Leadership and Management
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Leadership and Management


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1. Defining leaders and managers in the new organization.............................................................1

2. Issues of LMD..............................................................................................................................2

3. Major issues in the organization..................................................................................................4

4. Company strategy........................................................................................................................5

5. Ways to fit approaches to LMD strategy.....................................................................................6

6. Ethical and professional consideration made for planning approach..........................................6

7. Issues in choosing certain LMD method.....................................................................................8

8. Most appropriate method.............................................................................................................9



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Leadership and management training is very essential for the success of an organization.

Leaders are very important for in the organization as they are helpful in motivating and inspiring

employee's. On the other hand, manager are helpful in preparing plans, coordinating projects and

organizing which is very essential in achieving the organizational goals and objectives. Managers

are responsible for constituting selection and recruitment of candidates who possess skills which

will help the organization to grow (Carmichael and et.al., 2011). On the other hand, leadership

development helps in developing qualities like confidence, flexibility, effective communication

and in motivating employees which helps the firm in achieving the goals and objectives. Present

report is about based on a case scenario which mainly focuses on leadership and management

development. Further, it also includes the issues which arises in LMD, ethical and professional

considerations which should be made for planning approaches. Moreover, it also covers issues

around choosing certain LMD methods. Lastly, it covers the best method which can be adopted

in LMD.

1. Defining leaders and managers in the new organization

According to Dwight D. Eisenhower “Leadership is an art of getting things done for

others just because he wants to do it.” In simple words it is an activity which leads a group of

individuals working in an organization so that they accomplish all the required task given to

them. There are many types of leaders who have different types of skills and can adopt different

types of styles in order to achieve their desired goals and objectives (Herman, 2011). Leader is a

person who provides guidance and proper support to its members so that they become capable

enough to achieve the desired goals. Leaders are like inspiration under whose guidance

individuals can learn the way to enhance their skills (10 Roles of a Manager, 2010).

On the other hand, management can be defined as the process controlling or dealing with

individuals or things. For this purpose there are different managers who set objectives, organize,

motivate, establish targets, etc. In addition to this, they are the one who are involved in

recruitment and selection process (Trehan and Pedler, 2009). Moreover, they provide over all

direction to the employees or to any level. They set up goals, mission, vision and objectives. In

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simple words, they set up strategies which would help the organization to grow. Over it can be

said that they work for the betterment of the firm so that they could provide satisfaction to their

customers by understanding their needs and wants (10 Common Leadership and Management

Mistakes, 2011). Further, they also adopt different strategies which will be help in using the

resources in such a way that they could provide high quality services with the help of limited


In accordance with the case Leyland technologies an industrial research and development

organisation employing 600 people in 3 research centres in the UK and India. This firm is

making their effective operations in the industrial research and development and employees

working there is having technological and scientific background. With the emergent and

expansion in other countries, leaders and managers of the venture plays a crucial role in order to

increase the productivity and sale of the organization. The motivational level among employee’s

is quite low but then too researchers are giving their best as they are highly motivated of their

own (Anderson and Anderson, 2010). The leaders are very efficient but the managers are not

adopting any kind of effective strategy which would help in motivating the employees. All the

managers in this firm are demotivated and are not performing their job efficiently.

On the other hand, BDM have employees up to 800 staff and half of the firm is based in India but

with its headquarters in the UK. This organization is also an industrial research and development.

On of the main strengths are around identifying new product opportunities in emerging markets

and developing products to fit these. BDM employees have been expected to be innovators,

entrepreneurs, team builders, adaptive to change, business focused and accountable for results.

But the problem is that they do not have effective leaders who could guide and support

employees so that they could enhance their skills (Simkins, 2012).

With the merger of these two firms. They will be able to solve their issues, that is Leyland have

in efficient managers but have efficient leaders. On the other hand, BDM has inefficient leaders

but have effective managers who implements 360 degree feedback method as company take the

help of the peers in order to judge the overall performance which they have contributed

throughout the year. With merger of both this firm they will get effective leaders and managers.

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THIS IS A SAMPLE ASSIGNMENT organization to grow. Over it can be



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2. Issues of LMD organization to grow. Over it can be

Both leadership and management development issues does affect inversely on the smooth

run of business organization. This also affects to reduce the sales of their services and products.

