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State and Federal Legislative and Policy Updates - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State and Federal Legislative and Policy Updates. Alameda County Early Care and Education Planning Council May 16, 2014. Overview --Updates. State Budget, Legislation, Policy Discussions Federal Grants Legislation, Policy Update County Budget Activity. Field Poll on ece—4/2014.

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State and Federal

Legislative and Policy Updates

Alameda County Early Care and Education Planning Council

May 16, 2014

Overview updates
Overview --Updates

  • State Budget, Legislation, Policy Discussions

  • Federal Grants Legislation, Policy Update

  • County Budget Activity

Field poll on ece 4 2014
Field Poll on ece—4/2014

  • Most voters in California believe state government should be doing more to provide young children opportunities to attend pre-school and feel it's very important to make publicly supported pre-school available to all of the state's four-year-olds, regardless of their parents' income.

Field poll on ece 4 20141
Field Poll on ece—4/2014

  • Support Transitional Kindergarten: 60% to 25%

  • In addition, by a five to three margin (57% to 34%), voters believe it would be worth the estimated$1.4 billion cost to expand the transitional kindergarten program to provide all four-year-olds an additional year of schooling before they start kindergarten

State budget may revise
state budget/ May REvise

  • $2.4 billion in unanticipated revenue in this budget cycle, coupled with $1.2 billion General Fund costs due to Health Care Reform

  • State adoption of ACA optional Medi-Cal expansion resulted in 3.6 million more, or 11.5 million total enrollees

  • Governor left an opening for ece negotiations in his post presentation remarks

  • Assembly Subcommittee 2 hearing to do initial review is tomorrow

  • Field is working on restoration of slots, rates and quality with a five year plan

State policy legislative analyst s proposal
state Policy/Legislative Analyst’s Proposal

  • In April the Legislative Analyst issued a paper recommending restructuring of the ECE system to increase:

    • Equity in access (CalWORKs vs. low income non CalWORKs)

    • Choice

    • Equal standards

    • Reimbursement rate

Lao recommendations
LAO Recommendations


  • Continue to prioritize CalWORKS

  • Time limits on subsidies: 6-8 years

    (per family)

  • Choice

  • Similar level of funds across state, CEL

Lao recommendations1
LAO Recommendations


  • Require centers and fcc serving low income to have 3 hour education component

  • Developmentally approp activities for 0-3/3 hours

  • For school age repeal Title 5 but retain Title 22

Lao recommendations2
Lao recommendations

  • Vouchers except for LEA based Title 5 preschool

  • 3 rates vs. 58 rates for low, medium, high cost counties

  • Rates by age

  • Update Rates and adjust in future

Lao recommendations3
Lao recommendations


  • Merge CalWORKS Stage 1 and 2 into one program and DSS administers

  • Carve out child care funding from CalWORKs single allocation

  • Develop regional monitoring system

State legislation update1
state Legislation/update

  • SB 837(Steinberg) and SB 1123(Liu) are currently stuck in Appropriations Committees like most policy bills with costs.

  • Due to Governor’s comment at budget press conference, we are hopeful that some aspect of child care funding can be restored this year.

  • Some are talking 5 year restoration plan on access (over all increase and rate increase), quality (CCL).

Federal context 2013 nieer
Federal context: 2013 NIEER

  • NIEER report reviewed and ranked ece access for 4-year-olds, 3-year-olds,state spending, quality standards (Maximum of 10), and an overall ranking

  • California did not fare well:

    • 27th in 4 year old access

    • 7th in 3 year old access

    • 17th nationally in state spending

Federal level ccdbg
Federal Level--CCDBG

  • Federal Hearing and CCDBG Mark Up

    • The Child Care and Development Block Grant was last reauthorized in 1996

    • Current proposal improves health and safety, quality and for infants and toddlers in particular, children and families’ sustained access to help

Federal level early head start
Federal Level-Early head start

  • Early Head Start(EHS)/Child Care:

    • $500 million for number and quality of slots

    • ECEPC meeting with over 30 interested; must meet Head Start standards

    • Application will be supported by County

Federal level preschool grants
Federal Level-preschool grants

  • Preschool Grants:

    • $250 million for a new competition to support efforts to build, develop, and expand voluntary, high-quality preschool programs. $160 m year one.

    • No more than $35 million to CA via Expansion Grant

    • Jointly administered by DoE and HHS

    • Regulations are being finalized

Federal level preschool grants1
Federal level-prEschool grants

  • Expansion grant is for states with a State-Funded Preschool or Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge grant to:

    (a) Implement and sustain High-Quality Preschool Programs to reach and serve

    additional Eligible Children in two or more High-Need Communities; and

    (b) Enhance preschool program infrastructure and make quality improvements to

    deliver High-Quality Preschool Programs

Federal level preschool grants2
Federal level-preschool grants

Some criteria

  • 4 year olds below 200% ($37,700/4) of the poverty line, no less than 5 hours a day

  • Comprehensive services

  • K Readiness Assessments

    Online criteria received through the end of the day

County human impact budget hearing featured child care
County Human Impact Budget hearing Featured child care

  • SupervisorWilma Chan convened hearing on Wednesday on the Human Impact of the State Budget focusing on income inequality and jobs, child care, and food needs.

  • Her child care request to Governor was to use 10% of state surplus to restore 30% of the roughly 110,000 slots cut since 2008 and phase in the rest over three years.

  • Parent Voices and Angie spoke highlighting:

    • 5800 on waiting list (could fill 2 Paramount theaters or 207 school buses);

    • Less than 5% of licensed programs served by QRIS;

    • $34.38 standard reimbursement rate per child per day vs. $38 doggie day care rate per dog per day in Alameda County

Human impact budget highlights assorted
Human impact budget highlights: assorted

  • 50 neighborhoods in Alameda County have a child poverty rate greater than 30%

  • Areas with highest County services use are led by Cherryland (31% of residents; Ashland (30%), Hayward (29%) and Oakland (27%).

  • Cumulative Alameda County Social Services cuts from 2008-2013 are $15 billion (IHSS, Seniors, Calworks, Medi-Cal, SSI, etc.)

  • 1/3 of families in poverty are working

Human impact budget highlights assorted1
Human impact budget highlights: assorted

  • Food stamps can decrease poverty rate by 4%; Governor’s Budget includes $10.5 million for food stamps.

  • One survey which will be done again in 2015 shows an increase in homeless children from 278 in 2003 to 1,085 in 2009.