1914 1918 the world at war
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1914-1918: The World at War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1914-1918: The World at War. Differing Viewpoints. “Family Feud” “Fall of the Eagles” “The War to End All Wars” “The War to ‘Make the World Safe for Democracy’”. Causes of the War. 1. The Alliance System. Triple Entente :. Triple Alliance :. Two Armed Camps!. Allied Powers :.

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1914 1918 the world at war

1914-1918:The Worldat War

Differing Viewpoints

  • “Family Feud”

  • “Fall of the Eagles”

  • “The War to End All Wars”

  • “The War to ‘Make the World Safe for Democracy’”

Causes of the war

Causesof theWar

1. The Alliance System

Triple Entente:

Triple Alliance:

Two Armed Camps!

Allied Powers:

Central Powers:

The Major Players: 1914-17

Allied Powers:

Central Powers:

Nicholas II [Rus]

Wilhelm II [Ger]

George V [Br]

Victor Emmanuel II [It]

Enver Pasha[Turkey]

Pres. Poincare [Fr]

Franz Josef [A-H]

2. Militarism & Arms Race

Total Defense Expenditures for the Great Powers [Ger., A-H, It., Fr., Br., Rus.] in millions of £s.

Pan-Slavism: The Balkans, 1914

The“Powder Keg”of Europe

The spark


The Assassin:



  • Home by Christmas!

  • No major war in 50 years!

  • Nationalism!

It's a long way to Tipperary,

It's a long way to go;

It's a long way to Tipperary,

To the sweetest girl I know!

Goodbye, Piccadilly,

Farewell, Leicester Square,

It's a long, long way to Tipperary,

But my heart's right there!

Recruits of the Central Powers

A German Soldier Says Farewell to His Mother


Women and the war effort

Womenand theWarEffort


  • “Mata Hari”

  • Real Name: Margareetha Geertruide Zelle

  • German Spy!

Posters wartime propaganda


The western front a war of attrition

The Western Front: A “War of Attrition”

Trench Warfare

“No Man’s Land”

Verdun – February, 1916

  • German offensive.

  • Each side had 500,000 casualties.

The Somme – July, 1916

  • 60,000 British soldiers killed in one day.

  • Over 1,000,000 killed in 5 months.

War IsHELL !!

The eastern front


T. E. Lawrence & the “Arab Revolt”, 1916-18

The colonial fronts


Fighting in Africa

Black Soldiers in the German Schutztruppen[German E. Africa]

British Sikh Mountain Gunners

Fighting in Africa

3rd British Battalion, Nigerian Brigade

Fighting in Salonika, Greece

French colonial marine infantry fromCochin, China - 1916

America joins the allies


The Sinking of the Lusitania

The YanksAre Coming!

The war of the industrial revolution new technology

The War of theIndustrial Revolution:NewTechnology

The Airplane

“Squadron Over the Brenta”Max Edler von Poosch, 1917

The Flying Aces of World War I

FrancescoBarraco, It.

Eddie “Mick”Mannoch, Br.

Eddie Rickenbacher, US

Manfred vonRichtoffen, Ger.[The “RedBaron”]

Rene PaukFonck, Fr.

Willy Coppens deHolthust, Belg.

Curtis-Martin U. S. Aircraft Plant



Poison Gas

Machine Gun

Art of world war i

“Art”ofWorldWar I

“A Street in Arras”John Singer Sargent, 1918

“Gassed and Wounded”Eric Kennington, 1918

“Paths of Glory”C. R. W. Nevinson, 1917

German Cartoon:“Fit for active service!”, 1918

1918 Flu Pandemic: Depletes All Armies

50,000,000 – 100,000,000 died

The Somme American Cemetary, France

116,516 Americans Died

Turkish Genocide Against Armenians

A Portent of Future Horrors to Come!