There are the mainly two ways in which leaders are developed. One are individuals who are born

leaders and other one learn to be a leader. It is very important for a firm to have efficient leaders

would be capable enough to motivate and encourage their employees so that they could

contribute effectively in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. Firms in UK are

badly affected by the with the impact of leadership issues firm in UK does high investments in

order to have efficient leaders (Sullivan and Garland, 2010). Organizations conducts many

leadership programs conducted so that individuals recognize their qualities of leadership. But

these leadership programs are not evaluated in a meaningful and healthy manner. In addition to

this, these programs depend upon on the performance appraisals used by the leaders to motivate

employees within the firm.

Further, leadership in an effective manner can be defined with the help of using

competency models. Mostly, teams are generally major issues of an organization as leadership

mainly focus on coordination and working together so that organizational and group goals can be

achieved. In some cases, there are leaders who think that they know every this because of which

they do not realize their issues or problems (Pinkerton ed., 2011). Further, there are different

types of leadership styles which also causes an issue as each of the styles have their own impact.

In case, autocratic leadership style is adopted, then employees have to work according to what

they leaders makes them do. Moreover, mostly firms which adopts this type of leadership style,

employees get highly demotivated as they are feel neglected.

On the other hand, there are many issues related to management development which have

a great significance on the performance of the organization. On of the main roles of a manager is

to develop strategies which will help the firm in improving. But issues arises when manager

make wrong plans or strategies because of which business venture will not be able to function

well as per their efficiency and capability (Mendenhall and Osland, 2012). Moreover, issues also

raises when there are lack of guidance and direction provided to the employees. They should be

able to set up goals and objective which will be helpful in developing the path through which

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employee's will be able to achieve the goals. If manager fail to do so, then employees will lack

the willing and confidence in contributing for the firm. Another role of the managers is to recruit

and retention of employees. This becomes an issue when manager fail to select the right

candidate for the vacant post. It also increases the expense of the firm. Normally all the

employees selected in recruitment has to be given training and it will only be effective if the

selected candidate is capable enough or else the training will go waste. Further, if manager is not

able to retain employees then it will lead towards high employee turnover which will increase

cost for the organization. Further, their can be employees issues in the organization which can

lead towards personality conflicts, superior issues or it may also due to the company structure.

Leadership management development issue can also lead to organization stress when the

performance of the employees are not appreciable (Nkomo, 2011). This leads to low employee

morale, absenteeism and also high labour turnover rate in the organization. Language barriers,

logistics issues and cultural differences along with different tariffs on export and import are

major drawback. Among all this, communication is also an issue when the managers do not

convey the actual message. When the communication is not effective then it leads to misguide or

performing the task in a wrong way.

3. Major issues in the organization

Leyland technology has employees who has vast knowledge in technological and

scientific knowledge. In addition to this, all the worker are successful developers and researchers

which has been given in the case. In spite of all this, employees do not take initiative in coming

up with new market. It is due to the mangers who do not boost up their employees or motivate

them. As a result the motivation level of the employees is very low and the managers within the

cited firm is not focusing on boosting the worker's morale (McGurk, 2010). In addition to this,

the firm is not using any kind of appraisal method. This type of method is very helpful in

boosting up the moral and in motivating them. Further, the firm is not taking any kind of

initiative in providing their employees training which is very essential for new employees. These

are areas where the manager has to look after but the manager of Leyland technology are not

performing their role efficiently.

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On the other hand, employees of BDM are very innovative, business focused and are

adaptive to change. This is possible because the manager of the BDM are adopting strategies

which help them in enhancing their employee's skills. Managers within the organisation also use

360-degree feedback to identify development areas and line manager coaching as a way of

addressing specific development needs although little has been done to evaluate the effectiveness

of the coaching programme (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). The issue in this organization is that

they do not have effective managers who guide and support in order to achieve the organizational

goals and objectives.

After the merger, both the firm will get advantage out of it but there will be issues of

communication. Leyland technology has 600 employees and BDM has 800 employees. There

will be an issue of communication as all the employees will from different culture and

background. Managers and leaders of both the organization have to take some relevant action in

order to improve the communication process for effective functioning of the business venture.

The name of the new firm is Restec which will be performing the same job but with improved

strategies. The way of performing the task before the merger would have been different. This will

cause an issue after merger. The management has to develop new strategies through which they

can be able to perform the task with coordination even with new employees. Both the firms will

be able to perform better after the merger but high competition from India and China may affect

negatively for which managers need to adopt strategies which will help in increasing the growth

(Young and Dulewicz, 2009).

