Fibre optics networks
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Fibre Optics Networks. By Tim Yetman. What is Fibre optic?. Fibre optic is a device that consists of a bundle of glass threads which translates messages by using light waves. Why Do we Use this Network?. It is much more fast and efficient.

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Fibre optics networks

FibreOptics Networks

By Tim Yetman

What is fibre optic
What is Fibreoptic?

  • Fibreoptic is a device that consists of a bundle of glass threads which translates messages by using light waves.

Why do we use this network
Why Do we Use this Network?

  • It is much more fast and efficient.

  • The glass fibers make it impossible to be destroyed by corrosion and very hard to be interfered with by electricity and grounding because they are not copper.

  • Can carry larger amounts of information longer distances.

  • Much safer (no electricity).

How does this technology work
How does This Technology work?

  • The glass threads in the cable transmit light, not electricity.

  • The threads are extremely transparent and can transmit light for miles.

  • The light is transmitted by a single laser that can turn on and off billons of times per second, in a Morse code-like fashion.

Who provides this service
Who provides this service?

  • Many internet and phone providers now have this technology and is increasing in popularity.

  • Here, most people would go to bell to get fibre op installed.


  • If you purchase a bundle from bell the cost ranges from 135$/month-175$/month.

  • It is free to get installed.


  • Having a fibre op network is a great choice for a family that is always using the internet and constantly downloading files.