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NATIONHOOD. 1788 - British colonisation 1901 - Federation 6 States and 2 Territories with own Government and Commonwealth Government Constitution which gives specific powers to the Commonwealth. Residual power vests with the State and Territory Governments.. TOURISM

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3. TOURISM – THE STATISTICS Inbound 2006 – 2007 $9.9 billion to GDP Total consumption $22.4 billion Industry employs 482,000 people Traditional substantial source countries UK, NZ and Japan China tourism increasing

4. TRAVEL AND TOURISM LEGISLATION Tourism Australia Act (2004) State counterparts e.g. Tourism New South Wales Act (1984) Travel Agents Act (1986)

5. THE TOURISM AUSTRALIA ACT Established ‘Tourism Australia’ Objectives: Influence travel to and within Australia Foster sustainable tourism Increase economic benefits Role: Research and analysis Reporting on trends Communicating with industry and Government Raising awareness of tourism’s contribution to Australia

6. TRAVEL AGENTS ACT Similar State legislation regulating travel agents Licence required to trade as a travel agent Travel Compensation Fund Regulation of unjust conduct Regulation of business conduct Supervision of advertisement and employment Guidelines on running activities and accounts

7. TRAVEL COMPENSATION FUND Agents: must join fund as a condition of being licensed must make an annual contribution must meet financial criteria Must provide Annual Financial Review Provides a system of compensation to consumers Management responsibility rests with its trustees In 2007, claims made against Fund valued at $5.5 million and compensation occurred within 5 – 7 days Litigation and Recovery policy

8. INTERNATIONAL OBLIGATIONS Australia is party to most of the Conventions that apply to international travel Examples: Geneva Convention, Montreal Convention Issues of liability on an international level

9. LACK OF SPECIFIC LEGISLATION Commercial and contentious matters dealt with by general statutory and common law

10. CONSUMER, TRADER AND TENANCY TRIBUNAL NSW tribunal which hears and determines smaller claims Claims such as: Car rental Backpacker accommodation Travel agent Holiday rentals Many litigants self-represented Decisions final and binding (limited right of appeal)

11. INTERNET TRAVEL & TOURISM Increasing use Issue of “governing law” Important that contractual arrangements expressed to be subject to Australian law

12. SUMMARY Very little Government legislation specifically regulating travel and tourism Licensing of travel agents High levels of standard and service Deterrent of disciplinary action Effective regime

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