4. Company strategy

After the merger, the market share has been increased and both in India and UK. With the

merger employees working towards at common goal has also increased. Main aim of Restec is to

increase the revenue, sales and developing a brand image. In addition to this, the firm aims in

integrating the team so the effective strategies can be adopted which will be helpful in achieving

the desired goals and objectives (Abbas and et.al., 2011). Moreover, they have developed

following strategies so that the firm could provide and attract customers by understanding the

needs and wants:

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business focused and are

Focus on development of more flexible and superior management structure which will be

based around product opportunities.

The organization aims to focus on one unified and unifying culture.

Mentioned company strategy will be to develop professional and ethical management

along with healthy leadership skills.

Cited firm is focusing on getting competitive advantages over their major competitors

and for this Restec is focusing on implementing a strategic plan.

Organization will focus on making international management team.

Implementing cost reduction program.

In addition to this, leadership and management development will be helpful for Restec to achieve

its objectives and goals. Leaders of the firm will help the employees in providing proper support

and guidance to their employees which will help them in enhancing their skills (Marquis, B.L.

and Huston, 2009). Further, effective management will be helpful in developing goal which will

help the employees to develop path through which they could achieve the desired goals


5. Ways to fit approaches to LMD strategy

In order to fit to the approaches which is to provide an unifying culture. In order to

achieve it, the firm should adopt power culture and role culture. According to power culture,

leaders should focus on providing their employees with tasks and they should also focus

providing them support by guiding them and motivating them so that they could work effectively

and efficiently (McPhee and Papadakis Eds., 2012). On the other hand, role culture focus the

roles and responsibility give to them. This will be helpful in understanding the roles and

responsibilities clearly. This will also help in setting up objectives and goals and in planning

ways through which it can be achieved. This two management strategies can be adopted in order

to fit the firm in competing effectively.

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There are many leadership styles which can be adopted by the firm. Leadership styles are

very helpful in providing the employees with support and guidance. In addition to this,

leadership styles are helpful in motivating employees. The best style which this firm can adopt is

democratic leadership style, according to this style employees of the firm are involved in

decision making. This creates a feeling of importance among the workers of the organization.

Further, structure of the organization is also helpful in having an effective follow of information.

The firm should adopt functional organizational structure (Tomey, 2009). According to this

structure employees are divided into different groups and each of the groups are managed by

leaders. Each of the group will be given with different tasks which they have to complete with

the given time. This will help the workers to enhance their skills according to their requirements.

Moreover, It will also be help in understanding the employees capabilities and skills.

6. Ethical and professional consideration made for planning approach

There are many ethical and professional considerations which has to be considered in

order to plan approaches. Following are few of the ethical and professional considerations:

Trade union: The organization should allow the employee's to make trade union. These trade

unions have a representative who are responsible to speak in behalf of all the employee's. Firm

can not empower any kind of strategies of the employees. If the employees and not in favour of

such kind of strategies, then the representative will bargain towards the strategy and will try to

reform it in such a way it could be employees can be satisfied (Nahavandi, 2009). In addition to

this, negotiation are done with the firm by the representatives.

Health and safety: Firm should provide the employees with an environment where they could

perform effectively and efficiently. Organization should provide employees with all the safety

measures. All the safety measures should be taken by the firm so that employees could work


Fair working hours: All the employees should be provided with the scheduled time for work

and moreover they should be given proper break in between. This is helpful in maintaining the

employees interest (Jeon, Merlyn and Chenoweth, 2010). They should not feel work as burden

and so they should be given proper breaks in between and holidays which will be helpful in

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relaxing employees and proper rest will help to focus more and they will be able to perform


Discriminations: Employees with different culture and differences work together. Who may be

have different issues or problems. Organization should not discriminate in terms of age, gender,

disabilities, etc. further, all the employees should be treated equally. Organization should be fair

with all the employee and should be provided with proper wages according to their performance.

Proper salary: Employee's should be provided with proper salary so that they can be motivated.

Most of the individuals work for earning money. In this context, employees should be given

salary on time and in accordance with their performance (Amagoh, 2009). In providing proper

salary will be helpful in motivating the employees and encouraging them to perform efficiently.

