Diary of anne frank
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Diary of Anne Frank. By: Brendan Bonno. How do you suppose many dealt with the internal conflict of being a refugee and deliberately breaking laws to survive every day?.

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Diary of Anne Frank

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Diary of Anne Frank

By: Brendan Bonno

How do you suppose many dealt with the internal conflict of being a refugee and deliberately breaking laws to survive every day?

Well if you think about it your breaking the laws just to survive and if you get caught you will be either torchered to death or emideitley killed along with your family. Although sometimes if your getting torchered/ sent to a concentraton camp you may be split up with your family and friends and never see them again in your life. So what there basically doing is going all or nothing the war can stop and they could survive or or get caught and killed. As Anne Frank said.. “Despite everything I believe everybody is really good at heart.”

Who from the story illustrates this internal conflict best and why?

I think Anne illustrates this story the best because she puts a ton of detail and always makes the situation sound more and more interesting she always is in the right spot and has a lot of emotion to make the situation sound even better or even worse so that’s why I think Anne is the most interesting out of all of the Franks and Van Daans and Dussel. “Whoever is happy will make others happy too” – Anne Frank

Why is this portrayed differently in the forms of media we study?

Well if you add all of the forms of media together then you get and know how Anne is really feeling inside. Like if you just read the play or just read the book…. You wouldn't really know how she feels but since you have read all the forms you add them together and know how she really feels.

What does this difference change in the story?

This would change the story completely because if Margot was the main character because she would have written different things because Margot would not have been everywhere Anne would have been unless she literally followed her everywhere she goes although I still think it will be more interesting since Anne wrote it because she was in all the important places at the right time.

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