in-house

Reduce onsite support costs

Thin Client

Alternative to a PC

Network Card, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor

Cost as little as $299

Can be deployed at employee’s home, or even as primary workstation

Thin Client Cost Savings

Very reliable – few components to fail

No need to support a local PC

Watchguard IT worker survey: 40% > 1 hour on remote support. 23% > 2 hours.

For a $45,000/year employee, $11,000 spent on the phone


DID = Direct Inbound Dial

ITSP = Internet Telephony Service Provider

PBX = Private Branch Exchange

POTS = Plain Old Telephone Service

PSTN = Public Switched Telephone Network

VoIP = Voice Over IP


VoIP uses the Internet to place calls

ITSP = ITSP connects VoIP with PSTN

VoIP phone looks like regular phone

Telephone Bandwidth

Regular POTS line = 8K of bandwidth

T1 line for telephone = 24 x 8K, plus 1 x 1K

T1 line for internet = 24 x 8K + 1K = 193K

VoIP call takes only 3-4K. This effectively doubles your call capacity.

Asterisk PBX

VoIP PBX system is called Asterisk

Asterisk is free and runs on standard PC

Asterisk is easily expandable

You can run a hybrid VoIP-POTS system with Asterisk

Automated Attendant

Comprehensive Call Activity Reporting

Conference Call Bridging

Call Queueing

Call Routing

Call Snooping

Music on Hold / Transfer



VoIP Expenses

Must pay for both inbound and outbound calls to PSTN

Rates vary from $0.012 to $0.039 per minute

VoIP to VoIP calls are FREE

VoIP Example

Broadcast group of 20 stations

$500/month in long distance calls between home office and station

$500/month * 20 stations * 12 months =

$120,000 dollars per year

Conference Calling

Use Asterisk for conference bridging

Call-in rates – free on your hard lines, $0.012 to $0.039 per minute with VoIP DID

Remote Telephone

Telecommuter or traveler can connect to Asterisk server

Seamless integration, as if user is at their desk

VoIP In Production

Motorola’s Deer Park Campus – 100% VoIP

The slides and text for this presentation will be available at


Paperless TransactionsLinda BradfieldPresident & CEOSouthern Financial Exchange, New Orleans

Southern financial exchange

Not-for-profit Regional Payments Association

Here to Inform, Not to Sell

Member of NACHA, The Electronic Payments Association

Southern Financial Exchange

Paperless financial transactions via the ach system

Automated Clearing House

An Electronic method of moving funds

A Batch processing system

A rapidly growing payment system

Paperless Financial Transactions via The ACH System

Ach overview




Secure Collection

Secure Payment


Cost Reduction

Customer/Trading Partner Retention

Revenue Opportunities

Value-Added Services for Customers

Paper Reduction

- Check

- Receipts

- Deposit Slips

ACH Overview

The ach system

For Over 30 Years: Tested, Proven, It works!

Replaces Paper Checks

Set of Rules and Formats Allowing the Exchange of Transactions

ACH transactions (electronic)

Debit (charge) or Credit (deposit)

Large or small dollar amounts

Checking, Savings, Sharedraft, Loan & General Ledger accounts

Consumer, Corporate or Government Agency

The ACH System

The ach system1

What is an ACH?

- Electronic Transaction, Debit or Credit,

Checking or Savings,

Consumer / Corporate

Commercial / Government

Recurring or One-time payment

- Authorized

What is not an ACH?

- PREAUTHORIZED PAPER DRAFT ITEM (actual paper is received by financial institution)

- Wire Transfers

- POS transactions (card)

- Credit Card

- Debit Card (check cards)

The ACH System

Why do businesses want to originate consumer payments
Why Do Businesses Want To Originate Consumer Payments?

  • Enhance customer/employee service

  • Increase customer/employee satisfaction

  • Reduce processing costs

  • Improve cash flow

  • Become more efficient

  • Eliminate/reduce check reconciliation

  • Convert to a more secure payment than checks

Consumer versus corporate






Annuity Payments

Educational Benefit Reimbursements


Cash Concentration

Cash Disbursement

Corporate Trade Payments

State and Federal Tax Payments

Financial Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Consumer versus Corporate

Common payment applications corporate

Cash Concentration or Disbursement (CCD)

A debit or credit entry initiated by an organization to consolidate funds of that organization or to fund outlying accounts.

Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX)

An automated corporate payment used to transmit information formatted in ANSI X12 or in UN/EDIFACT syntax in the attached addenda records.

Customer-Initiated Entries (CIE)

An automated consumer transaction that allows consumers to originate an ACH bill payment through their financial institution or a third party bill payment service.

Corporate Cross Border Entry (CBR)

A credit or debit entry initiated to effect a payment exchanged between payment system participants of different countries.

Common Payment Applications - Corporate

Cash concentration and disbursement benefits


  • Leverage Use of Cash Funds

  • Assurance of Collected Funds

  • Better Investment Opportunities

  • Funds Availability From Outlying Locations

  • - Within 24 hours

  • Automatic Transactions Convenience

  • Reduces Wire Transfers & Related Expense

Ach origination services ask your financial institution or rpa for further details

Direct Credits(PPD): Payments to consumers

Direct Debits (PPD): Recurring fees.

Cash Concentration or Disbursement (CCD)

Corporate Payments (CTX)

Re-Presented Checks (RCK)

Point-of-Purchase (POP)

Internet-Initiated Entries (WEB)

Telephone-Initiated Entries (TEL)

Accounts Receivable Entries (ARC)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EFTPS: Electronic Federal Tax payment system

ACH ORIGINATION SERVICES: Ask Your Financial Institution or RPA for Further Details

2003 a banner year electronic payments exceeded checks
2003 – A Banner YearElectronic Payments Exceeded Checks

Compiled by NACHA; Sources - NACHA, Federal Reserve, ATM & Debit News, CHIPS

ACH – Highlights of 2004

2004 2003 Growth

Transaction Volume 9.1 7.5 billion 21.2%

(does not include on-us volumes)

Compiled by NACHA; Sources - NACHA, Federal Reserve

Types of ACH Payments* Volume

2004 (Billions) Growth

Direct Deposit 3.4 6.4%

Direct Payment 2.2 8.6%

B2B 2.1 13.9%

E-check 2.0 111%

*does not include on-us volumes

Type of Transaction Volume

Compiled by NACHA; Sources - NACHA, Federal Reserve

Looking Ahead:

Estimated Check Volume - 2000-2010

Compiled by NACHA; Sources - NACHA, Federal Reserve

Where to go from here

Visit or Locate Your Regional Payments Association

Inquire About Affiliate Membership to Stay Informed and Receive Assistance

Or Contact the SFE Office At: (800) 626-4733 or locally in New Orleans 525-6779 Ext. 24

Where To Go From Here


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