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The 2012 Elections
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The 2012 Elections Lawrence R. Jacobs Director, Center for the Study of Politics and Governance . Presidential Elections U.S. Senate Election in Minnesota Minnesota Legislative Elections The Changing Electorate. “Around the horn”. “Houston, we have a problem”.

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The 2012 Elections Lawrence R. Jacobs Director, Center for the Study of Politics and Governance

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The 2012 elections lawrence r jacobs director center for the study of politics and governance

The 2012 Elections

Lawrence R. Jacobs

Director, Center for the Study of Politics and Governance

Around the horn

Presidential Elections

U.S. Senate Election in Minnesota

Minnesota Legislative Elections

The Changing Electorate

“Around the horn”

Presidential election gop presidential nomination

“Houston, we have a problem”

Presidential Election: GOP Presidential Nomination


The 2012 elections lawrence r jacobs director center for the study of politics and governance

GOP Nomination: Delay by Design

Sources: Josh Putnam, Frontloading HQ; Republican Party; data from polls of likely Republican primary voters conducted by CNN/​Time/​Opinion Research, NBC/​Marist and Quinnipiac University. Graphic Compiled by New York Times.

Who decides a small number

Who Decides? A small number

Sources: Turnout as a Percentage of Eligible Voters -- AP, NEP Exit Polls, Elections.GMU.Edu, CBS

Who are small number choosing gop candidates

Who are small number choosing GOP candidates?

White Evangelical Christians as Percentage of Eligible Voters in Republican Caucasus and Primaries

Sources: AP, NEP Exit Polls, 2012 Exit Polls: IA, NH, SC, FL, NV. 2008 Exit Polls: AZ, MI, GA, MA, OH, OK, TN, AL, MS, IL, LA

Tea party storms gop primaries conservative mobilization

Tea Party Storms GOP Primaries: Conservative Mobilization

“Very conservative” political philosophy

Sources: 1992 & 2000 data are from the National Election Pool Presidential Primary Elections via ICPSR, 2012 data are from

"On most political matters do you consider yourself: (Very Liberal, Somewhat Liberal, Moderate, Somewhat Conservative, Very Conservative)"

Gop battle scars romney s

GOP Battle Scars Romney’s

Presidential Candidate Unfavorabilty Ratings, April of Election Year

Sources: NYT/CBS Poll (1992-1996), ABC/WP Poll (2000-2012)

2012 general election some pivots to follow

2012 General Election: Some Pivots to Follow

Gop helped obama but volatile

GOP helped Obama but volatile

Source: Real Clear Politics (4/1/2012)

2 views of how to win pres elections both matter

2 Views of How to Win Pres. Elections: Both Matter

Rove Strategy: Frame choice that plays to base -- turn out reliable & loyal voters

Most influential during nomination battle and among activists

Question: Who offers sharpest alternative?

Retrospective Voting: Win referendum -- “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?”

Most influential during general election and among undecided

Question: Which opposition candidate receives most anti-incumbent votes?

1 will voters punish obama for country heading off on wrong track

1. Will voters punish Obama for country heading off on wrong track?

Sources: National Election Pool General Election Exit Polls, 2004, & 2008; McClatchy-Marist Poll (3/22/12))

Obama will be judged on economy

Obama will be judged on economy

Percentage of Americans Ranking the Economy as Country’s Most Important Problem

Source: Gallup

Voters focused on economy not social issues

Voters focused on economy, not social issues

Source: “Which of the following matters more to you in deciding which presidential candidate to support - the candidate's views on economic issues or the candidate's views on social issues?” (registered voters only, CBS/NYT Poll (2/13/12)

A lot of voters looking for work

A lot of Voters Looking for work

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Is economy improving stagnating or declining

Is Economy Improving, Stagnating or Declining?

