Hybrid video downloading streaming over peer to peer network
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Hybrid Video Downloading / Streaming over peer-to-peer network - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hybrid Video Downloading / Streaming over peer-to-peer network. Yufeng Shan and Shivkumar Kalyanaraman Multimedia and Expo, 2003. ICME '03. Proceedings. 2003 International Conference on , Volume: 2 , 6-9 July 2003 Presented By Sam. Agenda. Background Hybrid downloading/streaming Scheme

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Hybrid video downloading streaming over peer to peer network

Hybrid Video Downloading /Streaming over peer-to-peer network

Yufeng Shan and Shivkumar Kalyanaraman

Multimedia and Expo, 2003. ICME '03. Proceedings. 2003 International Conference on , Volume: 2 , 6-9 July 2003

Presented By Sam


  • Background

  • Hybrid downloading/streaming Scheme

    • Goal

    • Basic framework

    • Flow

  • Memory disk cooperative buffering

  • Simulation

  • Conclusion

  • Comment


Peer-to-peer(p2p) architecture is defined:

  • A peer stores the streamed data after receiving it, and then streams the cached content to other requesting peers.

    In previous study, only < 5% hosts can work as server-like peers.


Question/Problem found:

  • It should have sufficient number of powerful peers.

  • Clients (i.e. the peers) may suffer more network fluctuation and network outage than the traditional client/server architecture

  • In extreme case, the streaming session has to be closed when all the peers with cached content are unreachable.

  • On the other hand, Traditional server is always available.

Hybrid downloading streaming scheme hds
Hybrid downloading/streaming Scheme(HDS)

  • Integrates

    • Traditional client/server based video streaming system (streaming mode)

    • Peer-to-peer based media data distribution system (downloading mode)

  • Use receiver driven coordination control (RDCC) to coordinate two modes.


  • HDS reduces the server load

  • RDCC maintains the maximum content availability at receiver side

  • Given all peers with cached content are unavailable, the receiver still can maintain video streaming from video server

Basic framework
Basic framework

To simplify, 1 video server, 1 supplying peer, 1 requesting peer with CBR video sequence.


  • Peer decides to watch a movie

  • Peer sends out a request to the video server and performs lookup service to find the supplying peers who have the video content.

  • After receiving the information, divides the whole video content into N slices, a piece of video data in a video bit stream (m = M/N)


4. The receiver runs the RDCC algorithm:

  • Receive streaming traffic from the video server and prebuffer up to Tpre seconds

  • At the same time, downloading the second slice (the slice after Tpre second) video content from the supplying peer

  • After the streaming session catches up to the position of the second slice, it suspends the streaming mode (pure-downloading mode), offering relief to the server.

  • During the pure-downloading mode, RDCC checks if the amount of data in receiver is lower than a threshold. If yes, a mix of streaming mode and downloading mode will be done.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3




  • Availability of video content r

  • r defines as the ratio of total successive data in the buffer to the pre-buffer size.

  • If r > 1, enough successive data

  • If r < 1, underflow occurs.


If (r < 1&& Bd < B) {

Trigger the streaming mode;

if (Bs >= B) {

Downloading (n+1)th video slice given current slice being streamed is nth;

if (streaming session reaches (n+1)th video slice)

Suspend streaming mode;

} else

run COOP mode;

} else

downloading-only mode;

Bd : Available bandwidth between supplying peer and the receiver

Bs : Available bandwidth between video server and the receiver


  • This mode only happens when r < 1 and both Bs and Bd are smaller than B

  • Calculate Rg :

    Ratio between the available bandwidth of video server and the available bandwidth of the supplying peer.

  • Both server and supplying peer calculates the amount of frames they should send according to the ratio Rg.

Memory disk cooperate buffering mdb
Memory disk cooperate buffering (MDB)

  • Use 2 buffers : memory and disk buffer

  • Memory buffer : same size of traditional scheme

  • Disk buffer : unlimited size compared to movie length

  • The receiver uses up as much bandwidth as available to buffer video data. First caches the packet into disk buffer and then fills the memory buffer.

Memory disk cooperate buffering mdb1
Memory disk cooperate buffering (MDB)


  • Absorb more network fluctuation

  • Significantly reduce the stop-and-rebuffering instances

  • Efficiently use the available bandwidth


  • Receiver is a laptop in the RPI network

  • 2 computers act as supplying peers

  • Video server is a SUN machine at UC Berkeley

  • Test video sequence : “foreman” bit rate B = 128kbps

  • Length of sequence : 81 seconds

  • Tpre = 3 seconds

  • Simulation1

    Hybrid downloading/streaming

    # packet in Buffer

    Time (in seconds)


    Bs = 128kbps Bd = 256kbps


    Server load in different available bandwidth


    Available Bandwidth

    Receiving Rate

    Stop and Rebuffering

    Buffer occuption


    • HDS proposed, which aims integrating traditional client/server based video streaming system and peer-to-peer based media data distribution system.