New opportunities in east european home textile markets
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New Opportunities in East European Home Textile Markets PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Opportunities in East European Home Textile Markets. J oanna Choromańska Promedia Is Pol a n d an interes ting Mark e t for the Exporte rs from India ?. Where were we? Where are we?. UE UE 01-05-2004. Poland.

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New Opportunities in East European Home Textile Markets

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New Opportunities in East European Home Textile Markets

Joanna Choromańska


Is Polandan interesting Market forthe Exporters from India?

Where were we? Where are we?


UE 01-05-2004


Poland has become a bridge between the EU and Eastern Europe and has started acting a leading role in the group

of new EU members

Polandis the sixth largest country in the EU

External trade turnover in general and by countries I-IX 2006

External trade turnover in general

and by countries I-IX 2006

Importsof Indiantextiles

Importsof Indiantextiles

The situation at the property market determines the housewares market

In Poland there are 11,7 mln flats which is a big market for housewares sector

In 2005 there were 114066 flats built

On average there are 3,2 people sharing a flat in Poland (like in Spain),

In comparison to Germany - there are 2,2 people living in a flat

The property market is developing dynamically

Average income per person

Poles earn more every year

  • Earnings keep on growing

  • Unemployment

  • July

  • 2004 – 19,3 %

  • 2005 – 17,9 %

  • 2006 – 15,7%

  • Unemployment is expected to drop to

  • 14,9 %

  • GDP(Gross Domestic Product) in 2007will be 4,6%.

Poland’s Retail Landscape

Hiper- and supermarkets

Foodstuffs and industrial hiper- and supermarkets

Foodstuffs and industrial supermarkets

Discount hiper- and supermarkets

House and garden hiper- and supermarkets

Furniture Super- and Hipermarkets

Shopping Parks

Shopping Parks

Department Stores

Retail chain stores

with decorative articles

Retail chain stores with decorative articles

Shopping Malls

Warehouse shopping centers



Main countries to purchase from:

  • Price attractive products – mainly Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Thailand), but also Africa and South America (ex. Mexico)

  • quality products – mainly Western Europe (Italy, Germany)

Who is your Partner?

  • independently acting companies trading only imported goods,

  • large regional warehouses,

  • retail multibrand chain and monolabel shops

  • department stores

  • producers who label imported goods with their logo

Where do Polish importers find the suppliers?

Personal contact:

  • at the fairs

    - foreign fairs in Europe (Heimtextil)

  • Asia (Hong Kong)

  • national fairs (Home Decor, Meble, Furnifab)

  • at the trade missions in Poland or abroad

Home Decor


organized once a year

Last edition:

- exhibiton space – 25 thous m2 (both with Furniture fair)

Number of exhibitors 140 from 11 countries

sectors – decorative articles for home, textiles, lighting, ceramics, glass, furniture, etc.


Organized once a year

Next edition: 27-29 March 2007

Last edition:

- numbers of exhibitors 100

- sector: upholstery fabrics

Polish Business Etiquette

Proper Business Formalities

In general Polish business formalities are the same as Western - European ones.

  • As meetings start on time, it is important not to be late.  Try to arrive 15 minutes before;

  • Don’t forget about a small talk before a meeting ( nice weather, etc).  Then we get started with the business immediately;

  • In business, educational titles are normally not used

  • Yes means yes, no means no and maybe means maybe

  • Poles don’t use first names from the very beginning of a relationship.

  • Gifts are generally not given nor expected but sometimes the hosts give small gifts to the guests and then it is good to be prepared to give a small gift back

  • Kisses on the cheek or hugs are generally not done as a greeting by business associates.

  • Poles prefer to talk rather than write. If they don’t answer an e-mail it doesn’t mean that they avoid contact. The e-mail should be then followed up by a phone call. Though you need to remember about the time zones.

  • English language is more and more commonly spoken by Poles, especially the young ones who didn’t have to learn compulsory Russian at schools.

Foreign capital is beneficial for Polish


-60% of Poles agrees,

  • 13% claimsit is disadvantageous

  • 27% finds this questiondifficult to answer

The number of companies with foreign capital is constantly growing.2003 – 15 3712004 – 15 816Which is around 1/3 (one third) of all the registered companies.

At the end of 2005 at the list of largest investors in Poland there were 1081 companies from 37 countries including:

  • Germany – 252

  • Holland – 124

  • USA – 113

Who do Poles like?

  • 52% - Italians

  • 50% - English

  • 46% - Americans, Spanish, Czech

Important contacts

Indian Embassy in Polandwww.indianembassy.plCentral Statistical

Thank you for your attention



Stępińska 22/30 street00-739 WarsawPoland

Phone: + 48 (022) 851 50 21; Fax: + 48 (022) 851 50 30

e-mail: [email protected]

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