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis

Strong though declining disapproval of obama s handling of economy

Strong (though declining) disapproval of Obama’s Handling of Economy

President Obama’s Job Approval on Economy


Economic performance drives approval

Economic Performance Drives Approval

Obama Approval Rating and Consumer Confidence Index

Source: Approval data are from Gallup polling; data on consumer attitudes are from Gallup's Economic Confidence Index

2 loading dice follow party id

2. Loading Dice: Follow Party Id


3 who turns out fading gop advantage so far

3. Who Turns Out? Fading GOP Advantage – so far

Percentage Extremely or Very Enthusiastic About Voting

“How enthusiastic are you about voting for president this year?”

Source: USA Today/Gallup (3/11/12)

Turning out the base a bipartisan challenge

Turning Out the Base: A Bipartisan Challenge

Source: 1980-1988 (NYT/CBS Exit Poll); 1992 (Voter Research and Surveys Pool Exit Polls); 1996-2000 (Voter News Service Pool Exit Polls); 2004-2008 (National Election Pool Exit Polls)

4 popularity contest which contest

4. Popularity Contest? Which contest?

Source: Favorability ABC/WP (4/15/12); Job Performance ABC/WP Poll (4/8/12)

5 the fight for the slice

5. The Fight for the Slice

“Both sides only need to care about 8% to 12% of electorate”- John Weaver , GOP Strategist & McCain Advisor

Gop strategy keep it close among hostile voting groups

GOP Strategy: Keep it close among hostile voting groups

Republicans Net Advantage(Republican Vote minus Democratic Vote)

Sources: 1992 (Voter Research and Surveys Pool Exit Poll); 1996-2000 (Voter News Service Pool Exit Poll); 2004-2008 (National Election Pool Exit Poll)

Obama coalition weaker

Obama Coalition – Weaker

Obama’s Advantage in 2008 Exit Polls Compared to 2012 Registered Voters

Source: Pew Research Center (4/15/12)

Elections klobuchar race

Elections: Klobuchar Race?

Hint tough race

Hint: Tough Race

Senator Klobuchar’s Job Approval

Sources: (SurveyUSA Poll, 9/09): “Do you approve or disapprove of the job that Amy Klobuchar is doing as a Senator?” and (PPP Poll, 12/10, 6/11, 1/24): “Do you approve or disapprove of Senator Amy Klobuchar’s job performance?”

National importance democrats uphill battle to hold majority 53 47

National Importance: Democrats Uphill Battle to Hold Majority (53-47)

Elections mn legislative races

Elections: MN Legislative Races

  • Will potential Obama backlash or sharp choice nationalize state legislative contests?

  • Will hangover from shutdown and acrimony haunt GOP legislators or fade?

Not so much fun legislators check out

Not so much fun: Legislators Check Out

Retirements/Open Seats/Seats Lost to Redistricting in Minnesota House and Senate

House Retirements: Rep. Connie Doepke, Rep. Mark Buesgens, Rep. Denise Dittrich, Rep. John Kriesel, Rep. Keith Downey, Rep. Kurt Bills, Rep. Nora Slawik, Rep. Ron Shimanski, Rep. Marion Greene, Rep. Lyle Koenen, Rep. Larry Hosch, Rep. Kate Knuth, Rep. Torrey Westrom, Rep. Bobby Joe Champion, Rep. Brande Petersen, Rep. Bev Scalze, Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, Rep. Bruce Anderson, Rep. Bill Hilty, Rep. Kent Eken, Rep. Mark Murdock, Rep. Pat Mazorol, Rep. Mindy Greiling, Rep. Mike LeMieur,Sen. Keith Langseth, Rep. Tom Tillberry, Rep. Carol McFarlane

Senate Retirements: Sen. Amy Koch, Sen. Al DeKruif, Sen. Chris Gerlach, Sen. Gen Olson, Sen. Linda Higgins, Sen. Doug Magnus, Sen. Geoff Michel, Sen. Gary Kubly, Sen. Mike Parry, Sen. Ken Kelash, Sen. Mary Jo McGuire, Sen. Mike Jungbauer, Sen. Claire Robling,  Sen. Gretchen Hoffman

Source: List Compiled by Rachel Stassen-Berger, Star Tribune

Gop initially blamed for government shutdown but old news

GOP initially blamed for government shutdown. But old news?