Appraisals: Employees should be appreciated through providing them with wages, gifts, etc.

This will help in enhancing their skills and in using their full efficiency in their performance.

7. Issues in choosing certain LMD method

In improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the firm Restec choose LMD method. It

is helpful to get the competitive advantage and in improving the performance of the employees.

Further, all the issues which has been discussed above will be solved with the help of LMD.

In order to have an effective team spirit and in developing coordination among the employees,

the firm can adopt leadership styles (Lussier and Achua, 2015). There are many leadership styles

which can be adopted by the firm. The best leadership style which Restec can adopt is

democratic leadership. This type of style is very helpful in encouraging and motivating the

employees. In accordance with the theory all the employees are involved in making decisions.

Workers develop a feeling that they are important for the firm. When the management adopt any

changes, then employees will be able to adopt easily as they the change will be taken place with

the concern of the employees. There are many other leadership theories but democratic

leadership style is the best one.

Further, they can adopt Maslow hierarchy of needs theory in order to motivate their employees

and developing a healthy environment (Zhang and Bartol, 2010). In addition to it, this

motivational theory covers all the important areas where the through which employees can be

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motivated. Important areas in which employees are satisfied are psychological needs, safety

needs, social needs, self-esteem needs and self-actualization need.

Moreover, they can adopt different appraisal system which will motivated the employee's.

Workers should be given appraisals according to their performance and this will be calculated at

the end of the year. In providing appraisal, dedication towards the work should be considered.

This will boost up the moral of the employees and it will help them to work with their full

efficiency or capability.

Further, managers of the firm should adopt effective communication strategy so that the

communication procedures can be improved (Ely, Ibarra and Kolb, 2011). After the merger, there

will be employees from different culture and background, so in order to communicate effectively

the firm should adopt effective communication. In order to do this, organization should conduct

training program for employees who lack effective communication. From this it is clear that

leadership and management development will be helpful for the firm to improve their

functioning as well as the overall operations.

8. Most appropriate method

By analysing all the circumstances and problems the most suitable method for the Restec

will be motivational technique. As in merger, the employees will face many difficulties in

adducting with the new strategies and new employees. In order to solve it, the organization

should focus on motivating their employees as it is very important of the present situation. Firm

can adopt motivational theories in order to boost up workers moral and in order to work with

their full capability (McCaffery, 2010). There are many theories given by different people.

Among all the theories the best motivational theory which firm should adopt is Maslow's need

hierarchy theory.

Maslow's need hierarchy theory:This theory is very helpful in motivating the employees as it

covers all the important areas in which workers can be motivated. According to this theory, there

are five needs, if these needs are fulfilled then employee's will get motivated. Following are the

five needs which the firm should fulfill:

Physiological needs- Physiological needs are the needs which are very essential in order

to fulfill the basic requirement of the employees which are important for the human

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survival and if these requirements are not fulfilled then individuals can not perform

anything efficiently (Bush, 2009). The basic needs include food, shelter and home.

Safety needs- Security and safety needs includes well being of individuals, personal

security, health, financial security, etc. in addition to this, it also includes safety against

accidents and other major issues which can arise which working in the organization.

Social needs- According to this needemployees should be have fiends and belonging.

They should be provided with a healthy environment in which individuals interact

effectively and efficiently. This need arises when employees met the psychological need.

Esteem needs- In accordance with this need, the employees should be given respect,

recognition, reputation and achievement of specific targets. Restec should appraise their

employees so that they feel motivated in order to get high opportunity and respect

(Chopra and Kanji, 2010). When they are given respect, then they tent to work more hard

in order to maintain their level of performance before others.

Self- actualization needs- In this need it is based on needs like justice, wisdom and trust

wisdom within the organization. Moreover, training to employees are given so that their

creativity, advancement and growth for their performance can be increased in order to

achieve the organizational goals and objectives (Carroll and Levy, 2010).


From this report, it can be articulated that leadership and management development plays an

important role in so that organization can work effectively with the help of their employees.

Further, merger will be helpful for both the firms as in Leyland technologies they lack effective

managers but have efficient leaders. On the other hand, BDM do not have efficient leaders but

have effective managers. With the help merger they will be able to help each other and achieve

the desired goals and objectives. In addition to this they should adopt Maslow's need hierarchy

theory in order to motivate their employees as it covers all the area through which they can be

motivated and in boosting up their moral.

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