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OKLAHOMA Supercomputing Symposium 2011
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OKLAHOMA Supercomputing Symposium 2011. University of Oklahoma October 11, 2011 James Wicksted, RII Project Director Associate Director, Oklahoma EPSCoR Oklahoma State University. WHAT IS EPSCoR? E xperimental P rogram to S timulate C ompetitive R esearch

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OKLAHOMA Supercomputing Symposium 2011

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Oklahoma supercomputing symposium 2011

OKLAHOMA Supercomputing Symposium 2011

University of Oklahoma

October 11, 2011

James Wicksted, RII Project Director

Associate Director, Oklahoma EPSCoR

Oklahoma State University


Oklahoma supercomputing symposium 2011


Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research

EPSCoR is a merit based science and technology (S&T) initiative to improve the research capacity capability and competitiveness in states that historically have not received significant federal research and development (R&D) funding.

Oklahoma supercomputing symposium 2011


Oklahoma supercomputing symposium 2011


  • Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII)

  • RII Track-1:Up to 5 years and $20M to jurisdictions to improve physical and human infrastructure critical to R&D competitiveness in priority research areas: Building Oklahoma’s Leadership Role in Cellulosic Bioenergy

  • RII Track-2:Up to 3 years and $6M to consortia of jurisdictions to support innovation-enabling cyberinfrastructure of regional, thematic, or technological importance: A cyberCommons for Ecological Forecasting (OK, KS collaboration)

  • RII Cyber Connectivity (C2):Up to 2 years and $1M to support the enhancement of inter-campus and intra-campus cyber connectivity and broadband access within an EPSCoR jurisdiction: Oklahoma Optical Initiative

  • PI Neeman OU, EPS-1006919, $1,176,470, 9/1/2010 - 8/31/2012.

  • Transformation of statewide ring to 3 site routed network to 5 site optical network

  • Connectivity Improvements at individual institutions

  • Oklahoma Telepresence Initiative

  • Oklahoma Information Technology Mentorship Program (OITMP)

Oklahoma supercomputing symposium 2011


  • Development of statewide strategic CI initiative

  • Promote utilization and training of CI resources

  • Build faculty and student computing capabilities

  • Henry Neeman, Director of the University of Oklahoma Supercomputing Center for Education & Research (OSCER), serves on SC07-11 Education Committee; SC10 and SC11 Educational Chair; PI on NSF EPSCoR RII C2 and OU MRI.

  • Dana Brunson, Sr. Systems Engineer, OSU High Performance Computing Center, OSU representative at SCXX conferences; works with OSU to host the 2011 Tutorial Workshop: Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators; Co-PI on NSF EPSCoR RII C2 and PI on OSU MRI.

Ok cyberinfrastructure initiative ocii


All academic institutions in Oklahoma are eligible for free use of OU and OSU centrally-owned CI resources (special HPCs)

Currently more than 540 users at 15 academic institutions statewide

Other institutions (government, NGO, commercial) are eligible to participate, though not necessarily for free.

Nonacademic users

NOAA agencies (NSSL, SPC)

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

U.S. Military

Open participation in CI education initiatives

Supercomputing in Plain English

Supercomputing overviews and tours

SC09-11 (and beyond) workshops at OU and OSU

Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium


Oklahoma supercomputing symposium 2011

Computational Chemistry Conference (Year 3) prompted by Track 1

Supercomputing in Plain English

From 2001, over 1000 from 147 organizations in 42 US states and other jurisdictions as well as 5 other countries

14 institutions in Oklahoma and 38 institutions in 19 other EPSCoR jurisdictions

Fall 2008 through Spring 2011

12 OK Regional Institutions including one HBU and one tribal college

Several Institutions with large Native American populations

PhD-granting, masters-granting, bachelors-granting, community colleges, high schools, middle schools, OK LSAMP Annual Symposium

SCXX Workshops hosted by OCII

Served 147 faculty & graduate students from 16 OK Institutions

Supercomputing Symposium

Held October, 2008, 2009, 2010 on OU campus

795 participants from 24 academic, industry, and military institutions, as well as six EPSCoR states

Over 85% of participants report improved skills



Oklahoma supercomputing symposium 2011



  • NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI): “Acquisition of Extensible Petascale Storage for Data Intensive Research”; OU has acquired and is deploying the Oklahoma PetaStore, that combines disk and tape, to enable faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students and undergraduates across Oklahoma to build large and growing data collections.PI: Neeman, OU, OCI-1039829.

  • NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI): “COWBOY” Cyberinstrumentation proposal for an OSU HPC cluster supercomputer that will support computing-intensive research and research training across a broad variety of STEM disciplines and be available to researchers across Oklahoma, PI: Brunson, OSU, OCI-1136330.

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