Source: MinnPost Poll; July 28, 2011

Legislature is highly unpopular but legislatures rarely popular

Legislature is highly unpopular. But legislatures rarely popular

Do you approve or disapprove of the job the State Legislature is doing? 

Sources: (KSTP/SurveyUSA Poll 6/11 and 2/12)

Still gop gets lower marks

Still, GOP gets lower marks

Do you approve or disapprove of the job the DFL/Republican members of the legislature are doing?

Source: PPP Poll (1/27/12)

And dayton receives higher scores

And, Dayton receives higher scores

Governor Dayton Approval

Sources: (Star Tribune Poll 5/11 and 11/11): ” Do you approve or disapprove of the way Mark Dayton is handling his job as governor?”

(KSTP/SurveyUSA Poll 6/11 and 2/12) : “Do you approve or disapprove of the job Mark Dayton is doing as Governor?”

(PPP Poll 1/12): “Do you approve or disapprove of Governor  Mark Dayton’s job performance?”

Oh and the electorate is changing

Oh, and the electorate is changing

Will etch a sketch win romney latino voters

Will Etch A Sketch Win Romney Latino Voters?

Source: Public Policy Polling, Feb 14, 2012: "If the candidates for President this year were Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, who would you vote for?"

Something to keep in mind the changing electorate

Something to keep in mind: The Changing Electorate

Source: Pew Research Center, 2008

Projected changes in population:

Declining white electorate

Declining White Electorate

Changing electorate rising minority vote

Changing Electorate – Rising Minority Vote


Changing democratic coalition more minority next generation voters

Changing Democratic Coalition –More Minority & Next Generation Voters

Source: (Pew Research Center 11/11)

Caveats 1 hispanic conservatism

Caveats (1): Hispanic Conservatism

Keep or Repeal Health Care Reform?

Source: Quinnipiac University Poll, Feb. 23, 2012: Do you think Congress should try to repeal the health care law, or should they let it stand?

Caveats 2 impacts of economic downturn

Caveats (2): Impacts of Economic Downturn

Depress turnout below 2008 levels

Moderate demographic changes – slow immigration & birthrate

And then there s governing

And, then, there’s governing

Taller hurdles

Taller Hurdles

  • Problems remain or worsen –

    • Long term budget deficits… and the ticking sequestration bomb

    • Rising health costs/declining access

    • Workforce challenges

  • Political Compromise may be less likely

  • Retirement of moderates -- Sen. Snowe, Nelson, Conrad

  • GOP Tea Party Phobia – Bennett & now Hatch & Lugar

    2014 worriers – Collins, Graham

  • New replacements implacable foes of compromise/pragmatism

Center for the study of politics and governance

Center for the Study of Politics and Governance

  • Forums: Policy Makers, Candidates, Experts

  • Policy Fellows – leadership development that draws best emerging talent from public, private, and non-profits

  • Smart Politics Blog – “Truly high-end” (Chuck Todd)

  • Practical reforms – Govt redesign, redistricting, election administration

  • Election Administration – Doug Chapin

Vikings keep em

Vikings: Keep’em

How important is it to you that the Vikings Stay in Minnesota?

Source: (Star Tribune Poll 11/11)

60 or more oppose public funding but majorities support range of options

60% or more oppose “public funding” but majorities support range of options

Source: “I’m going to read you a list of the public funding options being considered to help pay for a new Vikings stadium. If a stadium is to be built, please tell me whether you support or oppose each of the following.” (Star Tribune Poll 11/11)

Democratic headwinds declining obama approval

Democratic Headwinds:Declining Obama Approval

Source: Gallup (3/25/2012)

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