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PALM BASICS UMDNJ- SN Vern Chhibber Joseph Mathew SN Palm Website What is Sync or Hotsync? Information (contacts, tasks, memos etc) can be entered on your Palm or on your computer

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Palm basics l.jpg




Joseph Mathew

Sn palm website l.jpg

SN Palm Website


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What is Sync or Hotsync?

  • Information (contacts, tasks, memos etc) can be entered on your Palm or on your computer

  • Using a cable, you can Sync the information

  • This brings all changes from the Palm to the computer and vice-versa

  • Changes are saved in Palm Desktop software or Documents to Go

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Taken from documentation shipped with Palm TX.

Main menu items l.jpg

Main Menu Items

  • Date / Time

  • Touchscreen

  • Formats

  • Power

  • Sounds / alerts

  • Wi-Fi

  • Buttons

  • Themes

  • Handedness

  • Owner

Typing input l.jpg

Typing / input

  • Soft keyboard

  • Graffiti 2

  • Portable keyboard

  • Type on PC and sync

Useful applications l.jpg

Useful Applications

  • Calendar

  • Contacts

  • Calculator

  • Memo pad

  • Note pad

  • pTunes

  • Tasks

  • Web

  • World clock

Beaming l.jpg


  • Can beam many items

    • Contacts

    • Appointments

    • Tasks

    • Etc

  • Within a few feet

  • Point to other PDA & select Beam

4 types of wireless l.jpg

4 Types of Wireless

  • Bluetooth

    • Personal wireless, 30ft or less

  • WI-FI

    • Works within a few hundred feet

    • What you may have at home

    • fast

  • “Wide area wireless” (subscriber service)

    • Same as your mobile phone

  • Satellite

Media l.jpg


  • Used for storing and viewing pictures and other media

Documents to go l.jpg

Documents to go

  • Use with Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents

  • View/edit documents on the go

Email pop3 client l.jpg

Email (POP3 client)

  • Go into Versamail

  • Go to the ACCOUNT menu

  • Choose Add new account

  • The incoming mail server is:

  • The outgoing mail server setting will be determined by where you are connecting to the network

  • Choose the POP protocol

  • Use your email username and password

  • You can use Versamail on your Palm to check a POP3 or IMAP server

  • You can use it for a personal account to your UMDNJ email account

  • If you want to use it for your UMDNJ email, in Versamail, go to the menu and tap ACCOUNT

NOTE: You can also use the web interface if you are connected with WIFI

Lexi installation l.jpg

Lexi Installation

  • Follow directions on sheet

  • Go to

  • You will see the screens on the 3 following slides. Create an account and enter your code


  • After creating your account if you do not see the last slide, go to the link on top of the slide

Create an account on the lexi website l.jpg

Create an account on the Lexi website

Http connect lexi com l.jpg

  • Login