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RBA Consulting. WCF 4.0: Routing & Discovery Services January 20, 2011. WCF Routing.

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RBA Consulting

WCF 4.0: Routing & Discovery Services

January 20, 2011

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WCF Routing

  • The Routing Service is a generic SOAP intermediary that acts as a message router. The core functionality of the Routing Service is the ability to route messages based on message content, which allows a message to be forwarded to a client endpoint based on a value within the message itself, in either the header or the message body.

  • from MSDN

Routing service usage l.jpg
Routing Service Usage

  • Protocol Bridging

  • Content-Based Routing

  • Failover (Backup Lists)

Using the routing service l.jpg
Using the Routing Service

  • Create regular WCF Services to be called by the Routing Service.

  • Create a Routing Service:

    • Change the markup in the .svc file to point to the routing Service. Be sure to reference System.ServiceModel.Routing in your project

    • In the web.config:

      • Add endpoints for all the services to which you’ll connect in the <client> section.

Using the routing service cont d l.jpg
Using the Routing Service (cont’d)

  • In the web.config (cont’d):

    • Create a namespace filter and set the Xpath filterData

    • Add filterTables to point to the correct end points

    • Set the Routing behavior to identify the filterTables

Wcf discovery l.jpg
WCF Discovery

  • The Discovery APIs provide a unified programming model for the dynamic publication and discovery of Web services using the WS-Discovery protocol. These APIs allow services to publish themselves and clients to find published services.

  • MSDN

How discovery works l.jpg
How Discovery Works

  • Discovery involves a client, a service, and/or a Discovery Proxy

    • A Client is an entity that is looking for services and utilizes the “DiscoveryClient” to search for them.

    • A Service is a WCF service that has endpoints which can be discovered. A Service adds a ServiceDiscoveryBehavior in the service host description, which enables it to respond to find requests from clients. A service may also host an announcement client if it wants to announce itself. 

    • A Discovery Proxy is a centralized repository that knows about services. It is not required.

  • Find/Resolve

    • A client can find a service based on criteria such as the service type. It can send out a Probe message to which the recipient of the probe, either a service or a proxy, responds back to the client with the appropriate service metadata.

    • A resolve can be used to find a service based on its endpoint address.

  • Announcements

    • Services can announce themselves to the network and clients can be configured to listen for such announcements

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